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KAUNAS UPDATE: Supergig tonite. First time for us in this town. Great crowd. Funny band playing funny looking funny. but very powerful. Thanx everyone for coming. Vids tomorrow.
r.o.x.a.i.r. in a sec. CHEERS/ P.

„Roxette“ nesėkmė Kaune: dainininkė M. Fredriksson griuvo ant scenos
Antradienio vakarą Kauno Žalgirio arenoje pirmą kartą koncertuoja legendinė švedų grupė „Roxette“.

From tonight’s gig in Kaunas.

2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Kaunas, Lithuania

Per Gessle Bingolotto 2005: Jo-Anna Says + Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her

In this video the presenter reads the letter included in the PG Archives box

Oh, we're going to get reviewed. /The men of TDR

The Men of TDR
The Tallinn gig has happened and some of the most familiar fans were there to witness the awesomeness of that gig. I am waiting for the reviews like crazy since they would literally be first hand and…

1993. Terrible movie, decent song eh? This is the UK special edition 12".

TUESDAY UPDATE: r.o.x.a.i.r. skyhigh kaunas tonite /P.