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Roxette finished their world tour, called Roxette Live – The 30th Anniversay tour in February 2016. They will never tour again.

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Roxette finished their extended 30th Anniversay Tour which ended in 2016. Find our more on our tour page. They will never tour again. Likely never perform live again either.

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Boxette – the review

After so many years we finally get some of the elusive concert videos on DVD!

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Hamburg: Roxette (Director’s Cut)

Third concert of this tour, second concert attended by The Daily Roxette. One may think we’ve seen it all in Leipzig already but you better be ready for a surprise.

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It’s time to change your mind

Second gig of Per Gessle’s Roxette tour, and I heard different opinions after the first concert. So I got in my car and drove to Leipzig to see what’s what and what’s not.

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Roxette’s world hit interpreted by Age of Days

The rock band Age of Days started in 2005 and they have since released three albums, of which their second album Hollywood Ending was praised at the Canadian Radio Music Awards for “Best New Group (Rock)” after the band’s “Afflicted” radio #1.

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Toyota Camry commercial taps Roxette’s “The Look”

 When you think of a driving brand new car, you might tend to think of Roxette’s #1 hit “Joyride” as a logical accompaniment. C’mon — ‘fess up.

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DIRTY DOZEN: Should’ve been Roxette songs!

The Dirty Dozen is back!

In today’s special, we list the Top 12 songs that “SHOULD’VE BEEN ROXETTE” songs.

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Win your own copy of Baby Roxers album

Just before Xmas there was a cute little Rox-related release in Baby Roxers’ “Lullaby Hits”.

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DIRTY DOZEN: Best Roxette Videos!

Attenhut! Welcome to a brand new Daily Roxette feature series!

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2016 – the year in review

2016 started out strongly.

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Per talks 2016 and 2017 with TDR

Tis the time of the year. Time for The Daily Roxette’s traditional Xmas interview with Per. We managed to sneak in a few questions during his glögg sipping.

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Roxette lullabies for the future fans

“Songs for Nurseries, Toy Rooms & other Sweet Places”

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Roxette’s Brand New Video

The “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” video has just been revealed.

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Press Release: “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”

PRESS RELEASE written by SVEN LINDSTRÖM Roxette keeps that sweet summer feeling going all through the autumn with their new remix of ”Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers”, the third single release from the group’s latest album ”Good Karma”, which was released early this summer. After a remix resembling a total makeover, ”Why Don’t You […]

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Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? – world premiere


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“Addeboy vs Cliff” meets “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”

Addeboy vs Cliff give their take on Good Karma’s piano ballad.

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Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? Roxette’s next single!

The third single from Good Karma is announced and YOU can be in the official video!

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“…Chasing Your Shadow…” 30 Years Later!

“Neverending Love”, Roxette’s first ever single was released 30 years ago today!

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RoXXXette on the Road – the exhibit

HALMSTAD – Tonight the exhibit RoXXXette on the Road opened at Per Gessle’s hotel in Halmstad – Hotel Tylösand.

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Roxette Some Other SummerRoxette Some Other Summer

Roxette + summer + new single = Some Other Summer

Earlier this month Roxette reclaimed the world’s airwaves and music charts with the release of their tenth album ”Good Karma” and the first single ”It Just Happens”. Now it’s time for their new single ”Some Other Summer” to bring a smile upon everyone’s faces.

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TDR reviews RoXXXette on the Road

In 1986 two friends met and said “Hey, let’s start a band and conquer the world?” Said and done. Now 30 years later they are still around, more so than ever perhaps…

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Second single confirmed: “Some Other Summer”

Good Karma’s next single has been confirmed!

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Corina's take on Good KarmaCorina's take on Good Karma

Good Karma or Corina thinks out loud…

Our dear long term reader and occasional writer Corina has made up her mind about the new album. Here’s what she thinks. If you too feel like you want to send your personal review to us, go ahead!

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Ultimate summer playlist

It’s (almost) the summer of 2016, and while you’re getting ready to hit the road for summertime joyride — undoubtedly with the sounds of Good Karma blaring — Billboard is taking a look back at the hottest songs of some other summer. 30 summers to be exact.

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Per talks “Good Karma” with TDR

EXCLUSIVE – Per Gessle opens up about Roxette’s impressive latest album!

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