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Another RSD release

April 14, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Per Gessle, Releases

On his own record label Cosmos, Per Gessle will release a 7" with "Kvar i min bil" (from the 2008 movie "Let the Right One In") and B-side "Loud Clothes" from way back when (2002.) The release is called The Per Gessle Archives and a mysterious box set is promised to be released in September... The sleeve is, as you can see, very Roy Lichtenstein inspired.


"The Look" to be re-released

April 14, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Releases, Roxette

April 26, Record Store Day in Sweden, "The Look" will be re-released in the original deep red 7" with the red sleeve. A 25 year anniversary logo has been added. The 7" will be released in 1,000 copies only. Non-Swedes can buy it via It is not yet known if the song itself will be the original or a remix, but the B-side will be the original "Silver Blue" demo.


Contest Day, part 2: “A.N.O.T.H.E.R. A.I.R.P.O.R.T.“ to be released April 26

April 1, 2014 — by TDR Editorial — Exclusive, Per Gessle, Releases

As many of you have noticed, this was an April's Fools joke... for now!

For a long time fans have kept guessing what exactly Per was talking about when he told us about being at “another airport” every other day, when he possibly can't be flying that much. It turns out it will be his personal contribution to Sweden’s Record Store Day on April 26: an audio book, or a travelogue if you will. While the official press release will be out tomorrow, we can provide you with a few details already.

The audio book will consist of two vinyls full of travel logs noted down and read out by Per himself, in English. He used the long waiting times at the airports all over the world during the last Roxette tours to put down his personal experiences and thoughts. We will learn about advantages of hard hotel beds in South Africa and disadvantages of vegetarian breakfasts at 2pm, there will also be a longer part about his hospital stay before the canceled show in New Zealand (where Per had obviously too much time to make up his mind on airline food and queues to the airplane toilet). Also, you will hear what it’s like not to be escorted by police in Dubai and what the customs in Istanbul initially thought about Christoffer’s incense sticks. And finally we hear the full story of Åsa’s mishap that lead to the infamous song title “Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me to Check on Your wife.” All in all there will be 25 chapters on 2 12″ vinyl discs with a total length of a little less than 2 hours. Each chapter is preceeded by a short sound sample from Per’s voice recorder where he stores his ideas for songs and lyrics. As a bonus track, we hear Per, Chris and Pelle killing The Marcels’ “Blue Moon” in an empty airport hall in South Germany, a little too loud and maybe a little too tipsy...

The mixing has been done by Mats MP Persson in his T&A studio in Halmstad, Sven Lindström helped putting down the right words.

The audio book will come in two editions: On April 26, you can purchase the extended but limited edition (1400 copies) which will include a picture book of 102 pages for 1.400 SEK, only in Swedish local record stores. Two weeks later, the standard edition, without the book (and as we heard sadly without “Blue Moon,”) can be ordered at the usual online stores and iTunes for around 149 SEK.

You can win one signed copy of “A.N.O.T.H.E.R. A.I.R.P.O.R.T” if you send an email with the answer to the following question to still today: “What is the IATA code of the Halmstad airport?”. The winner will be drawn tomorrow and the copy of “A.N.O.T.H.E.R. A.I.R.P.O.R.T” will be sent out after April 26. Good luck!


Where to release a book about Gyllene Tider? In Halmstad, of course!

December 11, 2013 — by Kai-Uwe Heinze — Exclusive, Gyllene Tider, Releases

Well, now that you think that this year is almost over, you’ve seen plenty of Gyllene Tider concerts and everyone is preparing for the holidays. Still there is a reason to come back to Halmstad/Sweden just two weeks before X-mas: a book release party. It may have occured to the regular reader of this magazine that long-term expert and journalist Jan-Owe Wikström and his colleague and photographer Anders Roos have worked on and published a behind-the-story book about Sweden’s cult band Gyllene Tider. Thomas Evensson has written a short summary about the book a few days ago, so I'll spare you details. All you need to know is: go get the book. It is incredibly interesting, it has astonishingly great photos inside (something you rarely see although advertised in many other books) and it looks pretty cool under the X-mas tree. Remember, you can still win your copy here on The Daily Roxette if you enter our current contest before Friday.

So, what’s a book release party of this magnitude like?



Nu! - the review

November 24, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Editorial, Exclusive, Marie Fredriksson, Releases

The Daily Roxette has a habit of reviewing albums round table-style, so let's get to it! Colin was supposed to be in on it, but is busy with his newborn daughter Fenja, so he's excused.

Thomas: Marie Fredriksson is back. Nu! is her first solo album in Swedish with newly written material in 17 years. She has written one track on the album, “Sista sommarens vals” (“Last Summer’s Waltz”) and she has gotten a track from Per (Gessle) - “Känn dig som hemma” (“Make Yourself at Home”.) The rest of the album has been written by husband Micke Bolyos and text writers for hire. Nu! is produced by Micke together with Christoffer Lundquist.
So how is it? Marie’s voice is great, better than ever in fact. However I feel the songs are so-so and there’s no discernible red line. I would best describe this as the follow-up to 1987’s ...efter stormen, but without Marie’s lyrics or the nice Lindbom/Fredriksson melodies. What do you say guys?

Paul:  The fans have waited all these years for an album from Marie with brand new Swedish material.  Will they be disappointed with Nu!? Let’s find out…

Thomas: I think Marie’s fans will love this.

Kai: I have to admit that I could not really deal with her two most recent albums (Min bäste vän and The Change), so for me Marie’s latest album I can refer to is I en tid som vår. I liked its vibe and the fact that it was different from what she’s doing with Roxette. Den ständiga resan was actually her first solo album I that I bought and made me dig deeper into her solo efforts. From what I have heard of Nu!, Marie went back to her old style. Which is good.

1 - Kom vila hos mig (Come Rest With Me)

Paul: So, the first single. This doesn’t really set the tone for the whole album.  An uptempo lead single from a ballad-heavy album. The song itself is pleasing enough, but the production sounds a bit flat to me.  I agree with Thomas though, Marie does sound fantastic on this song, and the album as a whole.

Thomas: I think this is a decent pop-rock track but with a verse and a chorus that don’t go together as well as they should. Early '90s production.

Kai: Listening to the song for the first time, long before I got this album in my hands, I feared that Nu! was going in the wrong direction again. Strong start but a weak chorus. But it does make sense to me in relation with the whole album. You need to take the actual listening easy, then this songs opens the door to the unique universe of this album.

2 - Det bästa som nånsin kan hända (The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened)

Thomas: Lyrics written by Uno Svenningsson from pop group Freda. A country influenced ditty with a pedal steel all over it.

Paul: I knew there was a certain vibe to it, but couldn’t put my finger on it - country! Is that a first for Marie?

Thomas: I can’t recall ever hearing Marie doing country.

Kai: Boys, this is not staged: My cat has for the first time in her life claimed my headphones and wants to listen to this song. Did the check with a GT song, that killed her interest. Well, now that I have the headphones all for myself again, I think there is a certain trace of SOAP in it. Was it Christoffer? Who knows. Worth going and finding it out.

Thomas: Call Chris now!

3 - Det är nu! (It Is Now!)

Paul: The chorus sounds like a song that could’ve been on The Change, whilst the verse sounds like a Roxette B-side to me.  Although, I can’t think of the last Gessle song that had a big key change like this one has! I think this may be a single at some point.

Thomas: I imagine this is what Per would describe as “...not Roxette enough.” Judging from the comments online this is however a really big song among Marie’s fans.

Kai: Hmmm, yes. The production is close to Roxette’s. Apart from this, “Det är nu!” could as well have been written for ...efter stormen or Den ständiga resan. As I said, I prefer her older albums over the more recent ones, thus I tend to like it. Oh yes, it’s radio friendly, the strongest one so far. Catchy, positive, energetic.

Thomas: I too prefer her older albums.



Roxette - Travelling the world

November 8, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Live, Releases, Roxette

Considering that Roxette is one of Scandinavia's most successful bands, it is really about time that there is a documentary about the band.

And given that the group during its sensational comeback tour 2011-2012 played before 1.5 million ecstatic people in 46 countries, it is as much high time for a concert film that shows where the group is right now.

All this and much more fits into the Blu-ray/DVD/CD package "Roxette Live: Travelling The World" which comes out on December 6 and thus should be regarded as the year's most obvious gift for the world's Roxette fans.

In fact, Roxette hasn't released a concert film since the group's first heydays, when they recorded the Crash!Boom!Bang! concert in Johannesburg before an audience of 52,000 people January 14, 1995. Infinitely more drama and darkness lies between this distant golden age and the unbacked resurgence in 2011-2012. Everything is captured here.

We get for instance a complete concert with 90 minutes of an inspired and energetic Roxette live from Curitiba, Brazil, Cordoba in Argentina and Santiago in Chile. The band had by this time been trimmed into an incorruptible and totally buffed rock machine that night after night pumped out 20 of their world hits with an energy that seemed inexhaustible. The film really captures the ecstatic mood of a typical concert in South America in the spring 2012, from the introduction of "Dressed for Success" to the sing-along party in the final encore "Church of Your Heart."

In addition to the concert film is also the poignant and insightful documentary "It All Begins Where It Ends," recorded on the road while Roxette for eighteen months did their unique return to the world stage. Join us behind the scenes, in the bus, at the airport, meet fans around the world and hear the stories of the events that shaped one of Sweden's most fascinating musical destinies.

Also included is a live CD with 16 tracks, recorded at the Teatro Caupolicán in the Chilean capital Santiago May 12, 2012 and the band members themselves classified as one of the tour's absolute highlights. It also contains lots of exciting extras in the form of Per Gessle's backstage films during the tour, the recording of the album Travelling and insights into life on stage just off the headlights.

At the same time a digital/streaming version of the live recording from the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago will be released with two bonus tracks: "Silver Blue" concert favorite that Roxette fans voted the most desired live song on Facebook, as well as the acoustic encore "Church of Your Heart."

In short, it's like Christmas for everyone with a heart for the band that got up at nine, and took back the championship title when it was the least expected.



What's to come? A Roxette & related recap...

November 1, 2013 — by Kai-Uwe Heinze — Gyllene Tider, Live, Marie Fredriksson, Releases, Roxette

BERLIN - Blowing the dust off... (and for you guys who don't hang on Facebook)

Well, as you know there is this Christmas season approaching again as usual and so you're gonna need some gifts. Let's see...


"Roxette Live Travelling The World"

release date: December 6, 2013

format: BD & CD and DVD & CD

subtitles: English, German, Spanish

video tracks:(source

  1. Dressed for Success
  2. Sleeping in My Car 
  3. The Big L
  4. Silver Blue 
  5. Stars 
  6. She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio)
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Things Will Never be the Same
  9. It Must Have Been Love 
  10. It's Possible
  11. 7Twenty7
  12. Fading Like a Flower
  13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
  14. How Do You Do!
  15. Dangerous
  16. Joyride
  17. Spending My Time
  18. The Look
  19. Listen to Your Heart
  20. Church of Your Heart

Documentary: It All Begins Where It Ends - The Incredible Story of Roxette

extras (BD only):

  1. Part 1 "So, Christoffer?"
  2. Part 2 "Studio Work"
  3. Part 3 "Travelling"
  4. Mikael Nogueira-Svensson - The Secret Life of a Guitar Tech

audio tracks (CD):

  1. Dressed for Success (Live from Santiago 2012)
  2. Sleeping in My Car (Live from Santiago 2012)
  3. The Big L (Live from Santiago 2012)
  4. She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live from Santiago 2012]
  5. Perfect Day (Live from Santiago 2012)
  6. It Must Have Been Love (Live from Santiago 2012)
  7. It's Possible (Live from Santiago 2012)
  8. 7Twenty7 (Live from Santiago 2012)
  9. Fading Like a Flower (Live from Santiago 2012)
  10. Crash! Boom! Bang! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  11. How Do You Do! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  12. Dangerous (Live from Santiago 2012)
  13. Joyride (Live from Santiago 2012)
  14. Spending My Time (Live from Santiago 2012)
  15. The Look (Live from Santiago 2012)
  16. Listen to Your Heart (Live from Santiago 2012)

audio tracks (iTunes and Spotify only):

  1. Silver Blue
  2. Church of Your Heart



Finnish metal band covers 'Sleeping In My Car'

May 2, 2013 — by Colin van der Bel — Editorial, Misc, Releases

The Finnish metal band Children of Bodom has announced that their upcoming album will contain a cover version of Roxette's 'Sleeping In My Car'. It has become a tradition for this band to include cover versions of popular songs in their releases, they previously released songs such as 'Aces High' (Iron Maiden),  'Somebody Put Something In My Drink' (Ramones), 'Party All The Time' (Eddie Murphy) and 'Oops!... I Did It Again' (Britney Spears). 'Halo Of Blood' will be released on the 7th of June in Europe.


The album has been released and you can now listen to a preview of the song here:


"Dags att tänka på refrängen" - the review

April 23, 2013 — by TDR Editorial — Editorial, Exclusive, Gyllene Tider, Releases

So, here we are again.  The TDR team meets in the 'Virtual-Record-Review-Room' to review the latest album from Gyllene Tider.  This time Thomas, Kai, Paul & Colin discuss the album.  Find out their thoughts below...

Thomas: What strikes me is that this album sounds like it was been recorded in between Gyllene Tider (1980) and Moderna Tider (1981). It has the sound of the former, but the melodies of the latter. Moderna Tider is likely my favorite Gyllene album so I kind of like that. On some days Puls (1982) wins though... The band sounds as good (if not better) as ever, and especially Fritte is outstanding on this album! The Farfisa Fantom is adding another dimension to almost every track on the album. He wrote on Facebook during the recordings “Well, if it isn’t time to go and Farfisa-lize some tracks already!” I don’t find the album is as Red Bull/Green Day sounding as Per led us to believe, but at least half the album is on steroids. I know I’ve been knocking C&C’s productions lately, and while I still feel that Per should try new partners, this time the production suits the material. By the way, did anyone else notice that they’ve switched Anders’ face from the preview sleeve to the real one? Some trivia that will make no sense to non-Swedes: The album’s working titles were Sex laxar i en laxask and Duga. I’m not even going into that... Let’s review the record!

Paul:  Sex laxar i en laxask would’ve be an ‘interesting’ title...!  This album is definitely old-skool Gyllene Tider.  This sounds a million miles away from The Heartland Café (1983), which is a good thing (although I am fond of “Heartland”!), and there is a much edgier, harder sound.  Especially to the uptempo tracks.  If you’ve read previous TDR reviews, you’ll know that I like that!  It’s possible that GT have never sounded this good...

Kai: Don’t forget that at least Christoffer is a long-term Gyllene Tider fan. Judging from what has come to the surface, the boys seemed to enjoy the collaboration. And this you can hear.

Colin: I love The Heartland Café but it is different from the rest of the Gyllene Tider albums, I think. This album has a rough edge to it, the sound reminds me of the Per’s Garage songs!



Swedish press likes Dags att tänka på refrängen

April 4, 2013 — by Thomas Evensson — Gyllene Tider, Releases

STOCKHOLM - Apparently there has been a press day as both Aftonbladet and Expressen have articles today about Gyllene Tider's forthcoming album Dags att tänka på refrängen. Jens Peterson and Anders Nunstedt respectively only have good things to say about it! And for you who weren't fortunate enough to hear the snippets on this weekend, TDR can only say the album sounds very promising! The snippets disappeared after the weekend so supposedly someone at has been fired... Nunstedt says it's a "new but old sound" and "Gyllene has always been good at first impressions" while Peterson says it's "perky pop music" which makes "hands clap, knees buckle and mouths grin."

The album will be released April 24 on CD. Gyllene's single "Man blir yr" entered the Swedish more or less official single chart (take the poll) at #2 last Sunday. The vinyl 7" has been delayed until April 12.