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Good reporter: Magic nights in Prague

PRAGUE – As you know, on FB, there is a platform for talking about tour plans, tickets, meetings etc. On this platform, a fan from Russia, Anya, has posted an idea about meeting the Rox fans before the Prague show. First we had this idea to meet in a pizzeria and have a chat together.. BUT….

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Out with the Rox-gang here in Prague, we are used to visit and enjoy the shows of the ROXETTE REVIVAL THE ROCKSET and at their show last Thursday, we had a chat with the very Marie-similar singer Zuza Nová, about the program when Rox are in Prague – they could not see the concert, because they have a festival in England where they were to participate. But we came to a different idea – because she told me, they would make a “general rehearsal” for the English show at the Prague Hardrock Café on the evening before the Rox concert. So I had this – maybe a bit crazy – idea; let’s join the fanclub meeting and this revival concert together! Already before their show started, I put this idea on the FB group site and everyone seemed to like the idea, so we booked some space at the Hardrock Café – there were about 20-25 of us, and posted the information on the FB. And yes, we all met there!

It was really a great evening – well, for Rox fans, it was really a big surprise, how close to the reality they can get, because on the stage, they both look and sing very similar to our admired originals – and they presented some surprises, such as live versions of “June Afternoon,” “Way Out” or “Fireworks” towards the end. And the video of that, shot by the legendary German fan in the first line Sandra Knospe, was also posted by Per on the Rox FB with a comment “Sounds good!”

Well, the evening turned out to be really a great way to meet the faces you only known from FB in person and at the end, the Czech versions of Marie and Per (Zuza and Ondra) came to say hello to the international bunch of fans – gathered from Russia to Germany, from Poland to Austria,.. and a funny thing happened – “Marie-fans” joined Zuza directly, meanwhile “Per-fans” gathered around Ondra 🙂 It was a nice chat, photo shoots and of course, at the end a photo together, well, some had to leave earlier, but most of us were there. We all had great fun and left the Hardrock Café after dancing and clapping hands full of expectation for the following day.

Roxette fans at Hard Rock Café in Prague, photo by Lenka Kohoutov

Already before the evening began, Per posted that they landed in Prague, some of the fans were also at the airport, some at the hotel, some even had the luck to meet them in the city the day after! And then the DAY was here, we were all counting months and weeks until we also can see them.. and now they were here! I didn’t have big plans for the day, so we first met up with traveling fans from the whole country for a coffee before, realizing, we are getting a bit different (older and more comfortable maybe?), no standing in the line from the morning hours for us anymore. Meanwhile the international fans kept to their traditions and got the best, of course well deserved places. We went to the arena approx at 6 o’clock, still meeting new fans we haven’t seen for a long time – it was really nice to meet them all again! Before the concert, yes, we had to pass the crazy controls, such as at the airport, scanning the bags, handbags, etc, checking us to the bone – I hate that – but at this arena, they are simply crazy! Even worse, as I heard was the broken scanners for those getting to the stage – unbelievable!! I even heard, they just did not care at all! Well, again, we see why the security at the arena is not a favorite one…. But now we were there, first exploring the Rox merchandise, leaving a lot of money there, where, there are things you can’t be without, right? A great surprise was the available English version of Per’s book! But compared to Czech salaries, the rates were rather extremely high… as usual.

And after a long waiting, after the starting band Eskobar, which sometimes tried to sound like Gyllene Tider or PG solo, but could not really catch us – we got to the moment when the lights turned down and Marie was lead to the stage – the applause could lift the roof of the O2 arena easily in this moment, wow! Then Per and all of the others were on the spots and the fully sold out arena – 16.200 persons as far as we know – cheered and welcomed the first song “Sleeping in My Car.” Wow!! What a crowd!!! The following one was “The Big L.” – my magic moment, since this song has always been my Rox No.1!! And also the reason for me becoming a Roxer back in 1991! The arena was simply cooking, running wild, singing the choruses, we also registered Åsa with her iPhone, shooting the famous FB videos, well, yes, we were also there. Great, great fun! We are all a bit older than 30, but in this moment, we felt like 16 again!! The concert was just getting more and more magic, there was so much affection, love and admiring towards Marie and of course Per too, and for Marie especially, you could almost feel it when she started to sing “Watercolours/Paint” with Dea… overwhelming, touching, all feelings at the same time… I’m sure, also Sandra, the legend among the fans, had feelings like that – while Per mentioned her birthday before starting to play “Crush on You”! Wow!!! Before “Joyride,” Christopher, the guitar professor, did his job again, playing a weird version of a Czech children’s song about a blue-eyed girl – “Holka modrooka,” it was so funny, we were all singing together, laughing all the time! Of course, during “Joyride,” the prepared balloons flew about the crowd, we could never miss this and Per had also great fun! Obviously, he was so happy, so funny, so lively and running on the stage, I’m sure he enjoyed every single moment – and the sold out arena responded to all of his jokes and ideas! Before the extras, we could not sit anymore – we had seats but we were still very close to the stage – but then, we were just jumping, dancing, really great and at the end, the whole arena gave Rox standing ovations – more than deserved! A big surprise was for all of us when they started to play “Almost Unreal” right after the break for the extras – wow!! We are happy to have this song back on the playlist! The concert ended with “Listen to Your Heart” and “The Look” – which was simply unbelievable!!! The arena was set on fire!! And Marie got up from the chair at the end, the applause was even louder, so they even had to stop once more to wave to the wild crowd, before they left the stage.

The concert was more than you can dream of! I saw a number of different Rox and related – GT, PG, MF shows, but this one, with the atmosphere, the feelings, the magic – was the top one!! After the concert, some fans gathered again, to continue to a disco in a suitable style – Café ’80s, meanwhile some stayed and the arena and were too tired to go there, no wonder after the long standing and waiting – but it was still worth it – when we came, the DJ already knew, there was a bunch of Roxers there, so the playlist was also quite nicely filled with Rox and we were dancing until 3 am, having great fun together. So this was our two wonderful Rox days, and we are so glad to be able to see them in Ostrava soon!! Well, we can´t wait! Can you?? HUGE THANX to Per, Marie and Co. for all of the wonderful, magic moments! You´re the best!

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May 23rd, 2015

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