Roxette’s drummer Pelle Alsing passed away yesterday

Per Gunnar Alsing, known to us as Pelle, Roxette’s drummer for many years both in the studios and on tour, passed away yesterday.

In 2012, The Daily Roxette had a very interesting interview with Pelle in his favourite bar in Stockholm, just around the corner of his apartment. We talked about his long career as a musician, life on tour and his other bands, Down Harrison for instance. Here you will find all parts of our talks on one page.
Our deepest condolences go out to his wife, his family and friends.

Face to face with Pelle Alsing. Pt. 1: “I’ve been walking the dog two times and now I’m here”

Pelle Alsing face to face with Justyna Bereza Contemplating appointments with Pelle Alsing is easy. I sent out interview requests to every band member, explaining in short words that I’d like to talk with them and I would come up with further details of the project if they are interested. Pelle’s answer came promptly: “When […]

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Face to face with Pelle Alsing. Pt. 2: “I’m in Hong Kong… but where am I in the song?”

Pelle Alsing talking with The Daily Roxette K: When you work with somebody, how much influence do you have on the music you’re playing? So, in the studio, are you getting your notes and you play that or do you come up with your own ideas?P: Yeah, I could do that, I could say I […]

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Face to face with Pelle Alsing. Pt. 3: “I wanted to be like Ringo Starr”

Pelle Alsing: “I don’t know what I’m doing next summer.” K: Yes, what does actually happen backstage in the break before the encore?P: We’re waiting for Per. [gesticulating] “Come on, Per!”K: What is he doing there?P: Changing his shirt… [louder] “It’s too long now, Per! You have to be faster!”K: Yeah, the audience meanwhile is […]

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December 20th, 2020

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