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  ★ TDR Archive for December 18th, 2019

#TURMVLG 18: You Don't Understand Me. (Director: Gregg Masuak, Producer: Phil Barnes, 1995): Beautiful and arty, this video - but where was it made? Well, there was confusion to begin with. In the TDR archives, we found "New Forest National Park, UK". To double-check we asked the one member of our team that lives closest to this spot (we won't give away his name here but it's Paul) and he insisted that it must have been Dartmoor. Good, so we asked Per who instantly replied they made the video in France. Oh, and he wondered if he was even there in person. We checked the video and it turned out he actually was present, at least for a second, in the background. Next one to ask was the director, a really funny guy named Gregg Masuak and here's what he said: "I actually don’t recall myself as it was one of the very few videos I did that I was literally taken from the airplane from Los Angeles where I was, shoved in a car and driven to the location. It was actually torrential freezing rain the entire two days shoot, the wettest, bleakest physical experience I’d had - despite its immense creativity and good vibes!". But he also promised to get the information we needed. So he asked the producer, Phil Barnes, who seems to be a well organized chap and confirmed that it was indeed the New Forest NP. Still which spot exactly, remains unclear unless someone here in the audience knows the area well enough to point us to the precise location. Update: Trinkerry Samba found the spot: " It’s a place called ‘Ashley walk’ or ‘snake road’ in the New Forest, Hampshire, England." Thank you! Location (updated):