Roxette live in St. Louis, USA

Quietly, without any fanfare nor warning – an incredible Roxette historical artefact has surfaced on YouTube in the last week or so – it is the band’s concert from Fox Theatre in St. Louis Missouri, USA from 1992 as part of their epic “Join The Joyride” World Tour. 

Despite being recorded on what appears to be a VHS Home Recorder, the sound of this concert is extraordinary. The vision is pretty good too considering the circumstances in which it was captured, not to mention that it’s nearly 30 years old. 

The truly significant fact about this upload is that in Roxette’s glorious career, we never really had any substantial documentation of their concerts in the dubious US market. More than just wanting to hear the band’s classic songs performed by the original (and best) line up, I was curious to hear what the audience energy would be like – and I was blown away. Perhaps not of the intense “South American” crowds who have always been the benchmark for enthusiasm, but this American audience were eating it up and not just the big hits, they were responding in a deafening and passionate way to all their songs. It’s incredible. This crowd was on fire!

The other take home, and this is what hurts the most, is that Marie’s performance is the best she’s sounded. The recorded Zürich show in 1991 always felt a bit… a bit “not Marie’s best”, the Sydney 1991 Live-Ism was more of a glorified music video – but this performance in St. Louis is raw, unedited and it’s glorious! Why was this not recorded by the band for generations to see what a true rock diva at the peak of her powers sounded like. 

Marie is the show in this video. There’s this one moment where the fan flicks the camera over to Per in the midst of Marie riffing with the audience in the middle of “Soul Deep” and Per had this look on his face, almost deep in thought, almost in awe of her presence, it was like he was thinking “wow, this woman is a weapon, she is a missile, I can do anything, I can write anything in the world that I want because of this insane woman belting the crowd from one vocal range to another!” 

In terms of vocal standouts, “Soul Deep”, “Perfect Day” and “Listen to Your Heart” are next level – and even if you think you know Marie’s intensity, think again, this upload will blow you away! 

Heartbreakingly, Roxette skipped “Dance Away” that night… I have an appointment with my shrink in the morning to deal with that trauma, but otherwise, this incredible rock concert is not one to be missed. The band are in fine form, Jonas is meticulous as ever and it’s concerts like this that really remind you just how much more “rock” this “pop/rock” band was! 

A marvellous piece of Roxette history that needs to be watched and celebrated. A big thank you to Alan Martin Guzman for finding and uploading this incredible moment of Roxette at their very best. 

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August 9th, 2021

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