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So many creative heads among the Roxette fans! We of The Daily Roxette think it’s time to unleash their power and make a good song even better.

There have been hits and there have been covers of those hits. Some of you have covered Roxette songs before but we are sure you have never done this together with the world wide Roxette fan crowd in a process open for everyone with time, joy, talents or ideas. Some will lead, some will watch, some will wonder. So, what is this about?
We’d like to go through the whole process of recording a song with you. There will be a lot of polls where we invite our readers to tell us which next step to go, so stay tuned even if you cannot play an instrument or sing. Your voice matters, one way or another. This is no contest, even though there are polls and people can decide which versions of a track they prefer. There are no winners and there won’t be any losers. There will be joy and inspiration.
The aim is to take a Roxette song and re-invent it, to make it sound young and fresh again. Maybe try a different angle, use techniques that weren’t there when the song was written.

We’re going through various stages:
First, you pick the song. We’ll give you a selection of Roxette songs and you choose which one you want to hear covered.
Next, we ask you to produce a demo, a track that shows us what your vision for this song is. We prefer you to present us your raw ideas as early as possible so that others can join in and add their thoughts. We’re not looking for solo artists. We’re looking for band members. If we cannot decide there will be user polls.
Then, we record the instrumental tracks step by step. We invite you as a musician to deliver your vision of the track. There will be discussions between musicians, there will be inspirations, and maybe there will be user polls again. Polls are there to reassure we’re still on the right way, they are not there to select a winner.
Almost at last, it’s time for the singers to deliver their voice tracks. We’ll hear different versions from you. Will you sing alone in the song or do we find a matching voice from a different continent for you? Maybe we need background vocals? Handclapping? Whistling? We’ll see and we seriously have no idea yet.
In every step, the tracks will be downloadable for you to try your own ideas on them at home. This project is meant to last a couple of weeks. No rush but also no wasting of time.
TDR is moderating the process but we leave the creative decisions to the musicians and the audience. We’ll explain every single step before it starts, you can always ask questions, you can always join. If you have an idea, just leave a comment.
In the end, we hope to get a fresh version of a Roxette song and all of you will have taken part in the production of it.

We’ll start on March 28 with Stage 1: Pick the song. There’s no need to register, you are always welcome to chime in when you think you have something to contribute. Most of the action will happen over on our Facebook page but we’ll be able to change the technical base when needed. For us too, this is new field, we’re still learning!

To make sure everyone stays safe and sound, some simple rules will apply:

  • 1) Have fun! This is no contest.
  • 2) All we do here is totally non-commercial. There is no money to earn for any of us, and we cannot pay anyone. Consider this a fun project.
  • 3) Please take this serious (but not dead serious). This is a project that might span a few weeks so please join only if you have the time.
  • 4) We’ll have user polls from time to time. These polls are only meant to reassure us if we’re still going in the right direction. There won’t be a winner or so.
  • 5) Respect each other. We’re looking for band members, not solo artists. Inspire and be inspired. No ego trips.
  • 6) Your contributions become property of the project. If you leave the project, we’re still entitled to use your ideas, recordings etc.
  • 7) Never use copyrighted artwork from artists outside this project. Per has approved this project so we are fine using his song. By the way, he’s watching this space so clean your shoes and brush your teeth.
  • 8) We stick to the original melody and lyrics of the picked song but we want to make it sound different. If it sounds very much like the original, we’re wrong.
  • 9) If you have contributed to this project, you are allowed to use the final product only for your personal references and only when you give full credits to all project members. No money-making whatsoever!
  • 10) See 1)
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March 27th, 2020

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