RoXXXette on the Road – the exhibit

HALMSTAD – Tonight the exhibit RoXXXette on the Road opened at Per Gessle’s hotel in Halmstad – Hotel Tylösand.

_MG_5651Anders Roos has followed Roxette around on their XXX tour shooting them in every angle you can imagine. TDR reviewed his book last week. In the limited version (300 copies) of the book you got one out of 15 signed enlargement enclosed. These 15 photos were on display at Hotel Tylösand in either 50×70 cm or 70×100 cm, and they are for sale. The smaller version is 6000 SEK and the bigger 10500 SEK, framed. If you’d like them without the frame they’re 1000 SEK less. Also notable is that if you are from outside of Sweden you get the VAT deducted and that means another 1000 off.

The exhibit was very pleasant, with champagne and snacks. Anders was there, TDR talked to him briefly and he was in very good spirits. Mick Rock, another famous rock photographer also opened his exhibit on David Bowie and a few others like Joan Jett today. The two exhibits were at two different ends of the hotel and in between them were the nightclub Leif’s Lounge where all the snacks were located. The plan was to move from the Mick Rock exhibit to the Anders Roos exhibit, but most of the patrons got stuck at the snack table so from what TDR could see, not too many got to see the very nice Roxette photos. They will however be there until the last of August, so if you happen to drop by Halmstad, by all means go see it.

TDR also got to share a few words with Per who also was very upbeat about the two exhibits. It was busy night for him so after letting us know that he lost another game of paddle ball and hurt his back he went in to talk to Mick Rock.


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July 2nd, 2016

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