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Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 3
The third installment of Per’s - or Roxette’s - Bag of Trix has landed.

Roxette – Piece of Cake, Stevo ponders (out…
Dear Roxette fans, You are hereby cordially invited to a crazy party hosted by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson to be held in an old abandoned disco hall.

Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 2
Well here it is, Volume 2 of this incredible project that Per Gessle has treated us with. We truly are lucky that someone like Per cares enough about the fans and the Roxette legacy that he’s rewarding us with a collection of intriguing recordings that most artists would never bother with.

Per Gessle – Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig…
This is Per’s 10th solo album. He’s really working on a totally different album, an English power-pop one. Then this terrible Corona pandemic showed up and stopped most everything.
Roxette Bag of Trix Vol. 1
Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 1
Here comes volume 1 of "Bag Of Trix" - the Roxette collection which presents a total of 47 unreleased or nowadays unavailable recordings: demos, alternative mixes and recordings, Spanish versions, bonus songs plus other fun stuff from the band's long and successful career 1986-2016.

Per Gessle – On top of Billboard
Only 18 people have ever, as the sole songwriter, had more than two No. 1 hits on Billboard's Hot 100 list.

Marie Dimberg receives the Swedish Government’s…
At a ceremony at the Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs, Marie Dimberg was awarded the Swedish Government’s Honorary award for a lifetime achievement of Music Export. 

Roxette – Let Your Heart Dance with Me…
A new Roxette single, in 2020! Times are indeed confusing. We at TDR are very happy of course.

Roxette to release new single: “Let Your…
2020 is not that bad after all!
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