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Roxette finished their world tour, called Roxette Live – The 30th Anniversay tour in February 2016. They will never tour again.

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Roxette finished their extended 30th Anniversay Tour which ended in 2016. Find our more on our tour page. They will never tour again. Likely never perform live again either.

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Per exclusive: “It’s a fun and really catchy album, loads of guitars and even more Farfisa organ”

It’s been way too silent. We needed to talk. We took care of it. We reached out to a friend.

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TDR tastebuds review PG Roxette’s very first album: “Pop-Up Dynamo!”

Well here it finally is, the illusive album we’ve been hearing about for more than two years. Now the big question is: was it worth the wait? Short answer: Yes. Here’s why:

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PG Roxette releasing the first single

Roxette’s story came to a tragic end in 2019, when Marie passed away.

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First leak: PG Roxette is back: the new album “Radio Revival”

Spoiler alert: If you’re curious, here’s all you need to know about the forthcoming album. We highly doubt that Per will share this…

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An era is over. Another one is born.

With the birth of PG Roxette, Per Gessle will continue the adventure he and Marie Fredriksson began, just over 35 years ago. Together with members from the classic Roxette band and a sound echoing somewhere between “Look Sharp!” and “Joyride” Gessle returns to the musical peak of his life – with a new album and plans for a tour. 

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The epic album Pearls of Passion turns 35

35 years ago a very important album was released. Important how you may wonder? Did it sell millions? Did it make waves? Was it extensively talked about?

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The Never Ending 80s new single

Australia’s most pre-eminent 80s tribute band, The Never Ending 80s, has launched its first ever video podcast to coincide with the release of their brand new single; a recording of “The Look”.

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Joyride 30 is soon here

The Joyride 30th anniversary box with the whole story, demos and unreleased material will be released on November 26. But already tomorrow, October 8, the single “Small Talk” will be released with two previously unreleased versions of “Small Talk” and “Hotblooded”

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Roxette live in St. Louis, USA

Quietly, without any fanfare nor warning – an incredible Roxette historical artefact has surfaced on YouTube in the last week or so – it is the band’s concert from Fox Theatre in St. Louis Missouri, USA from 1992 as part of their epic “Join The Joyride” World Tour. 

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Joyride the album 30 years

Roxette’s extremely successful album “Joyride” turns 30 years old today. We will share some thoughts about the album, what it meant to us. A review of the box will come this fall.

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Joyride 30 year anniversary!

Today is no ordinary day. No today it’s 30 years ago “Joyride” was released. And what a smash it was!

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Trix in the Mix

At first I thought that there existed around 30, 40 remix versions of Roxette hits, but when I dove into my collection and Wikipedia I could find at least 100 different remixes of Roxette recordings.

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Roxette’s drummer Pelle Alsing passed away yesterday

Per Gunnar Alsing, known to us as Pelle, Roxette’s drummer for many years both in the studios and on tour, passed away yesterday.

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A quick Trix 2 update

Thanks for all the comments on the article.  It’s been really interesting to read all of them.

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Bag of Trix – Part 2 – Volumes 5 – 8 The Lost Songs

Now that the Bag of Trix is finally out in the world, it’s made me think about how lucky we are as fans, in the respect that Per is just as big of a geek as we all are when it comes to loving demos, alternative and live recordings, remixes and outtakes.  

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Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 4

This is the end, or is it? The final installment of the fine Bag of Trix. Today the boxes are released.

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Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 3

The third installment of Per’s – or Roxette’s – Bag of Trix has landed.

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Roxette – Piece of Cake, Stevo ponders (out loud)

Dear Roxette fans,

You are hereby cordially invited to a crazy party hosted by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson to be held in an old abandoned disco hall.

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Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 2

Well here it is, Volume 2 of this incredible project that Per Gessle has treated us with. We truly are lucky that someone like Per cares enough about the fans and the Roxette legacy that he’s rewarding us with a collection of intriguing recordings that most artists would never bother with.

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Roxette Bag of Trix Vol. 1Roxette Bag of Trix Vol. 1

Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 1

Here comes volume 1 of “Bag Of Trix” – the Roxette collection which presents a total of 47 unreleased or nowadays unavailable recordings: demos, alternative mixes and recordings, Spanish versions, bonus songs plus other fun stuff from the band’s long and successful career 1986-2016.

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Per Gessle – On top of Billboard

Only 18 people have ever, as the sole songwriter, had more than two No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

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Roxette – Let Your Heart Dance with Me – a review, sort of

A new Roxette single, in 2020! Times are indeed confusing. We at TDR are very happy of course.

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Roxette to release new single: “Let Your Heart Dance With Me” out on Oct. 2!

2020 is not that bad after all!

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A trip down memory lane, in the US

31 years ago, my life changed forever. Four months ago, it unexpectedly changed again. This is a reflection on how a love of music forever altered my life.

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