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  ★ Latest news

Roxette is going on another world tour, it’s called Roxette Live – The 30th Anniversay tour. The full tour is yet not known, but it will start in Russia October 28 and goes down to Australia in February. More on our tour page. To support the tour, another Greatest Hits album is being released: Roxette XXX – The 30 Biggest Hits

Per is also hinting about a new album, singles or EP to be recorded and published early 2015.

  ★ Biography

Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson are Roxette. Roxette formed in Sweden in 1986 and broke thru world wide in March 1989 when the single “The Look” went to #1 in the US. Roxette had 4 US #1s and 2 #2s between 1989 and 1991; “The Look,” “Dangerous,” “Listen to Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love,”  “Joyride” and “Fading Like a Flower.” In 1994 things got bad between Roxette and their record company in the US, therefore there has been little to no Roxette in that part of the world since. The rest of the world has had the pleasure of more hits since though. In 2001 Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she fought and survived. Roxette was on a hiatus until 2009 when Marie came on stage with Per on his solo tour performance in Amsterdam, Holland. Since then they have been on a major world tour and released two albums; Charm School and Travelling.

  ★ Recent releases

Roxette released a special edition 7″ of The Look  in April to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the hit. There was also a Blu-Ray/CD released named Roxette Live – Travelling the World  in December 2013. The latest studio album release was Travelling in 2012.


The Look (25th anniversary edition) (7″)

Travelling the World (BD)
  ★ Tours and concerts

Roxette is going on their extended 30th Anniversay Tour which will probably last to 2016. Find our more on our tour page.

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  ★ Most recent news


No Roxette in Australia (this fall)

The site Bands in Town informs that Roxette will be in Australia.

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Merry X from Rox

Dear Roxers, thanks for an overwhelming 2014! Not only did we start the XXX-tour in style, but also managed to squeeze in some minutes to release a couple of lyric-books, a demo CD-box as well as starting up a brand new Roxette album. And that was before breakfast! See y’all next year, full speed ahead! […]

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Two concerts added

Today two new concerts were added to Roxette’s European summer tour.

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Roxette hits the Faroe IslandsRoxette hits the Faroe Islands

Roxette travels… to the Faroe Islands

The XXX Tour travels somewhat north during August 2015 as Roxette enjoy their first ever visit to the Faroe Islands! As part of the Summarfestivalur (Summer Festival,) a three-day festival taking place from August 6 to 8. Roxette will most likely perform Aug. 8.

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The Sydney Opera House: More than just “another” date

SYDNEY – Roxette live on the steps of the Sydney Opera House is not just another Aussie concert. The significance of this historic announcement cannot be over emphasized. This is not big news at all – in fact, it’s huge news!

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Roxette Live at the Sydney Opera House

SYDNEY – BREAKING! It must have been love as Live Nation has responded to fan demands and today announce a very special second and final ROXETTE show to be held ‘On The Steps’ at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday February 25.

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Talking Points: A review, preview and more!

It’s been an amazing 15 shows thus far and despite it being a short opening leg to the tour, there has already been an incredible amount of stuff to discuss, review and preview!

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New merchandise for 2015

Per has just put up a slew of new merchandise on Facebook. Key fobs, a tank top for “les femmes,” a tote bag “both for vegetarians and meat lovers,” a new baseball hat and stickers, all with the new Rox 30 logo.

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The Roxette train stops in Helsinki

HELSINKI – A Roxette concert is like a freight train, in both good and bad. The bad thing is that there are no surprise stops. The songs, the arrangements, even the jokes stay basically the same from town to town. On the other hand, the band is like a well-oiled machine that does its job punctually and professionally and you can be certain that you will hear some great pop tunes performed by artists who love their work.

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Roxette in Tallinn

TALLINN – November 23, 2014 was a very special day for all Estonian Roxette fans. It was the day there was a Roxette concert in Tallinn. And what a truly wonderful and magical night it was…!

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Roxette in Moscow – A night of memories

MOSCOW – The first time I saw Roxette live was November 7, 2001 – the concert in Moscow during their Room Service tour. I remember only bits and pieces of that show but some of them, especially what I had felt and thought, I remember very well. I still remember Marie running and jumping on the stage.

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“Listen To Your Heart” 25 years old

25 years ago this week *, Roxette scored its second number one hit in the United States as “Listen To Your Heart” jumped into the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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Roxette in St Petersburg

ST PETERSBURG – Good day to all of you, Roxette Fans!

I have just come home from one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been to. Today Roxette had a gig in St Petersburg – and I can say that the band was in top shape! Gessle was confident and super active, and Marie was radiant.

But first things first!

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Roxette in Krasnodar

KRASNODAR – The hall was packed to the limit. We were about 5000 people I believe. The scene was very high and not prepared for the press since between the orchestra pit and the stage there was a column and which could have been removed easily.

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Roxette in Rostov-on-Don

ROSTOV-ON-DON November 14 there was a Roxette concert here in Rostov-on-Don! For me personally it was a great event; Rostov – my hometown!! I have waited for Roxette for 20 years!

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Roxette’s management on the ticket prices

There has been some uproar today regarding the pricing of concert tickets for the European leg of the Roxette tour. The following message reached us a few minutes ago from Roxette’s manager, Marie Dimberg.

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Meanwhile aboard the RoxJet

Since the tour grew to twice the size the other day, we contacted Per to see what he has to say about some of this and some of that. And Pelle.

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Roxette in Ekaterinburg

EKATERINBURG – First of all, the set list was full, not shortened as in Novosibirsk. You could clearly see, that all band members were very happy. The arena is large, the scene is high, so you get quite a good view. Per seemed like he wanted to stage dive. Marie and her voice was inimitable. […]

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Roxette takes Europe 2015

Roxette just announced an extension to their 30th anniversary tour with an additional 28 European gigs. The Daily Roxette has the list in its full glory. May 10, Italy – Milan Teatro Arcimboldi May 13, Spain – Madrid Palacio Vistalegre May 14, Spain – Barcelona Sant Jordi Club May 17, Romania – Bucharest Aranele Romane […]

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Roxette in Novosibirsk

NOVOSIBIRSK – I haven’t been to many Roxette concerts; this was the 5th one for me, and I think the most intimate one. I was a bit disappointed to know that at the last moment it was moved from Novosibirsk ExpoCenter, modern and big arena, to an old Soviet-era club Otdyh but it turned out […]

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TDR presents The XXX list

  For you who don’t do Spotify, here are the 100 tracks Per put together for his XXX pre-show mixed tape: Paul Revere & the Raiders – Kicks David Bowie – Let’s dance John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane Donkeyboy – Crazysomethingnormal Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee Betty Everett – The shoop shoop […]

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With the new Roxette tour just starting there is some confusion about the infamous hashtag to use when posting about it. We suggest the hashtag #roxxxette to be used everywhere, like Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter to name but a few.

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Back in the Wild East

VLADIVOSTOK – We’ve reached Per backstage after the opening show in Vladivostok, Russia. How was it being back on stage with Rox again? – Splendido. Felt like Mexico City 2012 was just two weeks ago. This band is tighter than Uncle Scrooge. So everything went as planned then? – A few hiccups with the lights […]

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Tour kicks off today – and the setlist is revealed!

VLADIVOSTOK – Today is the day!  Roxette’s 30th Anniversary World Tour kicks off today in the Russian town of Vladivostok.  The town is 9 hours ahead of CET which means that, at time of publishing this article, we have around two hours to wait until the first song is played? What will be the first […]

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