Two readers win copy of “Put the Needle on the Record”

NEW YORK – Many of our readers participated in the The Daily Roxette’s trivia contest for a copy of Matthew Chojnacki’s new book Put the Needle on the Record: The 1980s at 45 Revolutions Per Minute that features, along with about 250 other great examples from the 80’s, the cover art to Roxette’s “Neverending Love” single.  Here are the answers, and the names of the winners:

The first question, which 77 percent got right, asked which graphic artist or designer was responsible for the majority of Roxette’s album and single covers. Yes, it was Kjell Andersson who helped Roxette obscure their identity in the beginning (and who stayed on for many albums thereafter). Chojnacki quotes Per as telling him that without photos of them on the covers, the plan was they could return to their solo careers without anyone noticing, “just in case the Roxette thing didn’t work out.”

Even though we tried to tempt you with Svart Glass (black icecream) and a literal translation (Kärlek Utan Slut = Love Without End), 98% knew that “Svarta Glas” (Black Glass) was the Swedish title of “Neverending Love” when Per first wrote it.

Despite eight possible choices, the same number – 98 percent – knew that it was American Belinda Carlisle who had a hit with a Gessle-penned song in the UK in 1996. What was that song? We didn’t ask, but does “Always Breaking My Heart” sound right?

We wonder if anyone took the time to actually count, but 50 percent guessed correctly that the word “love” appears more often in the lyrics to Roxette singles than any of the other choices given. “Heart” is, however, a rather close second.

And speaking of time, seems it’s already morning… but what time is it exactly? The cover art for “Spending My Time” suggests, as 79 percent knew, that the correct answer is 10:20.

It’s a little tricky, given that Roxette is currently celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary year, and 2011 minus 25 equals 1986.  But the answer to the question about what year it was when Per and Marie first collaborated is 1981.   In November of that year, Gyllene Tider recorded at Studio 38 in Getinge, a song called “Ingenting Av Vad Du Behöver” (Nothing of What You Need) with Marie Fredriksson providing backing vocals. It was the first time that Per and Marie recorded something together.

Many fans know that Roxette had four #1’s on the Billboard chart in the United States, but how many have they had in their home country of Sweden?  According to our expert, the correct answer is three, and 43 percent either knew or guessed that correctly.

Per and Marie got the name Roxette from a song by Dr. Feelgood, and 75 percent knew that Lee Brilleaux was the frontman for that group.

Finally, a third of the respondents (33%) knew that according to Per, “I Call Your Name” was the first Roxette song they recorded.

You only had to get two questions correct to qualify… so who are the lucky winners of a signed copy of this beautiful coffee table book?   They are Marc Boissoneau (Michigan, USA) and Johannes Lemm (Cologne, Germany).

And the bonus winners (who had to get all the trivia questions correct) are: Stevo Petkovic (Merrylands, NSW, Australia) and Tóth János (Tokaj, Hungary). They will both get a gold Roxette logo pin (Charm School version) and a TDR/Roxette lanyard, along with some other little surprises!

We asked for suggestions for future trivia contest questions, and once again got many great responses.  We like when we can give stuff away, so look forward to another such TDR contest in the near future!






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