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Thanks for all the comments on the article.  It’s been really interesting to read all of them.

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I did not include Remixes as these deserve their own piece in my view, or any song already officially available, leaked, or any other non-Roxette related recording.

However, here are some late additions/responses following comments made on Facebook:

The TOURISM Sleeve Demos

The original BoT2 article actually came from re-discovering the cassette on the artwork for the Tourism album and a few song titles. So, if you grab your Tourism vinyl or CD and look closely at the artwork you should be able to spot a couple of demos on one of the DAT cassettes… They are “How Can I Take a Chance on You” and “Don’t You . . .” (both labelled 1991), along with other songs like the already known “Tourism” album classics, and also live recordings too. Wonder what happened to these two unreleased tracks?

Only You

Recorded the same day (30th July, 1995) as the epic You Don’t Understand Me.  “Sounds like Bon Jovi” according to Per, but at their worst apparently?  I think the fans should decide, don’t you?  Not sure if this was intended for Roxette though?  TDR? Per?  Any comments? Bueller…?

I Come Alive

Rumoured as a track for Good Karma but has never seen the light of day.  It does exist (refer to the BMI website and there it is listed in black and white- with many many more!).  Most likely not written for Roxette though, therefore I had omitted it from the other tracks listed.

Run to Me

This leaked some time ago somewhere or other, not sure if it was recorded for Roxette or another Per project, who knows.  Per? It was recorded by German artist Christopher Barker anyway.

The Novelty Songs… Oh, Marie and He’s Got The Look

Again, I didn’t include as “Oh Marie” (a Sheryl Crow cover) was a novelty track recorded to celebrate Roxette’s Manager, Marie Dimberg leaving EMI.  Much like they did for Rolf’s 50th with “He’s Got The Look”, some years previous – also purposefully omitted from the article.  Both are widely available out there on the www if you’re interested.  They are fun to hear of course.

Love Is All (Single Edit)

Released on an EMI Xmas Promo that also included a Xmas message from Marie and Per, and I quote:

Hi this is Marie, and this is Per, and we are Roxette.  We want to wish you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy 1994.  The following track is a new one which we think this has a touch of Xmas to it. It’s called Love Is All and it might be included on the new album, and then again it might not!”. 

The edited version never officially got a release, but it can be found if you look hard enough. (It’s only 10-15 seconds longer.) Maybe one for the Crash! Boom! Bang! 30th Anniversary in 2024?

What’s She Like? (Demo for Crash! Boom! Bang!)

I did forget to include this one, but its out there.  It leaked on the Myths bootleg quite a while back.  Think I prefer the later demo to this one personally.

A Girl Like You

This was indeed recorded for Have A Nice Day, but didn’t make the cut like many others.  It ended up on Son Of A Plumber (which just happens to be my favourite of Per’s solo albums).  We can only wonder what the demo, or even fully recorded track (?) sound like? Of course there’s the Archives demo. Care to share, Per?

Never Is a Long Time (Reggae Version)

Oh now this is fun.  A clip was leaked on a bootleg many years ago, then the full track eventually found its way onto the www.  Written for Swedish singer Lena Philipsson who released it on her album Talking in Your Sleep. (Roxette’s demo is included on the 30th Anniversary set).  The reggae-flavoured demo hasn’t officially been released, I can’t think of why ho ho ho? 

From One Heart to Another (1983, 1984 and 1985’s Reggae Version)

Included in the track-by-track commentary for Bag of Trix (found on Spotify), Per mentions that there were several demos for this one.  The first in 1983 which was guitar driven.  Another in 1984 that was more sequenced with a “touch of Duran Duran”.  Then surprisingly in 1985 it was demoed in a Reggae Version.  Per must have been having a reggae moment in 1985 do we think as that’s now two reggae genre demos we know of. 

Other Leftover Eighties Demos

“Under Your Magic Spell,” “Reaching High,” “Drowning In You”

All of these were leaked and were included on the Myths bootleg way back, albeit in poor quality.  “Magic Spell” is recorded by Gyllene Tider. A wonderful 2009 acoustic demo of “Drowning in You” can be found on The Per Gessle Archives The other eighties-tastic demos remain officially unreleased as far as I’m aware?  TDR, Per?

Needless to say, we could go on and on – there’s are so many songs, so little time!  No wonder Per gets confused at times about what’s been released and where, when songs were recorded and for what. It must be quite overwhelming, but also rather satisfying to have so many songs to talk about.  Aren’t we lucky too!

The joyride certainly continues…








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