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2001. Discussing lunch! /P.

The truth! /.

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BEHIND MONO MIND - in the midst of all the Gyllene hoopla we go on with the stories from Dr. Robotnik. LALALOVE (L’Amour) Helena can have this very fragile tone in her voice which is extremely attractive and, to me, very French. When I heard her sing LaLaLove it reminded me of those wonderful Francoise Hardy and France Gall recordings from the ‘60s. Knowing that Helena’s husband, Martin, speaks French fluently I asked him if he could translate the second verse into French and he did. It’s funny how a song transforms when it’s sung in different languages. #behindmonomind

A nice one! /P.

? Wish I Could Fly ? was released as a single today 20 years ago! ✌ /PP Stills are from the official video:

GYLLENE TIDER FAREWELL TOUR UPDATE!! NEW BALLS! NEW DATES! 31/7 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen 2/8 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott. Tcts at + See ya there! /P.

Dear friends. If you're feelin' groovy an' wanna buy tcts to the Gyllene Tider Farewell Tour this summer DON'T BUY ANYWHERE ELSE but at or at I've noticed there are already weird companies trying to rip you off demanding too much money for the tcts. Stay safe and sound, folks! /P. PS. Tcts go on sale Feb 5 at 9 am. Welcome!

The Last Hurrah for Gyllene Tider! A Farewell Tour and new album complete 40 years with the Power Pop Kings of Sweden. Tickets are released on February 5, through Live Nation Sweden:

Great stuff from 1989! /P.

Roxette Hamburg 1989 About the LS tour

Amazing! /P.

Check out what kind of flashmob an Argentinian pop & rock choir can do in the subway! ? Does it sound just a little bit Dangerous? ? Love it! ✌ /PP Check the video HERE ➡ Stills are from the official video to Dangerous and the flashmob instavideo of Coral Gloriana.

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BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. TELL HIM I SAID HI! The first recording of THISH was sung entirely by Dr. Robot and was called “Tell Her I Said Hi!”. It sounded fab. The sound of Dr. Robot’s voice on the verses on this one is truly amazing. It’s my favorite Dr. Robot-sound together with “Marvingate” and “Down by the Riverside.” However, when I suddenly had lots of Mono Mind-tracks piled up I felt I needed a little bit more “flesh and blood” when it came to the voices so I re-wrote it and re-recorded it and had Cooky join the party and sing on the choruses. I love this one and I especially adore Clarence’s hypnotic piano part in the middle. #behindmonomind

The truth. /P.

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BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. We have talked with Per regarding his new baby Mono Mind, and even though there are "no backstories to the new songs" it seems Per did have a few notes and tidbits he could share with us, and you! We have five of these nice stories. Here's the first: IN CONTROL This was the first song we recorded for the Mono Mind-project. At the time I didn’t have the Mono Mind name, the project was called “Honesty Jam” since the guideline was to follow ONLY my gut feeling and instincts (“honesty”) and mash ideas together with other people and collaborators (“jam”). Basically I just wanted to enjoy myself and screw around with my voice and my songs and see what happened. A little bit off-the-wall like the Son of a Plumber-project but, of course, totally different style-wise. The lyrics are actually a poem I wrote in 2013. The music was written on an acoustic guitar just like so many other songs I’ve done. The line “just leave it neat and tidy, no fake, no confusion, no cracks, no beginning, no end” was at one point the album-title since it was used in several songs. I placed it here and there then took it away. Now it’s only “In Control” and “Marvingate” that include it. I think. #behindmonomind

Thx RoxBlog for translating. /P.

Per Gessle about Mono Mind on Musikplats Stockholm - RoxetteBlog

After Per Gessle got back from the US to Sweden this week, Fredrik Eliasson from Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm immediately did an interview with him to be broadcast yesterday on Musikplats Stockholm. Listen to it HERE! The interview was about Mono Mind and before it was on air, they played I Found My S...

Tuff choice! /P.

C'est vrai, je t'aime! Oh, comme je t'aime! Are you feeling ENGLISH or FRENCH today?

Per Gessle is a guest and talks about Mono Mind on Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm on Musikplats with Fredrik Eliasson. Listen now! ;) /PP Listen here: Pic from Fredrik's insta:

Throwback 1991: At the BMI Awards in L.A. with the B-52's + Jane Child. Badabam! /P.

In the middle of all Mono Mind buzz and info there is always space for some vintage Rox! How about this one, folks? /P.

Roxette - The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Official Video)

Music video by Roxette performing The Centre Of The Heart.

The CRAZY SMART SILLY lyrics to all the Mono Mind songs can be found here. Or in the CD-booklet. Or on the vinyl double album innersleeves. Sing along with The Doc + Cookie if you dare! /Dr R


”LaLaLove” We loved to drive a million miles A fastback car and you and I You craved the speed, I don’t know why Some simple need to feel alive   Every heart is a weaver Of dreams …

Hey you! Thanks for all the ultra positive vibe buzzing-a-la-plenty around the Mono Mind-album. Happy to see so many of you have found your own personal favourite song. I'm really proud of this album, been working very focused on it for a very long time. And, holy moly, there's more to come! You wouldn't expect anything else, would you? Have a fab weekend, y'all! /Dr R.

Can’t get enough of Mono Mind? ???? ‘Mind Control’ double vinyl will be released next month, featuring the bonus tracks ’Have Another Go’ and ‘Shelter From The Storm’. Keep on checking this space for more info! In the meantime, listen to the brand new album on all digital platforms:

Have you seen this lyric video for Mono Mind's 'I Found My Soul At Marvingate'? ?? Check it out and sing along - because it's Friday!???

Which is your favorite song right now from Mono Mind's new album 'Mind Control'??? Tip: watch the video for 'Save Me A Place', while thinking about your top tracks ??

Mono Mind - Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix) (Official Music Video)

Available now: © ℗ 2017 BMG Rights Management GmbH

? What is life you ask ? Looking through the window ? You kick it in you pack it up ? But you're in control ? Life lies between your thighs ? And your silver jeans ? Part of the lyrics of the very first song written by Per Gessle especially for Mono Mind. ? Hopefully, all lyrics will be uploaded to ehm… soon! :D Have you ordered your physical copies yet? CD is already out (at some selling points in Europe; it’s 15th Feb in the US), vinyl is out on 15th February. ✌ /PP Order your copies here: - Bengans: - Ginza: - CDON: - or check your local supplier! ;)

English summary of the Per Gessle interview on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon last Saturday. ? /PP


Per Gessle presents Mono Mind - Q&A Part 5

Per Gessle presents Mono Mind - Q&A Part 5

Short interview with Per in Iltalehti (Finnish newspaper) by journalist (and long-time fan) Mari Pudas on Mr. G's 60th birthday. Among other things Per said "it's quite typical that older people want things to be as they were before. It's so simple. But I like the fact that things are changing." Mari asked Per what his advice to 15-year-old Per Gessle would be. Per said: "I would tell him to close his eyes and go. Things will turn out fine." /PP Practice your Finnish and read the interview here:

No. 1 in Sweden on iTunes! ? It's climbing in other countries too! ✌ Tjoho! Happy birthday, Per Gessle, happy release day, Mono Mind! ? /PP Source:

Amazing work by RoxBlog! Thank You!! /P.

60 milestones in Per Gessle’s life - RoxetteBlog

Maybe I shouldn’t have been looking at the cover of Look Sharp! for so long the other day. But looking at it brought me the idea to create a special edition newspaPER for pop nerd, legend, genius Per Gessle’s 60th birthday today. My intention was to collect some milestones in Per’s life… in ...

Nice choice, you Dailies! Thanx for fascinating reading the last two months! Cheers, P.

Doesn’t Make Sense

Per's 60 for 60. This is finally #1 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle's career.

? Mono Mind's 'Mind Control' OUT NOW ? Listen, share, and listen again! ??❤️?

Mono Mind coming out of the closet. /P.

Mono Mind interview with Per Gessle à la RoxetteBlog - RoxetteBlog

Together with the Mono Mind press release 2 days ago, there was the opportunity to ask 5 questions from Per about his latest project. 5 might be even too many for most journalists, but too few for a fan who already has more than 30 in her mind. Fortunately, some of my relevant questions were ... Rea...

Nice one! Cheers, P.

Mono Mind - Mind Control - the review

Well then there now, Per Gessle is behind Mono Mind?? Now that’s mind blowing. Who woulda thunk? Per, Christoffer, Clarence and Helena - Dr. Robot, Bright Jones, Rain Davis and Cooky Carter!

Per Gessle presents Mono Mind - Q&A Part 3

Per Gessle presents Mono Mind - Q&A Part 3