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Roxette + summer + new single = Some Other Summer

Earlier this month Roxette reclaimed the world’s airwaves and music charts with the release of their tenth album ”Good Karma” and the first single ”It Just Happens”. Now it’s time for their new single ”Some Other Summer” to bring a smile upon everyone’s faces.

The Swedish super duo has spoiled their global ”Roxer” fans and millions of radio listeners with highly seducing and infectious pop melodies since their debut with the summer single ”Neverending Love” almost to the day 30 years ago—and ”Some Other Summer” most certainly promises to continue that tradition.


One listen and you’re stuck with the song. And while the chorus spins in the back of your mind, wait for images of soft nights, hot beaches and lazy days to pass you by. It’s the classic sound of summer, plain and simple.


But for Per Gessle the song is not a result of classic song-writing. Instead, ”Some Other Summer” forced him to completely rethink his writing skills and try something new.


– As a songwriter I’m totally influenced by the 60’s pop tradition where a song consists of different parts like verse, bridge and chorus—with different chords in the different parts. But with today’s pop writing style it’s more common to use the same chords throughout the song, and instead just change the melody as you go along.


– I took it as a fun challenge to see if I could write a song with the same four chords repeated over and over, and still make it interesting. And the result was ”Some Other Summer”, which incidentally set the tone for the whole album since it was the first song we recorded for “Good Karma”. Not bad for a rookie, Per Gessle smiles.


”Some Other Summer” will also be released in four remix versions by Didrick, Alexander Brown, Patrick Jordan & TRXD. Since its release on June 3, the ”Good Karma” album has been Top 10 in seven countries.



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June 24th, 2016

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