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At first I thought that there existed around 30, 40 remix versions of Roxette hits, but when I dove into my collection and Wikipedia I could find at least 100 different remixes of Roxette recordings.

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Some of them are… well, not that good, but some of them are real hidden gems. Let’s dive into the remix archives and check out which ones should be available on the collection album Trix in The Mix, which by the way would be the first remix album since Dance Passion in 1987, but in all honesty; it was not that good, was it?

Some of the mixes were already released in the Bag of Trix, some are available on Spotify, some exist on CD-singles, some are on quite hard to find 12″ vinyl singles and some have never been released officially. I’ll try to select the best remixes. Of course this is just my opinion and you could have your own personal favorites. Let’s go!

Crush On You
There is only one possible song for the album opener: “Crush On You” (Almighty remix). The song has not been officially released by Roxette, but you can find it on the Internet (it was released by Almighty as a Christmas single in 2013, over ten years after mixing the song). This song is just 6 minutes and 22 seconds of pure greatness and it reminds me of the days when “Crush On You” was played as the first song during the Room Service tour. Perfect mix to start this album!

“Chances” was released as a single back in 1988 and basically only in Germany. It never reached success, but it was still remixed for the 12″ release. And yes, that is one of the best mixes there are in the Rox catalogue. I really like the original versions, but there is definitely a special place in my heart for the Dancehall Version. Although the remix is over 8 minutes long it really is worth listening. This is the 80s at its best.

The Waste Of Vinyl 12″ Mix is one the many remixes of “Dangerous,” but I consider it to be the best one – definitely not a waste at all. “Dangerous” is an excellent Roxette song and this mix brings something new to it. The original song has a huge amount of energy, but the The Waste Of Vinyl mix has some nice club touch in it. Or is it only in my ears?

Knockin’ on Every Door
Very similarly to “Dangerous” there is BomKrash 7″ remix of “”Knockin’ on Every Door, which is quite nice as I really like the original song and the remix is not bad either; it has both boom and crash. Although this might be the least-good remix on this list.

I only add “Fireworks” (Jesus Jones remix) here to get room for a great original song. We have not heard it live in ages and it has not been included in any compilation album although it is one of the best Rox tracks available. And the remix is not bad either. It is probably one of the very first Rox remixes I stumbled upon when I really transformed to a real Roxer.

The Look
Oh yes, “The Look” has also been remixed quite a few times, but I consider “The Look ’95” (Chaps 1995 remix) to be the best one. It is not a completely remake of the song, but a good remix to bring the beat to the ’90s. There were several remixes done in the ’80s, but they are merely  longer versions of the song, whereas “The Look ’95” is a new interpretation. And there is even a video for this one, actually the only remix that has a dedicated video (although it is compiled from old videos).

The most obvious selection in this collection is definitely “Stars” (Almighty 7″ single remix) as it was also the official released single version. The album version of the song has its strengths, but the single version without children’s choir is still THE version I wanna listen to when I am in the dance mood. It really kicks loud and clear!

The Centre of the Heart
Room Service provided us with three singles and all of them were somewhat remixed. A special remix single of “The Centre of the Heart” was released and the Yoga remix is the one you should play if you need to demonstrate your brand new 12″ subwoofer in your Tesla.

Real Sugar
When I first got Room Service in my hands I really liked the album opener, but in the end the song wasn’t any favorite of mine – neither the original nor the remix version. But when I now went through all the archives “Real Sugar” (Shooting Star Treatment) really stands out as an awesome remix. I can recommend it.

The Rox Medley
The Rox medley was released in 2006 as a separate single and also as a B-side of the “One Wish” single. The mix of the heyday hit singles works well and the song definitely has its spot in this collection. Back in 2006 some fans wanted the remix version of the “It Must Have Been Love,” but I consider this medley as the thing. It just works.

When “Reveal” was released in 2006 as a single from The RoxBox/A Collection of Roxette Hits: Their 20 Greatest Songs! The Attic remix was chosen as the official mix of the song and it definitely is the correct choice. It has a fresh feeling and it makes the sound a bit more positive and gives you good vibes straight from the start.

Speak to Me
Peter Boström (Bassflow) mixed “Speak to Me” in 2011 and with Almighty’s version of “Stars” this Bassflow Remake is probably the best Roxette remix evermade. It just works and makes one wonder which one is better: the remake or the original? And then there also the demo and you could really mash all these together… No, don’t do that.

The Look
Although “The Look” 2015 Remake is not really a remix but a completely new version of the song I included it to this collection as the newest Rox remix to give a boost in the end of the album. It was nice to hear a completely new version of the song.

So I consider these 13 songs to be the best remixes of Roxette songs one can find. I hope there are still some gems in the vaults that have not yet seen the daylight – and new remixes can be produced as much there is demand for them. There exists also some damn good fan made mixes that should see real daylight. So Per, when do we get the Trix in The Mix collection?

Crush On You (Almighty Club Mix)
Changes (12″ Dancehall Remix)
Dangerous (Waste Of Vinyl 12″)
Knockin’ on Every Door (BomKrash 7″ Remix)
Fireworks (Jesus Jones Remix)
The Look ’95 (Chaps 1995 Remix)
Stars (Almighty 7″ Remix)
The Centre of the Heart (Yoga Remix)
Real Sugar (Shooting Star Treatment)
Reveal (The Attic Remix)
The Rox Medley
Speak to Me (Bassflow Remake)
The Look (2015 Remake)

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January 24th, 2021

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