Gratitude by the Numbers!

OPINION – Since 2009, there’s a lot to be thankful for!

This week is proving to be an emotional time for many in the worldwide Roxette community but when you stand back and really think long and hard about just how ridiculously lucky we have been since 2009, you really have to pinch yourself.

When Roxette’s career came to an ugly and abrupt halt in 2002, no one knew what would happen. By the mid to late 2000s, it was fair to say that the idea of a “legitimate” Roxette comeback was a mere fantasy.

But then the craziest thing happened. Roxette, in a soon to be revealed twist of fate, came back in 2009 to begin a long goodbye to their loyal and loving fans all over the world. It was a chance for Marie to re-connect with those who stood by her side and an opportunity for her to strut her stuff one final time to those that didn’t get a chance to prepare themselves in 2002 when the plug was harshly pulled on Roxette’s career.

Since 2009, the overwhelming thing to absorb here is that Roxette didn’t just book a few small time clubs and fumble about sounding like a cheap cover band, Roxette came back and kicked monumental ass from 2009 to 2016. Sure, perhaps they didn’t go out with the biggest bang – but who does? And when you stand back and look at the numbers, the stats and the facts, the fans have clearly been overwhelmingly spoiled since 2009.

Let’s put this in perspective and crack some numbers.

There were a total of 4 separate sets of tours, some short, some longer and one used as a series of test shows.

  1. 01 – 2009 Night Of The Proms
  2. 02 – The 2010 “warm up shows”
  3. 03 – 2011/12 Charm School World Tour
  4. 04 – 2014/15/16 XXX Tour


The biggest take home point from the “Post 2009 Phase” is that Roxette made a serious effort to say “hi” and “bye” to nearly every corner of the globe, few stones, if any, were left unturned. “Pleeeeeeassssee Per come back to my country” is something that Per and Team Rox have been inundated with for years on their various social media accounts. Well, lets list the countries Roxette visited since 2009, I count 50 countries – when you see it spelt out like that, you simply can’t complain. Even the long neglected markets like Canada, Australia and the USA got a chance to see their Swedish super heroes and to say goodbye. Heck, Roxette even returned to New Zealand in 2015 to right a wrong when they were forced to cancel in 2012. Sure, some continents got a bit luckier than others but holistically, aside from Antarctica, you just can’t complain – in fact you can’t feel anything other than amazed and bloody grateful.

  1. 01 – Argentina
  2. 02 – Australia
  3. 03 – Austria
  4. 04 – Belarus
  5. 05 – Belgium
  6. 06 – Brazil
  7. 07 – Bulgaria
  8. 08 – Canada
  9. 09 – Chile
  10. 10 – China
  11. 11 – Czech Republic
  12. 12 – Denmark
  13. 13 – Dubai
  14. 14 – Ecuador
  15. 15 – England
  16. 16 – Estonia
  17. 17 – Finland
  18. 18 – France
  19. 19 – Germany
  20. 20 – Greece
  21. 21 – Hong Kong
  22. 22 – Hungary
  23. 23 – Indonesia
  24. 24 – Ireland
  25. 25 – Israel
  26. 26 – Italy
  27. 27 – Latvia
  28. 28 – Lithuania
  29. 29 – Mexico
  30. 30 – New Zealand
  31. 31 – Norway
  32. 32 – Peru
  33. 33 – Poland
  34. 34 – Romania
  35. 35 – Russia
  36. 36- Scotland
  37. 37 – Singapore
  38. 38 – Slovakia
  39. 39 – South Africa
  40. 40 – Spain
  41. 41 – Sweden
  42. 42 – Switzerland
  43. 43 – Taiwan
  44. 44 – The Faroe Islands
  45. 45 – The Netherlands
  46. 46 – Turkey
  47. 47 – Ukraine
  48. 48 – Uruguay
  49. 49 – USA
  50. 50 – Venezuela


Now let’s talk about the next biggest thing we whine about – the set list. Sure, every fan wishes for their personal favourite song to be played but considering Marie had some memory problems re-learning lyrics, it’s astounding that we got anything at all! And we didn’t just get the big hits which drew the millions of people to their shows who were desperate to hear “Joyride”, “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love”, but we, the die-hards, got some overlooked gems like “Silver Blue” and “Crush On You” and we even got recent material like “Way Out” and It’s Possible”. Check out the list below, 33 different songs by my count and all the key albums were represented in some way or another. Bear in mind that this woman, Ms. Fredriksson, had to systematically re-learn all these songs one by one and had to try to nail it every night, not just vocally but also lyrically. A remarkable feat that she managed to power through this impressive list below which gives a fair scope of the band’s 30 year career.

  1. 01 – Soul Deep (medley with “She’s Got Nothing On”)
  2. 02 – The Look
  3. 03 – Dressed for Success
  4. 04 – Paint (medley with “Watercolours in the Rain”)
  5. 05 – Dangerous
  6. 06 – Listen To Your Heart
  7. 07 – It Must Have Been Love
  8. 08 – Joyride
  9. 09 – Fading Like a Flower
  10. 10 – Spending My Time
  11. 11 – Watercolours in the Rain
  12. 12 – The Big L
  13. 13 – Church of Your Heart
  14. 14 – Things Will Never Be The Same
  15. 15 – Perfect Day
  16. 16 – How Do You Do!
  17. 17 – The Heart Shaped Sea
  18. 18 – Silver Blue
  19. 19 – Queen of Rain
  20. 20 – Almost Unreal
  21. 21 – Sleeping in My Car
  22. 22 – Crash! Boom! Bang!
  23. 23 – She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  24. 24 – Crush On You
  25. 25 – Wish I Could Fly
  26. 26 – 7Twenty7
  27. 27 – Stars
  28. 28 – Real Sugar
  29. 29 – Opportunity Nox
  30. 30 – Way Out
  31. 31 – She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
  32. 32 – Only When I Dream
  33. 33 – It’s Possible


And how’s about the new releases? We got a mix of new studio material, updated compilations and even a sequel to 1992’s Tourism!

  1. 01 – 2011 – Charm School (with bonus live Deluxe Edition)
  2. 02 – 2011 – Charm School Revisited
  3. 03 – 2012 – Travelling
  4. 04 – 2012 – The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye (Bassflow Remix)
  5. 05 – 2014 – XXX Hits
  6. 06 – 2015 – RoxBox (updated from 2006)
  7. 07 – 2015 – The Look 2015 Re-make
  8. 08 – 2016 – Good Karma


And finally, let’s not forget the visual stuff too! Aside from new music videos made for their recent singles (and one coming up for “It Just Happens”), we also got a visual feast with some special DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

  1. 01 – 2013 – Roxette Live: Travelling the World (DVD/Blu-Ray)
  2. 02 – 2013 – It All Begins Where it Ends: (Documentary)
  3. 03 – 2016 – The Roxette Diaries


Am I forgetting anything? Ah yes, Marie did release a solo album in 2013 too and Per released his Archive of Demos, but in terms of “Roxette” stuff, looking back since 2009, that is a fairly intense amount of output to spoil hungry international fans – and despite any sense of sadness that the community may be experiencing this week, seriously, scroll up and take a look at what we got! All the continents got their chance to say farewell – we got stadium and arena shows, the classic hits, selected b-sides and album tracks performed live. We got new studio albums, new music videos and new docos to feast our eyes on! And we’re getting another new album in June – phew, I’m exhausted!

And all this from some little Swedish band whose lead singer had to spend the 2000s fighting for her life.

Whenever you’re down, whenever you’re sad, check out that list and smile and feel grateful, we got so much more than anyone could have ever dreamt of!

What a crazy story – enough to leave you speechless! Bring on Good Karma!

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April 20th, 2016

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  • Nigel Barnes

    We have indeed been treated well and I, as others, are thankful for all the memories over the years. And we have new music to look forward to.

    • Paul Belben

      The new album is going to great I’m sure!

  • RobS

    Beautiful opinion piece! When you look it like that it’s quite astounding what they achieved in that 7 years. Almost as much as their heyday in the 80’s/90’s.

    You can only admire and respect Marie for coming back into the limelight after her ordeal. And then to see what they did since that… just outstanding. Considering they’re a 30yo band, they done pretty damn well with what turned out to be their last tour. Everything since 2009 didn’t have to happen, but you can only say thank you to Marie for making many fans dreams come true. We were spoiled for sure.

    Bring on Good Karma indeed! If the songs are as strong as It Just Happens, it’s going to be a ripper album.

    • Paul Belben

      Glad you like the piece Rob! Thanks for reading TDR for all these years!

  • Ettexor

    i say thank you roxette!!!!!!!!! thank you daily roxette for the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggg work!!! I hope the daily roxette not abandon us and I hope to continue reading this fantastic site for much longer !! and then who knows ….. i roxette could still have a lot to give, not just a new album, but why not maybe more in the future! it is only spoken by one stop to tour, but not for a withdrawal from the scenes of our favorite band! We think positive and DR thanks for all the work done

    • Paul Belben

      TDR won’t be going anywhere soon!

      • Ettexor

        thank you!!!good news!

  • Oleg Vybornov

    Oh! We got so much more. But there is still hope something powerful will soon happen and greatly improve failing health despite old age and illness consequences.

  • I can’t do anything but say a big, enormous & gorgeous THANK YOU, ROXETTE!

    I’m a son of the second generation, the “Roxette 2000” fans. And even in my wildest dreams I could imagine everything I experienced since 2009.

    I’ve seen Roxette live three (!!!) times, followed by the release of two wonderful albums (and thank god there’s one more to come) and had a chance to meet Marie+Per and thank them personally. In other words, I really can say that I felt in my own skin all the joy, anticipation and excitement of seen my favourite band in full swing, even knowing that I lost the golden years of the band (and it’s not my fault if they were already singing “Joyride” around the world when I was born, huh?).

    Finally, I really feel blessed and ready to enjoy the “Good Karma days” as a happy goodbye of this band that in the last 12 years gave me love, a lot of smiles and some friends I could bring for the rest of my life.


    • Paul Belben

      Thanks for the great comments. Who knows what will happen in the future, regarding more albums/recordings? I’m sure Good Karma is going to be a great album though!

      • I don’t want to create a lot of expectations, but I really hope they can go on creating new music. “It Just Happens” is only a prove that they are in very good shape and I can’t wait to listen the album.

    • Hugo M

      Even though I’m older than you, I relate a lot to your comment because I became a fan during the 2000s as well, and it was indeed a small miracle we got to see them live when it seemed impossible, and even got new albums with great songs 😀

      • And there’s more new songs to come in a couple of weeks! Looking forward. 😀

  • Ally

    What a fabulous review of what Roxette has achieved since 2009, a beautifully written piece. I’m sure like me fans around the world are extremely proud of Marie and what she has accomplished since her illness.

  • Hugo M

    Beautiful article. We all aready know how amazing, on SEVERAL levels, Marie is, but seeing the numbers like this, one indeed realizes how lucky we have been (are) to be their fans, and the incredible feats she accomplished. I just can’t help feeling kinda sad, and I wish I had gotten the chance to see them live one last time (I never could go to a concert before 2002 so I’m even extra lucky I even got to see them live at all!), but I indeed feel very grateful and even humbled and inspired.

  • Dmitry

    Thank you, Marie, Per, Roxette!
    It has been indeed a wonderful joyride! Unfortunately I’ve missed some of your concerts, but have still seen you live 2 times! Thank you!

    We do not know details, and shoudn’t know, but, Marie, we all wish you the best, get well soon!

  • Giji

    What an outstanding success! A friend introduced me to Roxette back when Dressed for Success was released. Over the years I have been to 3 shows, Joyride, Crash, Boom, Band and sang/screamed my little heart out (yep we sure tried to blast that roof off didn’t we?) at the London O2 last year and got very excited about the 2016 dates. I had 4 shows booked this summer and very sad and disappointed for the band now, but Maries health does come first. If Roxette performs in Sweden again, or anywhere else for that matter please please advertise it internationally because believe me I will book if I can.

    So a huge heartfelt thank you for the ride and please don’t fade away away just yet. We are so, so lucky you came by. Both Per and Marie are hugely talented people in their own right and together make a mindblowing fabulous show, and just getting a 30th Anniversary Tour together in its own right is no mean feat.

    Please continue to keep us posted.

  • s1974x

    I’m curious, Opportunity Nox was released after Marie’s medical problems began, and I’ve been curious if it was recorded before those issues or if it was recorded after those issues began. She only had a small part in that song, so I’ve often wondered if it happened afterwards.

  • Bruno Peters

    nice article, and i would like to thank you so much for these 30 years of hits you made. i was very proud to come and see you on stage three times (1995, 2001 and 2015) in Belgium. Hope this Good Karma will be as good as you say. Special thanks to Marie to come on stage while being ill, just to please her fans. Thanks to Per to never give her up.

  • `