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Hux Flux tour 2023, Helsingborg Sofiero: Walking in a summer rain

Third stop on this tour, this time in a wonderfully managed garden with a castle near the sea.

Sofiero is a very nice park, famous for its rhodendron collection. You can walk in the park for hours, you can see Denmark from here. And now Gyllene Tider played here again. They’ve done this a couple of times before so there’s a certain routine in it now. Third show for this tour. No surprises. The Chrissie setlist was played. Yes, these reports are getting shorter, haha. The show was great as always, it seems everyone got a bit more relaxed on stage by now. There was more stuff going on this time again, a pleasure to watch!

There was just one concern before the concert: Would that rain stop? It had been drizzling and pouring half the day. Which is amazing as TDR’s Thomas who is infamous for bringing bad weather to the west coast was sitting safe and sound at his home. Anyway, just half an hour before GT entered the stage, the clouds opened up and the rain ended. What a nice thing.

Let’s make it short, we know you’re not here for the text anyway. Here are the photos from Helsingborg. These are not all. More will pop up here and there. Gotta catch some sun now. Enjoy!


Pics by K


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July 11th, 2023

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