Roxette – Piece of Cake, Stevo ponders (out loud)

Dear Roxette fans,

You are hereby cordially invited to a crazy party hosted by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson to be held in an old abandoned disco hall.


Please bring your roller skates, the cheapest and sweetest alcohol you can find and don’t forget your pink tutus – everyone’s invited to this outrageous affair!

Wow! “Piece of Cake!” Why oh why was this not on the Good Karma album? Marie sounds fantastic, the energy is pulsating, this could have easily replaced “You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore” on the back to end to give the album a real sugary spike!

I was a little dubious listening to this track when I saw the title, I had this fear I’d hear “sitting by a lake, eating a piece of cake, make no mistake, na na na na” – but my fears were allayed when the opening and intriguing psychedelic pop hauntingly invites you enter a world of fun and mystery – led with a pulsating beat and rhythmic drum sequence as it builds to Marie’s bridge with those electric guitars guiding you to that thumping chorus! And then we break it down with Per’s auto-tuned “ooh oooooh oooh” and then Marie breathes life back in in the back end of this swirling, head-spinning drunken party affair! Insanely fun song, I love it! Much better than “Let Your Heart Dance With Me”, incredible energy!

Thomas: Ha ha, OK! Calm down! Chillax a tad!

Stevo: No seriously, I’ve got it on a loop! Classic old school Roxette. Lots of energy. Different elements to keep the brain occupied. Got an early ‘80s gay disco vibe which Thomas will love as it sends him back to his early ‘40s.

Thomas: Uh? I love ‘80s disco now, do I?

Stevo: Well, I’ve seen you strut around my bedroom in hot pink Daisy Dukes, soooo…

Thomas: Hmmm we weren’t supposed to talk about that were we?

Stevo: Sorry pumpkin.

Thomas: Seriously though, I don’t like it that much. I don’t hate it, but it’s just not… much.

Stevo: Do I have to bring up the whole “Beautiful Boy” fiasco again? You’re a grump! Hand back your hot pants, you’ve been refused entry to this discotheque…

Thomas: Ha ha ha!

Stevo: Seriously folks, go out there and listen to high energy, crazy disco-pop track, it’s what classic Roxette is all about – much like the entire Good Karma album, it has a real B-side Look Sharp! feel to it! Can easily picture a wild video with crazy half naked freaks dancing around in an empty roller skate hall, popping champagne, dancing with feather boas as a DJ rummages through his records in a crate trying to find Roxette on vinyl.

Thomas: Just sounds like a typical quiet Friday night at your apartment, no?

Stevo: That’s it. You’re blocked! “Piece of Cake” is out now!


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November 19th, 2020

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