Joyride 30 year anniversary!

Today is no ordinary day. No today it’s 30 years ago “Joyride” was released. And what a smash it was!

I remember standing by the radio waiting for the premiere of the single. They kept talking about it all morning, I don’t remember anymore, but I think the premiere was at 11am. I heard it and I’d like to say the whole world stopped, but I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest. “Was this it??” After “The Look,” “Dressed for Success” and “Listen to Your Heart”?

Of course I was wrong, and after getting the 7″ singles, four of them with different sleeves, the CD single and the 12″ remix single with the MagicFriends mix, I totally changed my mind, and after 30 years it still is a favorite of mine. Who can forget the guitar lick, most likely composed by the almighty MP? And not to mention the whistling. The Swedish 7″ has an engraving in the center: “Was it really necessary to whistle??”

Joyride” was a super hit all over the world. It sold Gold in Canada, Germany and Austria, while Platinum in Sweden and Australia. It was #1 in at least 17 countries, of which France wasn’t one of them, where it peaked at #39… merci beaucoup froglegs.

The chorus “Hello you fool, I love you!” was inspired by a note Per got from his wife Åsa and the title comes from a Paul McCartney quote about writing songs with John Lennon being “a long joyride.”

The Vancouver Canucks used the song in the 1994 Stanley cup playoffs when entering the ice!

Some comments about the song: (and our friend Brendon calls the Ferrari Dino a Corvette, but we’ll let it slide this time…)

AllMusic editor Bryan Buss described the song as a “chanting carnival” in his review of the Joyride album. Larry Flick from Billboard described it as a “playful pop/rock ditty with a catchy chorus that is destined to make a quick sprint up the charts.” Jim Farber from Entertainment Weekly noted that “they blithely toss a bit of whistling into “Joyride”, next to some psychedelic Beatles-like flourishes.” Dave Sholin from the Gavin Report wrote, “Plenty of reason for joy in Top 40 land as Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson deliver the first of a new batch of songs. Wisely, the Swedish duo retain “Look Sharp” producer Clarence Ofwerman, and, once again it’s clear all three understand the way to a pop music fan’s heart. Roxette has re-applied that happy, feelgood formula to making mass appeal records, and it’s earned them instant recognition and remarkable chart success. This title track from their new album is certain to not only meet everyone’s expectations, but surpass them.” Music & Media stated that the song “is a perfect example of their pop sensibilities.”

Brendon Veevers from Renowned for Sound commented, “There isn’t a soul alive who cannot say they don’t love this track – Roxette fan or not. It’s pop at its finest and the video is equally as memorable; the band speeding down a U.S highway, playing guitar on top of a red Corvette. “Rolling Stones J.D. Considine said that the song is “decked out in a glossy, Sgt. Pepper-style arrangement”. Mark Frith from Smash Hits labeled it as a “over-the-top” pop song, “with catchy choruses that remind you slightly of those other musical Swedes, Abba.” A writer for ranked “Joyride” the 46th best Billboard Hot 100 number one of the 1990s, saying: “Even more so than the group’s biggest hit, ‘It Must Have Been Love,’ ‘Joyride’ showed off Per Gessle’s ability to craft fantastic pop-rock songs. The song’s pop spirit and rock swagger mesh seamlessly.”

And who can forget the amazing video, shot in the desert outside of Los Angeles? 

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February 27th, 2021

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