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Roxette return with their best music video in over 15 years!



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The video to “It Just Happens” has just launched and without doubt, this is hands down, the very best Roxette music video we have seen in a long time.

Not since the 2001 Room Service days, have we seen an extremely high quality video such as this one. “It Just Happens”, directed by Tobias Nordquist, inter-cuts between Marie and Per performing the song and a narrative that tells the tale of four separate but interlinked love stories.

Let’s take a closer look – firstly, Marie and Per look stunning in the video. The pair are well lit, their outfits are perfect, the make up team have delivered a classy look for the pair, the location is smart, warm and inviting and above all, the intensity in Marie’s performance is “vintage Roxette”. In fact, Marie’s delivery in this video is reminiscent of her intensity in previous videos such as “You Don’t Understand Me” or “It Must Have Been Love”.

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For a first time collaboration between Roxette and Tobias Nordquist – the end result is simply stunning. The cinematography is crisp, the art direction is perfectly matched to the tone of the music and the beautiful, slow paced tracking shots add to the drama of the story and the song.

In terms of the narrative element, the charming video tells the story of four individual but interlinked love stories. Starting at a small flower shop, the evolving tale of love then proceeds to a nearby school where we meet a young boy who coyly gives a girl a hand made love letter complete with a love heart on it. The story then follows the young pair’s school teacher, before we meet an elderly gentleman reunited with his family before the video comes full circle and ends on a very romantic proposal!

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The evolving and universal theme of love transcends right through and with Marie and Per doing a great job as narrators, the audience is left with a warm feeling of nostalgia and a sense of sentimentality, both as a response to the love stories and to finally seeing a glossy and classy looking Roxette performing in a stylized music video once again! It’s been a while.

Naturally, one would expect a dedicated Roxette news site to be positive and full of praise when it comes to all things Roxette but we here at The Daily Roxette can be a discerning bunch and a hard crowd to please – but anyone that complains about this meticulously detailed and wonderfully presented video has rocks in their heads… just sayin’.

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May 18th, 2016

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