Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig – new album

Per Gessle has spent the summer down on the West coast looking back on his 44 years as a songwriter. In 1976, the first song was written in a contemporary new wave spirit and since then there have been hundreds of compositions.

On the new album “Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig” (“Old Love Never Dies”) Per interprets his own Swedish favorites from the ‘80s onwards. Most of it is acoustically based and Per plays almost all the instruments himself. “All but the difficult ones,” as he himself says.

– “I wrote the songs ‘Mamma’ and ‘Pappa’ for Mother’s Day in May earlier this year and was reminded of how fun it is to make it easy for yourself, play the piano and guitar and just sing.”

On the new album, Per often sings with Helena Josefsson but also with Uno Svenningsson who is a guest on a song. For the first time, Per has also collaborated with local Halmstad musicians such as Per Thornberg on tenor saxophone and Gicken Johansson on bass and lap steel.

– “Per is an old acquaintance and is one of Sweden’s best jazz saxophonists. Gicken was new to me but he is clearly Sweden’s Duck Dunn! A fantastic bassist. And MP from Gyllene Tider is of course involved. Without him, no coffee! ”

– “I have the privilege of having quite a decent catalogue of songs after all these years as a songwriter. There are so many songs from different decades that I never recorded for different reasons. There are songs I wrote for other artists such as ‘Segla på ett moln’ (Anne-Lie Ryde) and ‘I din hand’ (Svante Thuresson).

– “Some songs I always carried with me and they still feel relevant. ‘Viskar,’ ‘Tända en sticka till’ and ‘Kom ut till stranden’ were written in the early ‘80s but still mean a lot to me. ‘Ömhet’ I wrote a little too late for it to catch up with the ‘Mazarin’ train. ‘Nypon och ljung’ was intended for my Nashville adventure but never made it. It has been incredibly fun to meet them again.”

The new single “Nypon och ljung” will be released Friday the 18, digital only.  

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September 13th, 2020

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