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Joyride 30 year anniversary!
Today is no ordinary day. No today it's 30 years ago "Joyride" was released. And what a smash it was!

Trix in the Mix
At first I thought that there existed around 30, 40 remix versions of Roxette hits, but when I dove into my collection and Wikipedia I could find at least 100 different remixes of Roxette recordings.

Roxette’s drummer Pelle Alsing passed away…
Per Gunnar Alsing, known to us as Pelle, Roxette's drummer for many years both in the studios and on tour, passed away yesterday.

A quick Trix 2 update
Thanks for all the comments on the article.  It’s been really interesting to read all of them.

Bag of Trix – Part 2 – Volumes 5 – 8…
Now that the Bag of Trix is finally out in the world, it’s made me think about how lucky we are as fans, in the respect that Per is just as big of a geek as we all are when it comes to loving demos, alternative and live recordings, remixes and outtakes.  

Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 4
This is the end, or is it? The final installment of the fine Bag of Trix. Today the boxes are released.

Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 3
The third installment of Per’s - or Roxette’s - Bag of Trix has landed.

Roxette – Piece of Cake, Stevo ponders (out…
Dear Roxette fans, You are hereby cordially invited to a crazy party hosted by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson to be held in an old abandoned disco hall.

Roxette – Bag of Trix – volume 2
Well here it is, Volume 2 of this incredible project that Per Gessle has treated us with. We truly are lucky that someone like Per cares enough about the fans and the Roxette legacy that he’s rewarding us with a collection of intriguing recordings that most artists would never bother with.
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