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The King of Sand at Tylösand

8 unplugged gigs become 10!

Christoffer in Anti-COVID-19 campaign

According to Swedish music magazine gaffa.se, Christoffer is now stepping onto the political stage with a new song.

Per’s secret master plan finally revealed

Have you ever wondered about album titles like Look Sharp!, Tourism, HAND or Travelling but somehow these songs never existed? Here is why!

Joyride the album 30 years

Roxette’s extremely successful album “Joyride” turns 30 years old today. We will share some thoughts about the album, what it meant to us. A review of the box will come this fall.

Micke Syd 60!

Micke Syd Andersson – born in Harplinge, today in 1961! The prankster of Gyllene Tider has finally matured. (Or has he?)

Gyllene Tider – Moderna Tider 40 year…

Yikes, what happened? I remember succumbing to the album, hating it from the beginning, but Sweden’s only radio station P3, and Sweden’s only TV channel played the album literally back to back all day long so what could you do?

Joyride 30 year anniversary!

Today is no ordinary day. No today it’s 30 years ago “Joyride” was released. And what a smash it was!

Trix in the Mix

At first I thought that there existed around 30, 40 remix versions of Roxette hits, but when I dove into my collection and Wikipedia I could find at least 100 different remixes of Roxette recordings.

Roxette’s drummer Pelle Alsing passed away…

Per Gunnar Alsing, known to us as Pelle, Roxette’s drummer for many years both in the studios and on tour, passed away yesterday.

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