SAAB Arena was conquered

LINKÖPING – It was a cold, dark and dreary night, outside. Inside was a totally different melody! Inside the SAAB Arena there was this little pop orchestra setting up shop.

In short: it was a splendid night! It started with a meet and greet with the singer of the band. The Daily Roxette had 10 spots with tickets and reserved seats for 10 hungry fans! Nine showed up, which was a pity since there were more eager to join. Nevertheless, they were very happy. Per chatted a bit with each and every one of them, signed stuff and then took a photo together with them. A precious moment to them all, it seemed. Per was his usual “funny” self and told the photographer (me) to take a step back for the photo, well knowing there was a glass wall behind me… He smiled widely.

The concert itself then? Better and better. The band must have eaten barbed wire for breakfast! Per was on his toes as usual. In the “I am the ’90s” banter, Magnus got lost with his joke so it ended up nowhere. That in itself was rather funny to see. Andreas laughed hard behind his drums, and Per just frowned. In fact, the whole banter was (of course) built on the same premises, but still took other directions than it normally does. I find it nice that the script isn’t totally locked. This time around it wasn’t just Chris who played the guitar until his fingers bled. Per posted a photo on Facebook of his own acoustic guitar all icky with blood.

This time around, the audience was on it’s feet within seconds of “The Look” and it remained standing for the full concert. In fact, people were rather annoyed to see chairs on the floor, since that hindered them from dancing around. What bothered me again was the low volume level. I know it’s a Swedish thing, still it annoys me. You don’t get that concert feeling somehow, it’s more like watching-the-DVD-in-your-living-room kind of thing.

There were around 2,300 tickets sold. Best song was “Doesn’t Make Sense,” which grows exponentially every night. Other songs that worked really well were “Opportunity Nox” and “The Big L” but really all of the songs were smashing. Helena had another good night, and seemed very happy. She has really warmed up in her role as the lead singer. Even Clarence let a smile off. Of course Chris also teased the audience with a few licks from “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta” which they actually should have played. A little improvisation never hurt anyone, right Per? Tonight the band will rock Helsinki, Finland. The Daily Roxette will obviously be there, will you?

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November 12th, 2018

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