The Never Ending 80s new single

Australia’s most pre-eminent 80s tribute band, The Never Ending 80s, has launched its first ever video podcast to coincide with the release of their brand new single; a recording of “The Look”.

To help with the celebration of their release, the band’s frontman, J.C.Hollywood, sat down for a lengthy chat with our very own feature writer, Stevo, to chat about the history of “The Look” and most everything else Roxette!

Who are the Never Ending 80s? One of Australia’s most in demand live acts celebrating all their favorite ’80s hits. The band has been touring for years all across Australia and performs up to 120 shows every single year, before 2,500 people. The band has developed a reputation for its high production values based live shows.

Who is this Stevo character then? He’s the annoying TDR member that pesters us with overly verbose and flowery articles, secretly hoping that one day “From a Distance” will enjoy a belated breakthrough and the world realizes what they’ve missed out on… also he has offensive “Covid lockdown hair” in the video, he claims. But what else is new?

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October 22nd, 2021

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