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New music by Loli Kuhn

Now who is Loli Kuhn and why would we care, you say?? Well, let me tell you right now why.

Clarence Öfwerman and Magnus Börjeson are Loli Kuhn, that’s who! They’ve started a little collaboration together. It started with a tune for the union Unionen’s commercial. “That made us want to work more together” Clarence says to TDR. “There’s nothing much to add” he continues, modest as he is, “it’s Magnus and I releasing some ambient music under the name Loli Kuhn.”

Loli Kuhn though? “Ha ha, yes the name comes from a name generator which I kept pressing until we were happy.” says Clarence.

The music itself is nice and relaxing. You can put it on repeat in the background, at school, at work, at play… Or maybe a hot bath, a glass of rosé and enjoy life! It’s the kind of music that doesn’t grow old. 

“Two songs have been released so far; ‘Autoflow’ and ‘Wasserturm’ [water tower in German].” Clarence adds. “I’ve made piano music before, which has been successful, especially on Spotify. We’re trying to niche us in a different way here.”

The music is so natural, like your heart beating, or water babbling through a little brook. This music works when you do your homework, or maybe at a spa, or doing some yoga.

Clarence ends our little interview with “It’s just the two of us. And the flamingo! Oh yes, there will be more songs!”


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May 25th, 2019

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