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Gyllene Tider “Hux Flux”: The review

Gyllene Tider came up with an unexpected new album and it was officially released today. The title: “Hux Flux” which roughly translates to Just like that. Enjoy the TDR tastebuds at work reviewing the album.


Paul: So, here we are again! After 2019’s ‘farewell’ tour and album, we’re welcoming back the GT guys with another collection of new tunes before a summer tour kicks off. Something good came off the back of the pandemic it seems. 

Kai: Nja, we will see. First of all, 2019 was not their only “farewell” but 2013’s Dags att tänka på refrängen album and tour was their first (luckily failed) attempt to leave. Glad it didn’t quite work out as planned. Now, this album came as a bit of a surprise though, at a time when everyone was wondering what to do next summer with their money and their time. Yeah now we know, we all are going to meet in a summery Sweden once more, enjoying Gyllene Tider in cozy sunsets. Let’s have a look at what they have released this time although I really doubt we will get to hear a lot of these songs performed live.

Thomas: Bah, 2013 wasn’t a goodbye, that was just a hint that it’s getting late…


  1. Gyllene Tider igen


Paul: Kicking off the album with a nice little up-tempo number. Should this have been the first single off the album? Possibly. Catchy, definitely GT-esq. Could this be the opening track on the tour?

Kai: Good thinking, on tour this would be a great opener to get the audience’ attention after they had been waiting in front of the stage. Also, there is another song in it that I fail to put my finger on really… Marie i växeln, maybe? Anyway, this one has a lot of the original GT 1970s sound to it.

Thomas: Very Marie i växeln in that chorus yes. Speedy track that worked well live I can say. I don’t like the drum computer here, but as mentioned, it works well live.


  1. Dagar att dansa


Paul: Micke Syd’s favorite on the album apparently. This sets the tone of the album much more than Gyllene Tider igen. Some good drum work from Syd, as usual!

Kai: Yeah, nice song and true, this sounds more like the current GT. Would be great to have this song on the setlist for the tour. 

Thomas: Also one of my favorites, it’s a classic mid-tempo Gyllene thing. The chorus has some vibes from Orup’s Då står pojkarna på rad I think. And of course, the master of the Middle-8 strikes again… A masterpiece.


  1. Chans


Paul: The actual first single. Hearing the complete album and I can see why this was chosen as the lead single. The most typical GT song on the album perhaps? Or maybe more Per’s Garage? Got a nice summertime vibe to this song which will sound great during the tour. Surely this will be on the setlist? 

Kai: Oh yes, this would be a shame to be left out. This is a perfect song for a live concert, having people sing along and wave their arms. But knowing our usual luck… Reminds me of the good old GT times with melodic tunes, some “ohoho” and of course (how could we live without her) the Farfisa organ singing her song.

Thomas: Also a nice one, good three singles in a row, albeit one digital, when did that ever happen??


  1. Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig


Paul: I like this one, possibly my favorite track on the album. It’s not a usual type of Gyllene song – well, apart from the instrumental – but it’s got a good vocal from Per. Actually, Per is sounding great on this album. His voice never seems to change these days.

Kai: Oh, this is what they call “dänga” in Sweden, a hit. Wonder why they did not have this as a single. It’s so catchy. And then the Farfisa with a riff that would make both Scooter and Avicii blush a bit. Would really like to see this song performed live this summer but I …ahem… guess the… ahem… “elderly men” are not up to the game anymore? Or? Or? Challenge accepted?? Haha!!

Thomas: This also worked very well live, Syd was banging those drums like never before! I assume Per wrote this while working on that actual album with that name.

Kai: Not too far-fetched, Captain Obvious…


  1. Har lite kärlek kvar (och kan resa)


Paul: Going down a different path here. I can’t think of anything else in the GT-back catalog that sounds anything like this. Thomas, can you? Turn up the bass on this to get the full effect.

Kai: Thomas is busy checking out the new Pepsi collection so I may take over for the moment. And no, I can’t remember any similar GT song either. You’re welcome. A nice build up, with its roots in 1970s and 1980s rock, down to the basics. Which is always a good thing if you ask me. Could use even more drums maybe.

Thomas: No nothing. I got nothing. Not a bad song, but it’s not so much Gyllene to me.


  1. Jag har en vän


Paul: With a different arrangement, this could be on a solo album from Per. Just doesn’t sound anything like Gyllene to me. 

Kai: Yeah, totally agree here. Again. A pretty tune but fails to get stuck in my ears. Is this what they call a filler, maybe?

Thomas: I started out not liking this, but after a while the pieces fell together, it’s neat to start every line with Jag har en vän. It has potential.


  1. Hux Flux


Paul: For some reason I imagined the title track to be an up-tempo track, but it’s something quite different. This reminds me of Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult from the late 1970s. 

Thomas: Never heard that one so I can’t say, but I believe you. Not a very Gyllene song I must say, and it frankly just sounds weird to me.

Paul: Check it out Thomas, it’s worth it! 

Kai: They get us again and again. Do you remember CBB!? Everyone thought of an uptempo and then… We’re having a beautiful pop song here, it does not necessarily sound very GT again but it has its certain vibes here and there. Love the guitars. 

Paul: Yes! CBB! also came to my mind!

Thomas: Stevo (remember him?) loves this one by the way.


  1. Finns det någonting?


Paul: I keep coming back to this song. I love the chorus to this one – another nice PG-melody that grows on you with each listen. 

Kai: First, I didn’t really know what to say about this track. Yes, it’s nice and lovely but somehow… arrghh. It’s just too… “kind” maybe? I mean, give it this thought: Increase the bpm by (let’s say) a lot and make it a rock song. Now we’re talking. 

Thomas: Not one of my favorites, it confuses me too.

Paul: Seems I’m on my own here then.

Thomas: How very unusual…


  1. Ebenholtz Café


Paul: Another mid-tempo song that doesn’t sound much like anything else the guys have recorded before. 

Kai: Could as well have been another solo song from Per. Great vocal performance here again, and also great production. 

Thomas: Very unlike Gyllene in my opinion. Like you say, sounds more like a solo song. It however grows after a few spins.


  1. Sanna mina ord


Paul: These days my Swedish has gone a bit rusty. I haven’t visited Sweden since before the pandemic so I was pleased when GT released Sunday Driver Yeah as a b-side. Yes, the lyrics are very different here, but I got the ‘vibe’ of the song. One of the strongest tracks on the album, those drums are great! 

Kai: Power pop at its best. Catchy melody, great singalong potential. Makes you wanna stomp your feet until they hurt. And then some more. I’ve had the English version on repeat for a few days. Literally. 

Thomas: Of course you know that this was a leftover from Pop-Up Dynamo!. It didn’t fit that format so they decided it was a Gyllene song. And it was. When it was all finished and assembled Per added the English lyrics to it as well. Great results I must say.


  1. Det perfekta svaret


Paul: Another one of my favorites on the album. It’s got a great melody to the chorus, nice backing vocals and MP’s jangling guitar is lovely. Another one which would be great to hear during the tour. A nice album closer. 

Kai: The last couple of times, the album closers had a farewell touch to them, come to think of Final and Dags att tänka på refrängen. Not so this time. Correct me if I’m wrong. Again, a nice little song, but nothing special to me.

Thomas: Yes, Gyllene always has ballad closers on their albums, but not this time. I just heard this one is from “GT 5”, that elusive album which was never recorded in 1985. A very nice song indeed. Possibly my favorite too.

Paul: Yet another interesting fact with GT Geek Thomas. 




Paul: If anyone is expecting an album full of Swedish Power-Pop bangers, they could be disappointed with Hux Flux. This is not that kind of album. Here we have an older, wiser GT and it feels like more of a continuation of Samma skrot och korn rather than Dags att tänka på refrängen. An album with nice melodies that adds something different to the band’s collection. 

Kai: No, right. The era of songs like Gå & fiska! etc. is gone. We’re getting more adult music here. If this is what you’re looking for in GT is up to everyone else. While the album in itself makes sense, it actually sounded more like a typical solo record from Per with the help from some friends we know from Gyllene Tider. Still, whenever Per writes for GT, he comes up with his best songs nonetheless. So enjoy an album that sounds a bit different, if you like there are more releases with other styles in the band’s rich back catalog.

Thomas: You are both correct. It’s not a Sommartider album, which would have been nice, but it is what it is. What concerns me more is that it does feel like a Per album with help from some of his good friends. I’m happy they made it though and it makes me feel there may be more coming out in the future. Just saw that the track list is different on the vinyl, and that order makes the album better. Just so you know. Now it’s time for the tour!

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