TDR Per Gessle Roxette Unofficial Tour Book 2018

TDR presents: Per Gessle’s Roxette’s Unofficial Tour Book 2018

It’s time for Xmas again, and this time The Daily Roxette goes all in with a specially made Xmas present for all of you!

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As you may or may now know, we photograph, we photograph a lot, and we like it. We like to think we’re also quite good at it. This tour was special and so we tried to shoot as many as we could. We managed to catch eight, we missed for instance Halmstad due to unforseen events… The results were amazing, (or so we thought at least,) so Kai started speculating, inspired by Anders Roos, “how about putting together our own tour book??” Said and done. We’ve worked since the tour ended to select and edit the best of the best. We now present it to you, dear fans. No less than 420 pages…! It is meant to be viewed in spreads however, so the physical file will have “only” 211 pages in it, not to be forgotten. The book also contains the articles we’ve written for the tour, the mid-tour interview with Per and a brand new Xmas interview!

It’s free, costs nada, zilch, zero. It’s downloadable, in two versions. The first version is more compressed (86 MB), with some not-as-great quality, to keep the bandwidth down, and it’s meant for you who don’t have fiber, and super fast Internet. The second version is quite heavy (400 MB,)  datawise, and possibly suits you with faster wires. By all means, download away, either version is free. The PDFs are not printable however.

But, would there be an interest in purchasing a physical copy of the book? We are looking into that at the moment. We don’t know the cost yet, and even if we get a good proposal, mind you the book is (or will be) heavy so the shipping itself will likely be a fair chunk. Let us know if you would want it.

That version will of course not be free, to be very clear about that.

With that, we here at TDR wish you all out there a very Merry Xmas!

Visa, Kai, Thomas, Paul, Colin and (almost, but not even close) Stevo

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December 24th, 2018

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