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Ghost Tracks: FIREWORKS

FEATURE – Ghost Tracks comes to an end today! This is the final article of our 10-part special where we take a fun look back at some of the forgotten and rarely ever mentioned Roxette songs from their incredible 30 year history.


Song: Fireworks
Album: Crash! Boom! Bang!
Year: 1994
Track: #3

This is the last entry for this series of Ghost Tracks and y’all had better stand back! There’s a whole lotta passion coming your way.

“Fireworks” is bloody amazing but for some reason, it feels like this song has been written out of Roxette history? Everyone reading this, please do me a favor. Take a moment to scroll through your Roxette catalog on your iTunes and find me a catchier chorus than this one – go ahead. I dare you!

Do you know this song has never made it on to a compilation? Do you know that after not one, but TWO RoxBox releases, this song still never made it? Someone call the police – this is criminal!

Remember back in 2002 when Roxette released The Pop Hits? A compilation CD packed with up-tempo, power-pop goodness? This song FAILED to make it there too. Remember the lovely Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus!? Yep. Same deal.

Look, I get it. This song cannot, does not, will not qualify as a Ghost Track  – I hear you scream at the computer! It was a single! Yes. We kicked this series off with an A-side single that got a promo video and here we are ending the series with the same type of an entry – so yes, this song has had way more attention than “Place Your Love” or “Cooper” or “Voices” but damn it, “Fireworks” is in another league!

People, listen to that guitar riff! How cool is that? But the chorus! Marie in that chorus! How does a band fall out of love with such an incredible song? “Checkin’ in, checkin’ out” is absolute heaven!

fireworksCDSLook, I understand. This song didn’t set the charts on fire back in 1994 – but so what? And YES, I know, this song was played at every show during the Crash! Boom! Bang! World Tour – so yes, I get it, this song has had plenty of love… but since then? Since that cold day in Moscow in 1995 when it made its last public appearance? Since then, this song has died a slow, cold death and compilation CD after compilation CD, this song never gets its rightful place in Roxology.

Ok, so many questions – so little time. Here’s a thought! Was this song supposed to be the first single off the Crash! Boom! Bang! album? 

Think about it. If “Sleeping in my Car” was never written at the last minute, would Team Rox have led with “Fireworks”? First singles for Roxette were (almost) always uptempo ones, so perhaps “Crash! Boom! Bang!” was always intended to be the second single and they were going to stick to their tested formula of an uptempo, guitar, power-pop number to kick off their “Crash” campaign? But then “Sleeping in my Car” came along at the very last minute and shook the plans up, so the title track remained as the second single and “Fireworks” became single #3. But the HUGE question I have is, did “Fireworks” go from #1 to #3? Have always wondered that. Anyone know?

And let’s be real here. #3 is still an important single choice, so Team Rox obviously had faith in this song at the time. They believed in it at one point, I mean, the video that they shot for it is a big budget clip. The single was released as a two-part promotion in certain territories, it even got a Jesus Jones remake! The “Fireworks” campaign had all the trademarks of a “big single hope” that it makes no sense as to why it’s disappeared into the ethos. Is it because it didn’t deliver the fancy chart numbers at the time? Unfortunately, not every song can set the world on fire, so who was it that fell out of love with this amazing song in the Roxette team?

Thomas: Let me help you out there, Stevo. Now, I don’t know if “Fireworks” was going to be the first single, but I think so. The album was in fact called Fireworks to begin with and not Crash! Boom! Bang! They even shot the sleeve art – fireworks… (duh) You may find the original shot as the backside of the “Fireworks” single sleeve. Interesting how the idea evolved, and disappeared. Back to you Stevo.

Stevo: Are you serious Thomas? You’ve been sitting on this information for how many years now and only now you tell me this? You’re officially off my Christmas card list. Don’t talk to me! Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour that Fireworks was supposed to be the title of the fifth Roxette album? Where’s Per when you need him? Oh wait, here he is…

Per: Yes, it was the working title of the album. I thought “Fireworks” was splendid, one of the best pop songs I’ve ever written. Almost up there in the “Joyride” -cloud, but with even sharper lyrics. Funny story about the two gals. Of course it was also a real duet between Marie and myself which always is something to strive for.

However, in retrospect I’ve changed my mind slightly, I feel that the chorus in “Fireworks” isn’t good enough. It lacks the killer touch and could have been much more special and unique. But the lyrics are still crazy enough for me.

Stevo: Does this now mean Per and I are officially co-writers of this article? I’m more than happy to give a credit!

But in all seriousness, we end this series of Ghost Tracks on a fascinating insight into the history of Roxology… and the harsh reality that I have to accept that perhaps I’m alone in my passion for this chorus, the very chorus that Per feels is perhaps “good”, but perhaps not as “killer” as what it could have been. Interesting stuff. Anyone else love these little tidbits of Roxette information?

So there we have it folks, hope you’ve enjoyed the series and who knows, we might be back in a year to spook you some more with some forgotten Roxette classics! As always, get involved, share your thoughts and keep your eyes glued to The Daily Roxette for all your Rox-needs!

“…Checkin’ in checkin’ out, making love I like watching all your fireworks…”

Thoughts from The Daily Roxette crew:

Paul: This one has always been a bit hit and miss for me, especially more recently.  Yes, the chorus is super catchy, but the whole thing sounds quite dated and flat to me.  I much prefer the live version from the Crash! Boom! Live! VHS. I do like the video though.

Thomas: Love this, always have. Good song, good video. I don’t understand why Per isn’t a huge fan. It would be great to hear it live again. Is it dated? I’ll have to check that out. It’s been a while, and lots of miles…


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