With Love to Marie

We all know that Marie doesn’t use the Internet, so fingers crossed this message somehow gets back to our beloved Marie.

With the first leg of the tour winding down for 2014, we thought we would check in and send a loving message to our brave Marie:

Marie, on behalf of the crew at The Daily Roxette, its thousands of followers and the millions of Roxers around the world; we love you dearly and just remember that you have our full support!

Whatever we can do to make this tour more comfortable for you, we will do – but remember, if you need to postpone shows. Add more shows. Cancel shows. Shorten shows. Sing sitting. Sing standing. Sing upside down. Sing with shoes on. Sing on a giraffe! We don’t care! We are all on your side. You have our 100 % FULL support no matter what you need or do.

You’ve given more than enough to the fans and no matter what you need to make this tour more comfortable for you, we will respect and support and assist in whatever way we can.

Your incredible voice is stronger than ever and we can’t wait to see you and the band on the road in 2015… even if Magnus insists on wearing those flared pants on stage! And Pelle… well…

The Daily Roxette

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November 26th, 2014

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