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Hux Flux tour 2023, Linköping: Send a postcard, darling

Oh, Linköping was great again! Looks like the show has found its track and gets better and better. However they do it!

So, yes, it’s actually getting harder and harder to write something new and refreshing about each show of the HUX FLUX tour. The setlist has stayed the same for the last few gigs, of course there is still hope that Sanna mina ord or even Chans are getting played at some point. Or if this isn’t possible, play Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig twice, I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of this song. And yes, there was an incident in the audience that caused the show to be stopped for 2 minutes and both band and officials handed it beautifully. But apart from this, it’s just pure joy to see the show having gotten in shape and making its way through the country now. It’s just beautiful now.

There is just something I would really like to point out. The girls. You know, the background singers, Dea Norberg and Malin-My Wall. We know both of them from the last GT tour as well as from various other tours with Per and Roxette. Dea is a very, very experienced background singer, has worked with several international artists, had been singing backing vocals for the Eurovision Song Contest for many years and has played in musicals, even in the USA. She has the ability to keep the band together even from the last row. Unforgotten how she always supported Marie on stage when she didn’t feel good. Every move she does is precise, every note she sings is perfect. Also, did you know that she had recorded her own songs? And then there is Malin-My, she is THE surprise of the tour. Usually, she stands behind the mic with Dea, swings her arms, legs and hips and for a song or two she may come to the front of the stage playing her violin or accordion which is usually a highlight of the show. But did you notice how professionally she moves now? I mean, this is a huge step up compared to the last show. At times, she even steals Dea the show and this is really tough to achieve. Is there some magic going on? Did she drink a sip from Per’s secret stage brew in the black bottle? Or is it much easier and Dea showed her a few techniques? Anyway, next time you see the tour, keep your eyes on the left and enjoy the show inside the show. Marvellous.

Next stop will be Eskilstuna. No break today. Yeah!


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July 15th, 2023

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