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Back to the rehearsal room today. Tour around the corner. See y'all soon! /P.

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) (Lyric Video)

Per Gessle - The Finest Prize (feat Helena Josefsson) Listen here: (c) & (p) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license ...


Per Gessle - Being With You (Official Video)

Per Gessle "Being With You" (Official Video) Guest starring Helena Josefsson Video by Mattias Gordon (C) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license to...

I made my own Best of Per Gessle playlist on Spotify! Looks like this! /P.

Per Gessle in a German video report: "I only have good memories of course, we have a very strong fan base here, our songs are often played on the radio, and Germany is definitely the second home for Roxette." Check it out! /PP Still is from the video:

Polish interview with Per Gessle about Small Town Talk, Roxette, Marie, the beginnings, It Must Have Been Love, success, songwriting and the tour. Nothing new to hardcore fans though. ;) /PP Cantara Music: - Your main collaborator on the record is Helena Josefsson. You’ve been working together for 15 years. Aren’t you bored with each other? PG: - No, on the contrary! Helena is an amazing singer, it’s great working with her. It’s getting better each year. Besides that, for me as a songwriter working with her is interesting, because her style of singing is completely different vs. Marie’s, who sings more boldly and rocky. Check out the complete interview here:

Per Gessle in a German interview: "It's hard to listen to today's top 40 stuff. This is not music but a formula of record companies that do not want to challenge anyone anymore. Americana keeps the tunes up, telling stories. At country, I feel good, as well as Dylan and Springsteen feel comfortable there." … To the question if he will continue with Nashville sound: "Maybe I go to New Orleans for my next album," he laughs. To the question if he could imagine writing Dylanish protest songs against populists and neo-Nazis: "I have always sprinkled small references in my texts. But political in a complete song? I think others are better at that." Short silence. "But even if you're not good at taking a position, you can't avoid it right now. We're all in the middle of it." /PP Read the complete article here:

OÖNachrichten (Austria) did an interview with Per Gessle. /PP;art16,3006281#ref=rss OÖN: - Which songs will be on the setlist in Vienna? PG: - 80% Roxette, plus some solo songs. We start the rehearsals this Saturday, so I honestly don't know yet. The first setlist, which I created on a trial basis, stupidly included 72 songs (laughs). There are so many Roxette songs that we've never played live before, like "Milk and Toast and Honey".

"Hi! This is Per Gessle and you're listening to the magnificent Radio Kolor!", says Mr. G in the video at the link below. Check it out! ✌ /PP

Per Gessle's "Small Town Talk" entered the Swedish album charts at No. 5 (Paul McCartney's Egypt Station - released the same day - entered at No. 4) and the vinyl charts at No. 2 (Egypt Station is No. 3)! ✌ /PP

A little audio report with Per Gessle from Germany! Play it at the link below! ✌ /PP

Thomas got #161 out of 500 copies of SMALL TOWN TALK in white vinyl! I've got #472!!!! Which ones do you have? /P.

Per Gessle had an interview day in Soho House, Berlin yesterday. Check out some press pictures at the link below (with keyword Gessle in search ;) ). ✌ /PP Thanx for the hint, Basia Konarzewska!

Mr. G still busy in Germany. Interview for among other chats today. ✌ /PP See the original pic here:


Back in the saddle after two days of promotion in Berlin. Had a great time. Summertime still in bloom. Wonderful chats about music and the Small Town Talk-album as well as my musical past + the upcoming PER GESSLE'S ROXETTE TOUR. Now me + my partners-in-crime go into rehearsal mode. See you soon on tour, folks! Gonna be a blast!

BEING WITH YOU-video out now on YouTube, folks! /P.

Last Sunday there was a fun Q&A published with Per Gessle in Aftonbladet Söndag. Among other things you'll get to know who would play the main role in a movie about Mr. G's life and who would sing the soundtrack. 😉 Check out the Q&A at the link below! ✌ /PP

BEING WITH YOU. Video out now on YouTube. Have a great weekend y'all! /P.

Per Gessle - Being With You (Official Video)

Per Gessle "Being With You" (Official Video) (C) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management GmbH Follow Per Gessle: Website h...

An interview with Per Gessle about songwriting, from Germany! 🎶 /PP Read it here: Part of it in English: - Is there a fundamental difference between singing pop music in Swedish and in English? PG: - I think there are big differences. Traditionally, when you are my age, you are growing up with English-language music - the music of the '60s and '70s. English is more musical, Swedish is harder when it comes to consonants and pronunciation. But there is this other aspect as well: for me as a Swedish native speaker it is of course more difficult to write in English than in Swedish. Of course it also depends on what the text is about. But if it gets very personal, I can dig much deeper in Swedish. I can put things much more precisely to the point. The texts on "Small Town Talk" had their origin in Swedish, then they were translated into English. I couldn't translate six of the texts into English, I had written them in Swedish precisely, but needed someone else to translate them. This is a typical problem: if you put a line of text to the point, you can't translate it. - You would have to start from scratch again. PG: - Yes exactly. And that's impossible: you can’t start again. One would have to do everything again, write from a different angle. That is too difficult. The same goes for music: if you have the best verse in the world but you can't think of a chorus, then it's best to look for someone else and ask him to help with the chorus. If you're stuck, you're stuck, that's the way it is. That's why you leave so many songs somewhere, at least that's what my work is all about. You make mistakes and they are irreplaceable. You have to leave things behind and perhaps return after a few years. - As a songwriter you build on strong melodies and choruses. When you write the music, do you already have the language in mind? Or do you sing fantasy lyrics and nonsense lyrics to get on the hookline? PG: - Many do it that way. I have a publishing company with some songwriters and many send demos with nonsense lyrics just to demonstrate the song. I don't do that, I almost always have a project in my head. I need an intention behind it. I'm not the guy sitting behind the piano for six hours a day to see what comes out of it. I had the idea of going to Nashville with acoustic songs - to see what they sound like when I play them with Nashville session musicians. That was the idea: it should also be in Swedish. Then I simply wrote and wrote, for this purpose. I know early in which language I want to sing and which project it will be.

The brand new video is on line..!

Exklusive Video-Weltpremiere von Roxette-Star

Roxette zählt seit den 80ern zum erfolgreichsten Pop-Duo aller Zeiten. Per Gessle startet jetzt mit seinem Album 'Small Town Talk' solo durch. Sehen Sie hier die exklusive Weltpremiere zum neuen Song 'Being With You'.

"10 things you (maybe) didn't know about Per Gessle and Roxette" in Rockefeller Oslo's autumn program. Pages with PG: 12 & 32. /PP Program booklet: Get your tickets for the Per Gessle's Roxette tour here: Thanx for the hint, Evgeny Perekopskiy!

ROXETTE CELEBRATES CHART-TOPPING HEYDAY WITH TWO NEW BOX SETS 5th OCTOBER 2018 With more than 80 millions records sold, four US number 1 singles and numerous Top 40 hits, Roxette are Sweden’s biggest music export after Abba. Hitting the big time with US #1 single “The Look”, taken from their second album “Look Sharp!”, singer Marie Fredriksson and songwriter Per Gessle found themselves rapidly going from local Swedish heroes to global chart-toppers in the spring of 1989. “It was a mind-blowing sound—exactly the kind of updated turbo-pop I had been looking for. The future looked so bright we had to wear shades.” Per Gessle Two new box sets document this unique Scandinavian success story. “Boxette” brings Roxette’s stage dynamic back. “Boxette” is a four DVD collection of five live shows, spanning from 1988 to 2001. It covers concert footage from the two tours following the release of “Look Sharp!” in 1988 and 1989, as well as material from later world tours – “Live-Ism” from Sydney 1991 and “Crash! Boom! Live!” from Johannesburg in 1995. Finally there is a live concert recorded on the final leg of the bands “Room Service” tour in November 2001, which was streamed back in the days — but has now been remastered and released for the first time on DVD. “Boxette” will also features a booklet with unique pictures and interviews with former band members. Look Sharp! The 30th anniversary edition celebrates a milestone album. “Look Sharp!” contained two US number 1 singles “The Look” and “Listen To Your Heart”, along with the high-charting singles “Dangerous” (#2) and “Dressed For Success” (#14). Lavishly packaged in a classic LP sized box with the original album on 180g vinyl, a 21-track CD with Per Gessle’s demos and rarities, as well as Per’s 45 minute long “home movie” DVD, taking fans behind the scenes and into the studio work. A richly illustrated booklet, featuring track by track interviews with Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Clarence Ofwerman, Anders Herrlin, Mats “MP” Persson and Alar Suurna, which offers insight and memories from the recordings is the icing on the sharp looking cake. ”Boxette” and ”Look Sharp! 30th Anniversary Edition” will be released in a limited edition 5th October. There will also be two related ”Look Sharp!” products released simultaneously with the box set; the original LP in limited edition red vinyl and a 2-CD package in digisleeve with the original album and the ”Look Sharp!” demos. / Team PG

Photos from Per Gessle's post

Don't forget to check out GESSLE HOME VIDS on YouTube once in a while. Hidden treasures if you're in the mood! /P.

If you're into SPOTIFY I've created my favourite PG songs in a steamin' playlist. It's called "The best of Per Gessle by Per Gessle". Just to make a point! Enjoy! /P.

Per Gessle will perform in Russia on tour this autumn. He will give an interview on 31st August, where he replies to Qs from VK users. In case you have a VK account, you can send questions using the hashtag #AskPerGessle. Send your Qs on VK, NOT HERE ON FACEBOOK AND NOT UNDER THIS ROXBLOG POST. ;) The authors of the 3 most successful questions both for the Moscow show post and the St. Petersburg post will get 2 tickets for the shows. Good luck! /PP Link for the Moscow Q&A post: The one for St. Pea is found dangerous by Facebook, so you’ll have to search for PMISHOW on VK to find it. ;) You can also post your Qs on your public profile on VK, just use the hashtag. Thanx for the hint, Evgeny Perekopskiy!

Patricia's right again! The facts are actually true. Love this song! /P.

DID YOU KNOW? 🤔🎶 ”Being With You” was originally written in 1997 for Roxette’s ”Have A Nice Day” album, but never made it. Per recorded the original demo on 11 September 1997 with an additional verse, which he later cut out in the acoustic demo recorded on 22 October 2004. It was during the ”Son Of A Plumber” session. He considered including it, but it never happened for some reason. Per just let it go, because he had so many other songs, as always. Now, in 2018, 21 years after the song was born it got another chance and is finally released as a single and will be on Mr. G’s upcoming album, ”Small Town Talk”. Good decision, isn't it? ✌ /PP Listen to the BWY demos and the 2018 single here:

RELEASE DAY! Yes, the Being With You-single is out today. Video coming very soon. So proud to work with this band, same as I played with last summer, on this recording. They sound terrific and Helena is amazing amazing amazing as always!!! Thanks for listening and reading this. Cheers, P.


's cover photo

The 2nd single off Per Gessle’s upcoming album, ”Small Town Talk” is out! We could already hear 2 demos of ”Being With You” on The Per Gessle Archives before. 🎶 Which version do you like the most? 🤔 /PP Listen to BWY here: In case the links don’t work, wait until midnight your local time. ;)



Journalist Olle Berggren met Per Gessle and asked him about his duet with Nick Lowe, “Small Town Talk”. Per says it's a dream come true. He sent an e-mail to Nick and suddenly he was in a studio in Stockholm and sang “Small Town Talk”. They recorded the song and at night he sat at Per’s home and drank whiskey and told all the amazing stories from the 70's London. It was a fantastic evening. Not long after, Nick invited Per and Åsa to London, where they celebrated “Nick Lowe, 50 years as an entertainer” at a famous London pub. Per says he has loved Nick since he started with Gyllene Tider. /PP The album is out on 7th September: Selfie by Per Gessle:

Tour coming up soon. Start rehearsing every song I ever wrote in A-major! /P.