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Hux Flux tour 2023, Malmö: Billy

Gyllene Tider in the city that played a small role in one of their most iconic songs: Boy, do you know what this is all about?

First things first: The setlist has not changed. Although we (T and K) in our mobile TDR office would prefer to have Sanna mina ord added to the list. Well, now we said it out loud, let’s see what happens. I’m sure if we asked Per why this song hasn’t made it yet, he will say it’s too similar to some other song. Sir? We don’t care! Give it a try. Thanks! 🙂

Well, Malmö. One of the three big cities in Sweden, it has some very nice places by the sea, modern architecture and a small historical part. Many artists live here, Copenhagen is not far, Berlin isn’t either, all these cities are some sort of triangle for the local art scene. Concerts in cities have a different atmosphere than those on the countryside. When you arrive, you have made it through the city djungle. The people who live here are less relaxed than small town people. But they know how to party. Really, there is a completely different energy in the air when you compare the audience in Malmö to let’s say Kalmar (no offense). Mölleplatsen is situated somewhere in the middle between the old city center and the sea, next to Malmöhus, the ancient castle. At the corner of Mölleplatsen, there is an old wooden windmill, hence the name of the location. If you arrive early, you can stroll through a park on the backside or just walk to the water. Yes, right, you’re here for the concert and not the tourist attractions…

So, the part that happened on stage gets tighter and tighter. There’s more action going on, I cannot really put my finger on it what it is but I think the girls are moving across the stage more often. Also Per is doing a splendid job entertaining the masses, it seems the acoustic tour has left some good memories. The audience of course is happy to have their money invested wisely so whenever possible, arms are raised in the air, some even brought small flashlights. When Sommartider came on, a lot of phones were held up, I wonder how the people can record and dance at the same time. Just one thing to notice is how calm and relaxed the guards on site are. Very professional. 

So believe it or not, the whole set takes two hours. I mean, come on, the gentlemen on stage are not 20 anymore and can you imagine hitting the drums or holding a guitar for such a long time, plus playing more than 20 songs correctly in front of some 10,000 people. Every other night! This deserves some respect!

Oh, the weather… It had rained most of the day, very badly even. Still half an hour before the show started, there were heavy clouds hanging over the venue but at least the GT show stayed dry. A cool thing happened when the sunset put a pink shine on one of the big clouds visible behind the stage. You could only see it from further away, or if you watch the photo gallery under the article. Oh, and since we know that many of the hardcore fans read here and they like to watch the concert from one of the front rows, here’s a service presented by TDR: This time, we included more photos of the whole scenery from the rear of the audience area so you get an impression of what the stage really looks like when lit up. Enjoy! By the way, the sound is excellent even far away from the stage. If you’re going to more than let’s say three shows, really give it a try to watch one show from a different angle one time. It’s worth it.

Next stop will be Linköping. 


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July 14th, 2023

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