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Following on from our post on Monday about the aftermath of the cancelled Mainz show which focused on the various aspects of putting on a concert and what happens when a concert has to be cancelled, TDR got involved in various discussions on social media (with partially personal attacks aimed at some of our reporters) regarding meeting band members outside of hotels.

In a post on our Facebook wall we offered everyone the chance to tell their opinion here on our site for everyone to read, to discuss and make up their mind. We expected a lot of harsh words, also some background facts and reasons why people feel they want to meet their stars longer than others. We were really eager to listen.

Instead we received only two posts. We’re kind of disappointed that people were not prepared to send in their views on this subject.  A subject which, we think, has been blown out of proportion.  The two posts that were submitted were:

Klara Schäfer
Some people call me crazy, because I’m really addicted to a handful of bands. I’m not satisfied with visiting one concert, I could easily visit every single show of the tour if I had the money and the time, but I try to see as many as I can. There are loads of people who can’t understand that. They think I’m the typical fangirl, sitting outside of hotels or waiting at backstage entrances all the time, but I’m not. Well, to be honest, I did wait outside the venues after some concerts, but only when I knew the artists come out regularly, when I had the feeling it’s okay for them and I was never disappointed if they didn’t. There were a few situations, I was lucky to get a photo, mostly on arranged signings, I only asked for it once and I guess if you are polite and respectful it’s okay for the artist. And what is important for me, is that I never touch anyone. I wouldn’t like that either. I have seen lots of crazy fans at many concerts of various bands and one thing, I will never understand is the lack of respect and understanding some people have. I have seen fans ripping the artist’s clothes apart, or try to steal a hat or even a shoe! I have even seen people jumping at the band members, or punching other fans to the ground. I always asked myself if none of them ever thought about how they would feel if someone treated them like this. I have heard many complaints of fans, when the band or the artist didn’t show up after the show, even people who said, they would never again visit a concert because of that. This is the craziest thing I ever heard. Isn’t it all about the music? What I find really interesting is that I mainly saw this behavior at bands, which interact a lot with the fans on the internet. Instead of being lucky that they do so, they are never satisfied. They expect them to show up after every concert, they expect them to sign everything from everyone and they have not the slightest understanding, that someone can simply be tired after a two-hour concert. I have never seen this kind of craziness at concerts of a band that doesn’t use facebook or twitter. In this particular case of Mainz, I would never have expected Per so show up for the fans. It’s as clear as day that this would have ended up in a mess, when you just had to sent 5,000 people back home, even if it was obviously not the band’s fault. I wish everyone was able to relate to what our favorite artists are going through sometimes. And obviously complaining is really German. Sad thing.

Cathérine Frei
As a rather shy and cautious fan I have always been ambivalent on this topic and on the question if I should join the groups of fans waiting at the hotel or not. It’s tricky: On one hand I feel that I just want to see them and say hi, and yes, you guessed right, nothing more. I have one picture with Per, and that is more than sufficient for me, and I don’t need any stuff to be signed. On the other hand, to be totally honest, I have never had the impression that Per enjoys that, not even in situations where he was really friendly. I always rather felt he was being polite, but that it was much rather a burden for him than a joy. This is, of course, just my impression. As it is not my intention to do something of which I actually feel annoys my favourite artist, I decided very recently that I won’t visit their hotels anymore. Certainly I would never try to say what is right and what is wrong. Everybody has to listen to his own inner voice. After all: We just d on’t know. We can only speculate. That is why I would love to read a statement by Per to learn how he sees it.

The intention of this article is not to anger, annoy or upset anyone.  The idea behind it was to have a place for discussion where people with different opinions can have a place to discuss in an open manner.  We’d like to thank Klara and Cathérine for taking the time to send in their thoughts.

TDR’s Paul: My thoughts on the subject?  Well, I have always tried to remain positive and will continue to do so.  Life is too short to get annoyed by things like this.  However, the topic of waiting outside hotels for the band has long been a point of contention for me. I have done it a couple of times in Sweden, but only because I was staying at the same hotel as Per, Marie and co.  Chances are I was going to see them at the hotel and when I have seen them, they have always been polite and would take the time to say hello.  Would I travel to a random hotel to stand outside just in case the band came out and would have time to say hello?  Probably not.  Do I have any problem with people who do choose to do this?  Of course not, people must do what they feel is correct.

We all know that Roxette have, in general, always made time to speak and have photos taken with fans that have met the stars in public places.  Sometimes things don’t go quite the way the fans would’ve wanted and their reaction is to complain.  Why?  We, the fans, have had it so good for so many years when it comes to ‘band-meets’ that when Per & Marie haven’t got the time to say hello some fans think they’re being rude.  When, quite frankly, they are being human.  Everyone, me included, can have bad days!  Sunday was a bad day.  End of.

Let’s draw a line under it – move on and be happy.  We have some great new music coming up from Roxette!  

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July 8th, 2015

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