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Gyllene Tider – Fluortanten – a review

It’s not every year you get a new single from Gyllene Tider, let alone a new tour! Sadly this is the last we’ll ever get to hear from them. Not the single, but the album and the tour.

“Jag drömde jag mötte fluortanten,” a cryptic title both to non-Swedes and maybe younger Swedes… A short backstory to the title, even if it’s merely a parenthesis in the song itself; Swedes needed better teeth the government decided. Fluoride is good for the teeth, ergo (dental) nurses started delivering fluoride to schools for the students to rinse their teeth with. Every Swede brought up between say 1960 and 1990 knows this and has been thru it. The fluoride lady – fluortanten. Gyllene is joined by Peter & Petter on horns and Helena Josefsson together with Malin-My Wall on background vocals.

The band comments: We recorded our very last album in France earlier this year. “Fluortanten” became an instant favorite. The band grooved like never before, both the music and the lyrics felt infectious and it sounded totally new to us. A nice finale.

Thomas: So the song then? An airy piece, very non-Gyllene, with a harmonica, playful bass and some Farfisa in it. To compare the song with something, maybe “Tuffa tider” and “Här kommer alla känslorna” come close. The lyrics are full of nods to different things in the past, and the “sleeve” of course is a nod to the “Billy” EP from 1978. Micke found the photo of the fluortant and Fritte made the sleeve. The single choice is deliberate, Gyllene didn’t want to open with a “Sommartider” or a “Faller ner på knä” and maybe that’s the way to go? Micke Syd confides to TDR that there certainly are songs like that on the album. All in all, a nice song, with a very cool lyrics video! Sad that there won’t be a physical release though.

Kai: Is it a summer hit? Not an obvious one, I say, but it works its way into your memory and sits there for a while. There’s no catchy chorus as per usual, it’s just this tiny innocent melody. Intriguing! A very brave and at the same time clever move, considering there’s a tour coming up. Granted, the tour is mostly sold out by now, there’s no pressure on the band when it comes to picking a perfect single. So somebody with a cunning mind chose this laid back tune and he was so right, when you come to think about it. Gyllene Tider’s concerts have always surprised me as a non-Swede: Whole families go there, they bring their baskets and blankets and sit there a little further away and listen to the band. Of course, as a casual die hard fan you won’t notice this, hopping around as close as possible to the “scen”. It’s exactly this relaxed feeling this song spills into our ears now. The perfect mental invitation for this special summer. “Come, enjoy, feel safe.” Then all these references to the “good old times” in the lyrics. Can a song actually be more Swedish at heart?

Vaknade upp i en dans
och jag såg på distans
en blank nyckelpiga på fingret
Varje svartvit tangent
spelade covers av Kent
Morfar Ginko han gungade i vimlet
Ditt hår
Det var elektriskt i september
och november
Ditt hår
det var fantastiskt i december
Av en smällkaramell
blev jag vänlig och snäll
så att kreti och pleti tog klivet
På din solbrända kind
skrev jag tveksamma rim
Och jag ritade en karta till livet
Ditt hår
Det var elektriskt i september
och november
Ditt hår
det var fantastiskt i december
Pö om pö blev vi vänner
Men av ren reflex blev jag ett måndags-ex
Pö om pö blev vi vänner
Och ditt lakan täcks
av ett måndags-ex
Med en färdknäpp av ljung
blev jag gammal och ung
Men jag trillade aldrig från kanten
Nej jag höll min balans
När jag föll ner i trance
Och jag drömde
jag mötte fluortanten
Ditt hår
Det var elektriskt i september
och november
Ja ditt hår
det var fantastiskt i december
Min Gud 
Ditt hår var elektriskt i november
Fantastiskt i december

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May 10th, 2019

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