Five fast ones for Per in Vienna

VIENNA – The Daily Roxette got hold of Per while he was rehearsing down in Vienna before the big fall tour opening tonight:

You’re back after basically two months of nothingness and studio work – how does it feel to be back on the road again?

Hey man! Nothingness?!? Hmmm…. I’ve been busy writing the last couple of songs for T2 and also recording them in the studio. Also, I’ve been working on another project which I can’t tell you about at this point. Before Christmas I’ll let you know… And… we’ve done a couple of Rox-shows in Norway and Denmark if my memory serves me right. And a week of rehearsing with the new stage production. So, time has certainly not been wasted. And oh, New York, in the middle of everything. Radio work. Anyway, it’s great to back on the road with our own light & sound etc. The band and crew are groovin’ and Marie and myself look forward to some serious limbo dancing!

Sweet! So what can the fans expect from the “new” show tonight regarding the stage, the show, the songs, the performers?

Well, it’s a brand new design, it looks beautiful and very different from before. We’ve rehearsed several old and new songs, we’re gonna start with just a couple tonight then we’ll see what happens down the road. It’s very difficult for Marie to memorize new lyrics so we have to keep that in mind. It’s not like in the old days when you get an idea on the soundcheck and decide to play it the same evening. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Also, Helena is taking time-out from Roxette after this Autumn Tour so this is her last hurrah with us for a while.

Oh yes, we know Marie has a hard time memorizing lyrics nowadays, that’s just how things are. Did not know however that Helena is sitting out after this one. How’s “2Rism” doing?

Great thank you. Almost done. Most of the mixing are left to do as well as the strings, some b-vocals and Pelle Alsing’s kinky hip-hop song.

Wow, that made this reporter want to hear it so much less now! What can you tell us about the 50 or so still missing tour dates?

Nothing much at this point. Looks like the tour will go on until Aug-Sep next year. It’s a big world.

Indeed so. Now, “Radio” is doing fairly well in the States, what will be the result of that?

I dunno. We’re, of course, excited by this unexpected success. Hopefully it will result in that we can do some gigs over there. Should be fun. No promises, though…

Thanx Per, and keep on truckin’!

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October 10th, 2011

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