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  ★ Latest news

Roxette is currently on another world tour, called Roxette Live – The 30th Anniversay tour. The full tour is yet not known, but it started in Russia October 28, 2014 and went down to Australia in February 2015. More on our tour page. The tour continues in Europe in May. To support the tour, another Greatest Hits album is being released: Roxette XXX – The 30 Biggest Hits as well as a new version of the RoxBox.

There will be a new single released in April and an album “likely in October.”

  ★ Biography

Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson are Roxette. Roxette formed in Sweden in 1986 and broke thru world wide in March 1989 when the single “The Look” went to #1 in the US. Roxette had 4 US #1s and 2 #2s between 1989 and 1991; “The Look,” “Dangerous,” “Listen to Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love,”  “Joyride” and “Fading Like a Flower.” In 1994 things got bad between Roxette and their record company in the US, therefore there has been little to no Roxette in that part of the world since. The rest of the world has had the pleasure of more hits since though. In 2001 Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she fought and survived. Roxette was on a hiatus until 2009 when Marie came on stage with Per on his solo tour performance in Amsterdam, Holland. Since then they have been on a major world tour and released two albums; Charm School and Travelling.

  ★ Recent releases

Roxette released a special edition 7″ of The Look  in April 2014 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the hit. There was also a Blu-Ray/CD released named Roxette Live – Travelling the World  in December 2013. The latest studio album release was Travelling in 2012.


The Look (25th anniversary edition) (7″)

Travelling the World (BD)
  ★ Tours and concerts

Roxette is going on their extended 30th Anniversay Tour which will probably last to 2016. Find our more on our tour page.

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Roxette hits Bad Kissingen

Dear fellow Roxette fans, today while trying to escape the heat, I thought a lot about what to write in this review about Roxette’s visit to Bad Kissingen. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to find the right words.

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Per goes from Roxette to Gyllene in a heartbeat?

Today in 2013 Gyllene Tider started their monumental tour “GT2013 – Dags att tänka på refrängen.” 19 gigs all over Sweden which blew away the rest of that summer’s competition.

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“Two and three, no flash!”

The outcome of three Roxette concerts from a TDR photographer’s point of view. Then there are around 100 photos to look at thus it might take a second to load this page. We think it’s worth it, though.

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Roxette in Dresden 2015, photo by Kai-Uwe Heinze for The Daily RoxetteRoxette in Dresden 2015, photo by Kai-Uwe Heinze for The Daily Roxette

Roxette in Dresden, certainly a night to remember

Just 24 hours after an explosive show in Berlin Roxette has finally found its way to Dresden, Germany. It was the first time they played this town. They did this pretty well, as you can read here. Yet there are some points worth being mentioned.

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Roxette in Berlin, 2015Roxette in Berlin, 2015

Best Roxette concert in Berlin ever, and here’s why

Okay, when you’ve seen a band play a couple of times you think you’ve seen it all already. Good that even a Daily Roxette reporter can still be surprised.

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“Addeboy vs Cliff” to inject fresh blood!

As it has been hinted for many months now, Roxette have collaborated with some new producers for their upcoming studio album to be released before Christmas this year.

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Roxette in Warsaw 2015Roxette in Warsaw 2015

Warsaw 2015: The photos

Whenever The Daily Roxette attends a concert we try to capture the best moments in photos for you. This time we were in Warsaw, Poland, and now you find here not less than 42 huge pictures for your pleasure. Click = full-screen.

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Hearts for Roxette: Warsaw 2015Hearts for Roxette: Warsaw 2015

Hearts up, baby, hearts up: A heart shaped Warszaw(a)

Roxette in Warsaw is always something special but this time Polish fans made sure this evening will be remembered by the band, too.

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KappAhl partners with Roxette

Fashion today is about style and personality, about your look. The Look. Inspiration and trends can be found in many places.

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It must have been love (and it still is 25 years later)

It’s hard to believe that a song written as a modern day, intelligent Christmas carol, one that was collecting dust on a shelf, would go on to be one of the biggest hits of the 1990s from one of the most beloved movies of the same decade.

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Do you want to be part of the BIGGEST GLOBAL Roxette Fan Project ever?!

But of course, yes!

We want you to grab your smartphone/camera and film yourself, alone or with friends, while singing to “The Rox Medley”, in a location of your choice.

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© Jessica Varta© Jessica Varta

Good Reporter checking in from Antwerp

ANTWERP – Usually I write concerts experiences for myself and of course in my native tongue. But sometimes you have to do something different, right?

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Anton Corbijn at the Rox Show: Let the rumors begin!

BELGIUM – Speculation has already hit Roxette’s social media pages following an image that Per Gessle posted of internationally acclaimed photographer and director Anton Corbijn at last night’s Roxette show in Antwerp.

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Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 2015-11Roxette @ HMH Amsterdam 2015-11

Amsterdam: Dutch Paradise

AMSTERDAM – To put it in Per’s words as he posted on Facebook, yesterday evening another “Dutch Paradise” took place in an almost sold-out Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

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Good Reporter in Paris

PARIS – Roxette back in France 23 years later. In 1992, I was 12. Definitely too young to drive a car and go to see Roxette live at Le Zénith (I live in south of France, in Marseilles) for the join the joyride summer tour.

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Roxette in Prague, photo by ValeriaRoxette in Prague, photo by Valeria

Good reporter: Magic nights in Prague

PRAGUE – As you know, on FB, there is a platform for talking about tour plans, tickets, meetings etc. On this platform, a fan from Russia, Anya, has posted an idea about meeting the Rox fans before the Prague show. First we had this idea to meet in a pizzeria and have a chat together.. BUT….

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Roxette in Romania, photo by Christian D.Roxette in Romania, photo by Christian D.

Good Reporter: Roxette in Romania – Episode 3

BUCHAREST – We have been waiting many years for them and we were blessed with the third visit of Roxette in Romania.

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bcn IMG_0856 (05-15-15-12-24-50)bcn IMG_0856 (05-15-15-12-24-50)

Good Reporter reports in: Barcelona

BARCELONA – Enjoy a gallery from the Barcelona concert at the Sant Jordi Club the other night!

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TDR in Milan: Roxette gives a solid performance

MILAN – Roxette visited Italy for the first time in 26 years, and gave a very solid performance in an intimate setting before 2800 people in a Milan theater.

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Good Reporter reports in: Milan

MILAN – I clearly remember the big big surprise I got when I discovered Roxette would play in my country during the European leg of their XXX tour, I could not believe what I was reading!

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(c) Visa Kopu/The Daily Roxette(c) Visa Kopu/The Daily Roxette

Pics from Milan: Roxette back on stage!

ITALY – The Daily Roxette’s Visa Kopu was there at the launch of Roxette’s 2015 XXX European Tour and here are the photos fresh from Milan.

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C’mon join the joyride!

Satellite music service SiriusXM is Rox-ing out all weekend on its 90s on 9 channel.

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Hey mambo! Next stop: Italy!

Can you believe that Roxette have not performed live in Italy in nearly 26 years?

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Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.51.49 amScreen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.51.49 am

Brand new Roxette movie – The Roxette Diaries!

Jonas Åkerlund reunites with Roxette for a special TV project.

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