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The Ultimate Roxette & Gyllene Tider Xmas article 2013

2013 has been a great year for everyone involved in Roxette and Gyllene Tider with a summer tour and a lot of books, CDs and now even BDs having been released. Now it’s time to settle down for a while and see how all these fine people who have brought you so much joy are celebrating their Xmas.

We sent these five questions to everyone in the Rox/GT camp:

1) How will you be spending X-mas/the holidays this year?
2) What have you been most proud of in 2013?
3) What’s your biggest goal for the next year?
4) The best X-mas gift you’ve ever gotten was…
5) Your personal favorite X-mas song is…

And here are their answers:

Marie Dimberg (band manager):

1) With my family in Jönköping.
2) Peter (Jöback) on Broadway and the Tony awards. The Gyllene Tider tour and album, Marie’s album. Jonas’ film and the soundtrack.
3) Expansion. On many fronts…
4) So many good ones over the years…
5) “Jul jul, strålande jul” (Swedish trad.)


Jonas Isacsson (guitar genius):

1) Staying here in town, going over for lunch and dinner to a friend in Kungsholmen.
2) I met the love of my life on May the 23rd, never thought that would happen at my age.
3) I want to come back as a guitar player, can’t sing but would love to get my instrumental music released and for people and fans to hear. Hopefully they would like it.
4) A guitar! From my Mum and Dad when I was a kid. Love them.
5) “Silent Night.” “Stilla Natt” in Swedish.

Have a good Xmas!


Anders Herrlin (GT, bass):

1) In Östersund with my family
2) My tight body 🙂
3) Keeping it!!
4) A record player.
5) “Tipp Tapp.” (Swedish trad.)


Micke “Syd” Andersson (GT, drums):

1) With my large fantastic family
2) My well shaped behind and the GT record and tour
3) To get even more well shaped and fit all over and inside my body, to get Eft (Emotional freedom techniques) out in the society. And a lot of funny gigs with Syd & Ekman, the dynamic duo
4) A drum kit when I was 13
5) “Little Drummer Boy” by David Bowie and Bing Crosby of course. And “24:e december” by Halmstads tomtar…


Göran Fritzon (GT, Farfisa Fantom):

1) At home with the family.
2) That our tour became as great as it did.
3) Rebuilding the garage and renovating our house.
4) A ’60s Breitling watch from my wife.
5) “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (although his wife claims it’s “Christmas Is All Around” by Billy Mack…)


Mats “MP” Persson (GT, guitarist extraordinaire):

1) Home with family and some friends
2) To be on tour and play with the lads
3) Rebuild my studio, spend more time with family and friends
4) A black electric violin
5) “It Must Have Been Love” – originally a Christmas song I think?


Helena Josefsson (Roxette, vocals):

1) At home with my husband, kids and my mother who has just started recovering from a brain tumour and we all need and wish for a calm Christmas Eve with a visit in the church to show the young ones the baby in the crib and then a little but very good food, candy, a lot of music, candles and flowers!
2) I am proud of our development as a family. We have found it was a big challenge to be in harmony! But now I collect mental golden stars every day that is without stress and fuss in the everyday life. It is working better each day;) Musically I am proud of the two concerts at the Victoria theatre, one with Sandy Mouche and one with Vindla string quartet!
3) No goals more than collecting golden stickers in my mind for achieving harmony! My goal is to be covered in gold in the end! That will help me make the right descisions later in life and art.
4) I don’t remember:) A Barbie with blue glittery eyes or Cyndi Lauper’s album True Colors?
5) “Silent Night” by Sinead O’Connor or any choir!

Merry Xmas!!


Magnus Börjeson (Roxette, bass, sex machine):

1) With my family in Sweden.
2) Eating real Swiss cheese-fondue after the Rox gig in the Swiss mountains.
3) Making my own cheese-fondue.
4) A new guitar when I was 12!!
5) Best X-mas singles: “I Wish It Could Be X-mas Everyday” by Wizzard and “Merry Christmas Everybody” by Slade.
Best X-mas album: Making Spirits Bright by Dean Martin


Pelle Alsing (Roxette, drums):

1) I’m gonna stay home this Christmas
2) My daughter Emmas studying at the Stockholm University!
3) Release our new album with my own band! I’ll give you more info next year!
4) I can’t actually remember the best X-mas gift.
5) That must be the whole Phil Spector album, A Christmas Gift for You.

Wish you and all the Roxers a merry christmas!


Per Gessle (universal genius):

1) This year I will stay at home with the nearest + the dearest. A small treat in the studio down south might be possible as well. The mission never sleeps.
2) So many things. From an artistic pov the whole GT-adventure was a delight, the album + the tour. The fans around us never cease to surprise. Their dedication is beyond any limits. Also, I’ve been able to write new music which feels very inspiring  + gratifying to me. At least, so far…
3) New year = new adventures. No goals so far but I’m sure there will be some sort of musical  explosion from where I stand.
4) Square sunglasses (like George Harrison’s) when I was eight. I still have them.
5) Must be “Santa” by Bob Dylan. Makes you smile. On your face and in your heart.

Merry X from Per G.


And here comes the annual TDR Xmas message from Marie and Per to you, dear readers:


Dear Roxers = friends = music fashionistas!

2013 turned out to be a fab year for all of us considering there were no Rox-tours nor any new Rox-music pouring out from the northern headquarters.
However, we all had the pleasure to enjoy Marie’s splendid Swedish album as well as the Rox DVD/BluRay that finally made the scene.
And, of course, if you’re into the popcorn boogaloo you had your fair share via the Gyllene Tider LP and the huge summer tour that followed in style.

2014 will bring new challenges. Powerful concerts by Marie and her band will start late February and hopefully some new Rox sox will be there for your dancing feet later in the year.

As always, thanx for your affection + endless support.
We wish you all a merry x and a delightful new year.

Don’t drink and drive.

Love from Marie & Per


The team of The Daily Roxette would like to take the chance and send out the kindest Xmas wishes to all our readers, the fans of Marie, Per, Roxette and Gyllene Tider! Enjoy these special days!

Merry Xmas, everyone!

PS: Ho ho & ho!

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