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Pretty Woman 25 years old

Who would have thought that a movie originally called $3000 with has-been Richard Gere and would-possibly-never-be Julia Roberts would be remembered 25 years later?

Marie’s life turns into a book

Swedish morning paper DN reveals today that Marie Fredriksson’s life will turn into a biography written by author Helena von Zweigbergk.

Roxette rocked the pants off of Sydney

SYDNEY – There is really no other way of putting it. The Australian leg has been tremendous and The Daily Roxette would like to thank Daniel Rezmann for all the wonderful shots he has taken for us, and also to our many good reporters! And a big thanks to all our readers out there!

Farewell Australia (The Hunter Valley Show)

Closing time, closing time, thank you very much for coming, please make your way through the exits.

Roxette in Sydney: “Now THAT is a Rock…


Per meets TDR Feb 2015
Per meets TDR 2015 – Round 2 (Down Under)

SYDNEY – An exclusive one on one with Mr. Per Gessle!

A Night at the Opera (House)

SYDNEY – Does it get any better than this? Incredible! Roxette on the Steps of the Sydney Opera House!

Roxette at The Gong Show!

WOLLONGONG – Good things come in small packages.

A Day on the Green

YARRA VALLEY – Enjoy our gallery from A Day on the Green, photos taken by TDR reporter Daniel Rezmann.

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Happy B-day Dance Passion, 28 years old today!

Posted 2 days ago

#tbt Travelling was released today, in 2012. Roxette played Mexico City in 1991 and Cologne in 2001.

Posted 3 days ago

#tbt Marie Fredriksson singles!

Posted 3 days ago

Wow, look what we found! It’s not Thursday, but you may pretend it is!

Posted 5 days ago

Pretty good news! Let’s vote for a CDS as well.

It Must Have Been Love – Single by Roxette
Preview and download It Must Have Been Love – Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

Posted 6 days ago

#tbt It should be noted that TDR team member Thomas Evensson was born this very day 47 years ago. He might be a little biased when it comes to soft drinks, fictional movies, pop music, snow, weather in general, Sweden, camera brands, hamburgers, vegetables, and arms (to name just a few) but he’s a fine guy otherwise and you can be pretty sure The Daily Roxette and the cover of the En Händig Man På Turne DVD would look very different without him. Furthermore there’d be much more confusion over tracklists and releases at Per’s place. In short: Good to have him. Most of the time. Happy birthday, Thomas!

Posted 1 week ago

Another oldie subtitled for your pleasureGyllene Tider TV4 1995 – www.dailyroxette.comGyllene Tider release party at Penny Lane in Halmstad, 1995.

Posted 2 weeks ago

The RoxBox holds on to #15 in this week’s Aussie ARIA Album Charts! #roxxxette http://www.ariacharts.com.au/chart/albums

ARIA Australian Top 50 Albums | Australia’s Official Top 50 Albums – ARIA Charts
The ARIA Top 50 albums chart lists the highest selling Australian albums, updated weekly. Watch and listen to the highest selling artists in the country, or print the chart.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Marie’s biography out this fall.

Marie’s life turns into a book
Swedish morning paper DN reveals today that Marie Fredriksson’s life will turn into a biography written by author Helena von Zweigbergk. For a year and a half Helena has been at Marie’s house having coffee and talking to Marie. Helena has also been by Marie’s side during the Australia

Posted 2 weeks ago

The Life of Marie Fredriksson turns into a book! Another check on TDR’s want list! More on our site shortly,

Posted 2 weeks ago

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Marie Fredriksson during the TDR interview in Stockholm, Oct 2005. Photo by Thomas Evensson
Marie Fredriksson during the TDR interview in Stockholm, Oct 2005. Photo by Thomas Evensson

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IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE. It's only a quarter of a century since Pretty Woman came out! /P.

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Music video by Roxette performing It Must Have Been Love.

Guitar picks talk! /P.

Exclusive interview with the Man, the Myth, the Legend - ”I keep them proud and polished in my...
If anyone had told me in the past that one day I'd have the chance to do an interview with Per Gessle, I would have surely told them they were insane. But life proves, you should dream also those d...

No more sleepless nights over this! /P.

Which Way Should Toilet Paper Be Put On A Holder? Original 1891 Patent Solves The Mystery (Photos)
For what seems like an eternity, one debate has plagued families, couples, friends and turned them into enemie...

New interview with #PerGessle about #Roxette and being boring ;) on Mixtopia website. First you'll see the Romanian version, but you can scroll down for the English version. /PP http://www.mixtopia.ro/interviuri/speciale/de-vorba-cu-roxette-despre-30-de-ani-de-cariera-de-succes-fara-scandal Mixtopia: "How do you manage to still find the energy and enthusiasm to go on stage and give live shows? Is this as exciting as back in the day?" Roxette: "Yes, it’s even more fun nowadays. When you’re getting older and get more experience you tend to relax a bit more and enjoy yourself all the way. You don’t have to “prove“ anything anymore. To yourself or to anyone else for that matter. We’re not touring to promote any new album or to cash in, we’re touring because we are musicians and love to perform and play music. I thought Roxette was history when Marie got ill in 2002 so I’m extremely happy that we’re doing this. Our band is truly amazing and it’s so rewarding to still have an audience who’s interested in what we do. It’s something you should never take for granted." P.S.: Per, your last concert in Romania was in Cluj, 2012 btw. ;) Thanx for finding it, Corina Leșu!

Beautiful video. /P.

Roxette - No one Makes it on Her Own [Official Music Video]

Music video by Roxette performing No one Makes it on Her Own. (P) 2011 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Roxette Recordings under exclu...

SATURDAY UPDATE. Just ordered new guitar picks for the European tour. Luvvely. /P.

Nice. The XXX album is doing great everywhere! Thanx for listening! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.

Foto's van Roxette
Greetings from Germany !

Happy B-day Dance Passion, 28 years old today!

So many picks, so little time. /P.

SANDRA KNOSPE & RoxetteBlog are extremely proud and happy to present the PLECtionary! In this ”encyclopedia” you can find all the plecs – except those few ones Sandra is missing – which are rel...

All goodies! /P.

PLECtionary update – the latest Gessle picks AIR HAIR!
The last time the PLECtionary got updated was eXXXactly 3 months ago today. Let's celebrate it with adding some more picks to it! Since the 2014 picks weren't really used (check in the PLECtionary,...

The cozy Friday clip! Enjoy. /P.

Roxette - Sleeping In My Car

Music video by Roxette performing Sleeping In My Car.

Fredagsmys! /P.

Gyllene Tider- GT 25 Live - (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän

Gyllene Tider Live på Ullevi 2004 Gyllene Tider på Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gyllenetiderofficial

New #Roxette XXX tour promo video by Live Nation including live cuts from the tour so far! /PP Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xlIV3as78A Jelling Music Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NjZ8xXmEq4 Stills are from the video.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Just packed my bag and went to the a.i.r.p.o.r.t. /P.

Roxette - Dangerous

Music video by Roxette performing Dangerous.

It Must Have Been Love has been added to Topsify's Greatest Hits playlist! Listen now by clicking here... https://open.spotify.com/user/topsify/playlist/3Nxv0V4YqRFTnmLyuKFKJk

/Team Roxette

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#tbt Travelling was released today, in 2012. Roxette played Mexico City in 1991 and Cologne in 2001.

#tbt Marie Fredriksson singles!

THURSDAY UPDATE: Studio. Of course. Vocals with Marie today. Yea! The upcoming album will be awesome! /P.

Vi krockade 1981! /P.

Stunning! /P.

Gyllene Tider - Teaser Japanese (video, 1983)

Directed by Rickard Petrelius 1983. For more info: www.gyllenetider.com