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Found an old FREDRIK ETOALL-pic in the archives. Great jacket. /P.

Ullevi hej hej!


Gyllene Tider har på mindre än tre dagar sålt över 100 000 biljetter samt sålt ut ett flertal av sina konsertstopp på sin kommande avskedsturné. Nu växlar...

Tres Hombres Art

Nu har vi uppdaterat hemsidan med nya bilder och böcker! #albertwatson #peranderspettersson #hanshammarskiöld #terryoneill

BILJETTER UTE NU!! Vem tar du med dig i sommar? ☀️ Biljettlänkar: Dalhalla: Piteå: Övriga städer: OBS! Köp endast biljetter via auktoriserade återförsäljare.

Intresset var enormt och idag när biljetterna släpptes sålde Halmstad-konserten slut direkt. Nu har vi glädjen att meddela att ett extra datum adderas, den 5 juli ger bandet ytterligare en konsert i hemstaden! NY! Halmstad 5/7: Dalhalla: Piteå: Övriga städer:

Yep, still there! /P.

Per Gessle - Being With You (Official Video)

Per Gessle "Being With You" (Official Video) Guest starring Helena Josefsson Video by Mattias Gordon (C) Elevator Entertainment AB under exclusive license to...

The truth! /P.

The Daily Roxette

BEHIND MONO MIND - we conclude our little Mono Mind behind-the-scenes-with-Dr. Robot with this little baby. Thanks so much, Per, for putting this together for us. I FOUND MY SOUL AT MARVINGATE This is also quite an old one. I started writing it in the summer of 2013 and the working-title was “Mercy”. This is all about the chorus. Classic Roxette-style killer-chorus. You can arrange a song like this in so many ways and if you listen to the version that’s on the EP (not the album version which is the Sofa Tunes-remix) you can hear pretty classic rock style guitars in there, both in the verses and in the choruses. “Marvingate” is the only MM-track (so far) where we have used guitars a la power pop in the production. I didn’t use the EP-version on the album since I felt the Sofa Tunes-remix gave the album a more “groovy” touch. Dr. Robot sounds in top shape here. Love that voice. I wish I sounded like that for real when I’m answering the phone. Have you noticed the Rolling Stones-references in the lyrics? Jumpin’ Jack? Paint it, black? Neither did Christoffer and Clarence! Aaaaah, I’m so misunderstood! #behindmonomind

This came up! /P.

Hey, I Died And Went To Heaven

Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Hey, I Died And Went To Heaven · Per Gessle Party Crasher ℗ 2008 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by ...

TV this morning!!! Always a treat to meet Jenny. And the drummer, whatshisname. /P.

Yep, this is from today's HP interview, translated by the, as always, one-step-ahead RoxBlog. /P.

According to a recent Hallandsposten interview with Per Gessle, Mr. G started writing songs for the upcoming Gyllene Tider album already last spring. There are appr. 20 new songs and the guys will start working on them in spring, when they record the album in France. Where in France? They keep it as a secret to avoid drones circulating around the studio. Haha. Per's idea was to go back to a little "cleaner" sound that they had on the first two albums, remove the muscles they acquired in recent years.The album (no known working title yet) will be released before the tour. Christoffer will be the co-producer and there will also be a French assistant in the studio. Regarding the tour Per says that he and the other 4 Golden Guys were already talking about a 40th anniversary tour in 2013. Visually it will be a cool one and they will of course play their greatest hits, but the guys will sneak in some songs they haven't played before, or at least not in modern times. Jan-Owe Wikström tells it's logical to have the premiere gig in Halmstad, but how come it ends in Norway. Per's reaction is his typical cryptical answer, "who knows..." /PP The interview is available for subscribers only:

Gyllene Tider tar farväl med en sista turné i sommar!

Per Gessle och Micke Syd från ett av Sveriges största band gästar Nyhetsmorgon och minns tillbaka 40 år och över 4 miljoner sålda skivor.

Strax på Nyhetsmorgon i TV4!

The truth! /P.

The Daily Roxette

BEHIND MONO MIND - in the midst of all the Gyllene hoopla we go on with the stories from Dr. Robotnik. LALALOVE (L’Amour) Helena can have this very fragile tone in her voice which is extremely attractive and, to me, very French. When I heard her sing LaLaLove it reminded me of those wonderful Francoise Hardy and France Gall recordings from the ‘60s. Knowing that Helena’s husband, Martin, speaks French fluently I asked him if he could translate the second verse into French and he did. It’s funny how a song transforms when it’s sung in different languages. #behindmonomind

SOAP's 2nd single ? Hey Mr DJ (Won´t You Play Another Love Song) ? was released 13 years ago today! ✌ /PP Stills are from the official video:

GYLLENE TIDER FAREWELL TOUR UPDATE!! NEW BALLS! NEW DATES! 31/7 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen 2/8 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott. Tcts at + See ya there! /P.

Sommartider, hej då! ☀️?? Efter 40 år tackar Gyllene Tider för sig med stor avskedsturné och ny skiva. Biljetterna släpps på tisdag via Live Nation Sweden. OBS! Köp endast biljetter via Live Nation som är den auktoriserade återförsäljaren.

Avskedsturné Gyllene Tider

Hej alla, vi i GT noterar med förskräckelse att det redan finns svindyra "andrahandsbiljetter" till GT40/Avskedsturne'n att köpa. Är du intresserad av biljetter så köp TILL RÄTT PRIS BARA via LIVENATION.SE eller TICKETMASTER.SE. Biljetterna släpps 5 feb kl 9.00. Stay safe and sound! /P.

Sommartider, hej då! ☀️?? Efter 40 år tackar Gyllene Tider för sig med stor avskedsturné och ny skiva. Biljetterna släpps tisdag 5 februari kl 09.00 via Live Nation Sweden:

Biljetter släpps tisdag 5 februari kl. 09.00 via Live Nation Sweden:

's cover photo

Amazing! /P.

Check out what kind of flashmob an Argentinian pop & rock choir can do in the subway! ? Does it sound just a little bit Dangerous? ? Love it! ✌ /PP Check the video HERE ➡ Stills are from the official video to Dangerous and the flashmob instavideo of Coral Gloriana.

The Daily Roxette

BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. TELL HIM I SAID HI! The first recording of THISH was sung entirely by Dr. Robot and was called “Tell Her I Said Hi!”. It sounded fab. The sound of Dr. Robot’s voice on the verses on this one is truly amazing. It’s my favorite Dr. Robot-sound together with “Marvingate” and “Down by the Riverside.” However, when I suddenly had lots of Mono Mind-tracks piled up I felt I needed a little bit more “flesh and blood” when it came to the voices so I re-wrote it and re-recorded it and had Cooky join the party and sing on the choruses. I love this one and I especially adore Clarence’s hypnotic piano part in the middle. #behindmonomind

The truth. /P.

The Daily Roxette

BEHIND MONO MIND - from Dr. Robot himself. We have talked with Per regarding his new baby Mono Mind, and even though there are "no backstories to the new songs" it seems Per did have a few notes and tidbits he could share with us, and you! We have five of these nice stories. Here's the first: IN CONTROL This was the first song we recorded for the Mono Mind-project. At the time I didn’t have the Mono Mind name, the project was called “Honesty Jam” since the guideline was to follow ONLY my gut feeling and instincts (“honesty”) and mash ideas together with other people and collaborators (“jam”). Basically I just wanted to enjoy myself and screw around with my voice and my songs and see what happened. A little bit off-the-wall like the Son of a Plumber-project but, of course, totally different style-wise. The lyrics are actually a poem I wrote in 2013. The music was written on an acoustic guitar just like so many other songs I’ve done. The line “just leave it neat and tidy, no fake, no confusion, no cracks, no beginning, no end” was at one point the album-title since it was used in several songs. I placed it here and there then took it away. Now it’s only “In Control” and “Marvingate” that include it. I think. #behindmonomind

Thx RoxBlog for translating! /P.

Per Gessle about Mono Mind on Musikplats Stockholm - RoxetteBlog

After Per Gessle got back from the US to Sweden this week, Fredrik Eliasson from Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm immediately did an interview with him to be broadcast yesterday on Musikplats Stockholm. Listen to it HERE! The interview was about Mono Mind and before it was on air, they played I Found My S...

Tuff choice! /P.

C'est vrai, je t'aime! Oh, comme je t'aime! Are you feeling ENGLISH or FRENCH today?

Per Gessle is a guest and talks about Mono Mind on Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm on Musikplats with Fredrik Eliasson. Listen now! ;) /PP Listen here: Pic from Fredrik's insta:


Hey you! Thanks for all the ultra positive vibe buzzing-a-la-plenty around the Mono Mind-album. Happy to see so many of you have found your own personal favourite song. I'm really proud of this album, been working very focused on it for a long time. And, holy moly, there's more to come! You wouldn't expect anything else, would you? Have a fab weekend, y'all! /Dr R.


”LaLaLove” We loved to drive a million miles A fastback car and you and I You craved the speed, I don’t know why Some simple need to feel alive   Every heart is a weaver Of dreams …

Can’t get enough of Mono Mind?? ‘Mind Control’ double vinyl will be released next month, featuring the bonus tracks ’Have Another Go’ and ‘Shelter From The Storm’. Keep on checking this space for more info! In the meantime listen to the brand new album on all digital platforms: