Per Gessle’s “60 for 60” #per60

It’s Per’s 60th birthday soon so we came up with a most splendid idea. You’ll love this. Again!

You will certainly remember our #marie60 campaign on our Facebook site half a year ago when we played Marie’s songs for you. Now it’s time to do exactly the same for Per as he too will turn 60 next year and we are starting the countdown for that tomorrow. You know what this means: One song per day, along with a story to the song for the next two months. 

So what we did here again was to collect all of Per’s songs available on Spotify (and more!), including all his solo albums, The Per Gessle Archives, Son of a Plumber, Lonely Boys and all the singles thereof. This made for a playlist of about 325 fine songs. Each of us (and we mean that) then gave points to each song: 1 for “okay”, 100 for “great”. In the end and after having listened to all these songs again we had a list of songs that we liked the most. Sure, some of us liked other songs than others. Tastes differ. There were songs that really got both devastating and enchanting votes at the same time. And there were songs we all could agree on that they should be played more. And this is what we are going to do from tomorrow on.

Tomorrow, we’ll start our very personal music countdown only consisting of Per’s best songs. Every day you will find another song in your Facebook stream. We begin with what we consider the 60th-best song of them and go through them day by day until we present you TDR’s absolute favourite song, the #1 so to speak, exactly on Per’s birthday on Jan 12. This will also be the day when we will publish all the songs as a Spotify playlist for you to listen and recap. So please follow us on our journey through Per’s career, feel free to share with us your thoughts and memories, we are looking forward to them. #per60

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November 13th, 2018

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