Roxette – Let Your Heart Dance with Me – a review, sort of

A new Roxette single, in 2020! Times are indeed confusing. We at TDR are very happy of course.

Per says that there were two songs from Good Karma that weren’t used, this and one called “Piece of Cake.” I certainly hope that will be in his Bag of Trix as well. He also mentions that there will be some sort of video released with this single, (YouTube, after the Q&A 5pm CET.) Chris plays the bass and the acoustic and electric guitars, Clarence plays the keys, Marie sings and Per too plays the electric and acoustic guitars but also sings, whistles and slaps his knees. Noteworthy is that the single will be released as a golden (colored) 7″ in 1,500 copies worldwide.

Stevo: I don’t have much to say – I don’t want to get all analytical – I just want to say that the moment Marie steps in for the chorus, you can’t stop beaming as the joy radiates through your body and you can’t shake the dumb grin off your face. Just like old times. What a gift. What a treasure to hear her again in this capacity. This is not the time for breaking the song down and debating arrangements or production etc – it’s about taking a moment to pause and remember the small joys in life and to appreciate the good times. Grateful. Marie’s voice continues to dance with me in my heart when she breathes lives in to this fun, 3-minute burst of positivity.

Thomas: I am all with you. No need to break it down at all. I love what I’m hearing! There’s whistling! All smiles here. It certainly didn’t fit Good Karma so it was good that it was left off. In its own it’s a great song though. Very Gyllene-like even. So happy to hear Marie again! I miss her, I miss Rox. Did I mention there’s whistling?? It’s too short though. I can easily imagine this as the show closer with the chorus ringing out over and over again with 20,000 people singing along. I see it in my head.

Colin: Wow, this is an amazing unexpected surprise! I agree with you guys, it’s the simple, happy, joyful Roxette/GT sound. At least, that’s what the song starts out with. And then the chorus chimes in with dear Marie’s angelic vocals. Listening to this song today as I rode my bicycle to work I pictured her voice like a beam of sunlight breaking through the gloomy October clouds. It’s got ‘heart’in the title just like ‘Listen To Your Heart’ and it’s even got the Joyride-like whistle – maybe one last big hit for Roxette?

Paul: When the news dropped earlier this week that a new Roxette song was coming I felt a feeling that I haven’t felt for years! How can this 40 year old guy still get excited about a new song coming out? That is the magic of Per and Marie working together.  There was certainly something special when they worked together and this song, once again, captures that feeling.  Per delivers on the verses, with some backup provided by Marie and then the chorus kicks in and that voice we all know and love just brings a smile to my face. Plus, there is whistling! Thanks for not including this on Good Karma and allowing us to experience ’new Roxette’ one more time.  Here’s hoping there is more to come in the future.

Kai: What a jump back in time! You know, once you accept that Roxette is a matter of the past and then suddenly out of nothing there comes a fresh song and it all comes back again. Most important point: Both Marie and Per are in it. Sure, more Per than Marie but you may remember that back then, Marie already had her hard times and Per was trying to fill in wherever he could. Then, there’s whistling. Have we mentioned this often enough already? Everyone of us loves the whistling in Roxette tunes. It’s also a power pop song. Yay for that. Kinda amazing how they tried to capture the sound of the Good Karma era after all these years again. And yes, it could as well have ended up as a Gyllene Tider song. Did you hear this Farfisa sort of thing in the end? Could it use some more production? Surely, yes. There are some moments where I thought “Oh, here they could have … and there they could have…” but hey come on, it’s a new Roxette song and who are we to complain??


Let Your Heart Dance With Me

It was so easy to fall in love
It got so simple to fall in love
You know what I did?
I got excited
We were united
So delighted

It was so easy to laugh with you
It was so simple to look at you
You made it possible
By being beautiful
So incredible
Truly wonderful

Dance with me
Let your heart dance with me
Dance with me
Let your heart dance with me
Let me see you smile

I might be living in my car
I might be running near and far
When stars can’t find me
You know where I’ll be
Closed in the mystery
The love of you and me

Dance with me
Let your heart dance with me
Dance with me
Let your heart dance with me
Let me see you smile again
Let me see that smile
– – –
Words + Music by Per Gessle
© Jimmy Fun Music

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October 1st, 2020

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