Christmas Calendar 2015

“SOON”: The Daily Roxette’s Christmas Calendar of Anticipations

Soon… this is the word we all love and know. Let’s take a closer look at how “soon” has accompanied us over the years and has become a close friend of every fellow Roxer.

We all know this word: “Soon”. Soon there will be news, a new album, a new single, concert dates and other things. Or not…

Let us all travel back in time to an era when a new album still came with liner notes instead of a PDF invoice, you were spending hours in front of MTV because YouTube had not been invented yet, we still swapped cassettes instead of Spotify URLs and every single bit of news you found here on The Daily Roxette watered your mouth because Per did not post 10 random videos per day on a platform called Facebook just to keep your Roxette centered mind busy. We want to dive deep into our archives and look at these small bits and pieces that made us say “Oh, there is something coming up but what what will it be?”. Now with today’s knowledge we of course do know what it all was about but maybe we can learn a bit for the future?

Each day we’ll dig out a small news you found here on TDR and find out together what has become of it. You’ll find the posts over at our Facebook page  so if you haven’t yet go and join us in order not to miss anything.

And guess what? We’ll start… ahm… soon!

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December 1st, 2015

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