Roxette in Romania, photo by Christian D.

Good Reporter: Roxette in Romania – Episode 3

BUCHAREST – We have been waiting many years for them and we were blessed with the third visit of Roxette in Romania.

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2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Romania – Bucharest Aranele Romane

A hot Sunday welcomed the band in Bucharest and the guys walked the city at noon, getting the pulse, cheering up and posting a lot of their activity on the social networks. At 7 PM the gates of the old Roman Arena opened and crowds started to get in, for the concert set to begin at 9 PM. It was still a nice blue sky and nobody was thinking about how things were going to evolve. Around 8 PM however hell unleashed above the city with a massive thunderstorm, hail included. Since it was an open air arena people were desperate to find a place out of the storm, but there were not many options. For a second we thought the concert might be cancelled, but in the end we were lucky enough the heavy rain only last for around one hour. Just after the rain, all the Roxette t-shirt memorabilia registered a sale hit, as a lot wanted to change their wet clothing with some dry outfit. Concert started around 21.45 and yes, not many left, since the arena was still (wet) packed. With their white royal suits both Per and Marie are welcomed by the hardened crowd and hit after hit, the concert develops nicely. The band sounds great, must say I guess this was the best of the three concerts we had in Romania. Per is a rocket, the great leader and a monument of energy. He’s provoking Magnus to confess which is his all time favorite album and the last jokes about some unreleased album immediately driving the fans crazy. The setlist is like a rollercoaster: it takes your pulse to 180 for a 2-3 songs, then chills with some of the power ballads. Then up again and so on for the rest of the evening, around all their famous choruses. Everything is perfectly balanced for a 30-year anniversary tour. Impressive the piano-only performance of Marie on the Watercolours in the Rain (great coincidence) / Paint joint songs, it still looks pretty easy for her to tear off emotion from the audience hearts. She’s a great fighter with a unique voice. Christoffer did it again, his personal national-approach guitar intermezzo has driven mad the crowds with Andrii Popa, one of the most known folk Romanian songs. All in all we had the pleasure of a great performance, excellent sound, a happy band and a promise that we will see them back soon!

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May 18th, 2015

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