The Daily Roxette Turns 20!

It’s a brand New Year and 2017 is shaping up to be one of the very biggest for The Daily Roxette as we celebrate our 20th Birthday!

Visa Kopu first launched The Daily Roxette all the way back in 1997 – so to put that in some context, Per Gessle was about to release The World According to Gessle and you were desperately waiting for your dial-up modem to stop screeching and hollering so you could log on to the “Small Talk” Forums and find out more about Roxette’s big comeback album, the rumored Flowers of the Ocean… that never happened.

The Daily Roxette has come a long way since then and considering 20 years is a long time, we will be celebrating the occasion all year round in 2017 with some exciting new feature stories, brand new competition giveaways, plus the usual chats with the band, tour reports from Per’s new Summer Swedish concerts and of course, a fun look back on what has been a busy and exciting twenty years reporting on our beloved Swedish duo.

To assist us with the 20th Birthday celebrations, we need your help – why not send in and share some of your favorite TDR moments with us?

Do you remember the very first time you stumbled upon The Daily Roxette? What have been your highlights throughout the decades? Was it the fun and at times controversial “Small Talk” Forums where the moderators were kept busy putting out the many fights among the passionate fans from all over the world? For instance, do you remember in 2006 when “Small Talk” went into meltdown when the final track list of the first RoxBox was revealed with only a handful of demos? Fast forward nearly ten years later and we got The Per Gessle Archives – times change.

Any other favorite memories? Has it been the exclusive backstage one on one chats with Per Gessle? What about those traditional TDR round table album reviews that gave you a taste of what’s about to come before YouTube and the internet leaks ruined all the fun? Or how about the many exclusive feature concepts such as Kai’s incredible and in-depth Face to Face series where he got to speak at length with Marie Dimberg, Christoffer Lundquist, Clarence Ofwerman, Pelle Alsing and Per Gessle? What about TDR’s videos? Remember Colin’s incredible FANtastic documentary video? Or perhaps more recent memories like our popular Ghost Tracks series or the Good Reporter initiative that saw many fans from across all corners of the globe share their Roxette tour experience and become TDR reporters for the day? Could it be the many photos snapped by our team of photographers of the band on stage? Or was it a particular moment when we broke some Roxette news, let us know some of your personal highlights from the twenty years of The Daily Roxette!

And to help jog your memory, did you know that The Daily Roxette has over 19,900 entries in its archives? So why not check it out and head down memory lane.

Finally, we’ve even got a flashy new header to mark the big year – do you recognize some of those old designs? Remember that time when The Daily Roxette went “black and white”? (Yeah, even I wasn’t a fan of that look… sorry guys).

Nonetheless – here’s to a big year and remember to keep checking back for some fun new features and as Per Gessle famously once in 2002 “…Whenever I need to find out what I’ve been doing lately, I consult TDR…” – let’s hope 2017 is the beginning of another twenty more!


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January 28th, 2017

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  • Rodger

    Way to go guys, you are the best!

  • Ettexor

    Hippy bday daily roxette!! We love you today more then 20 years ago! 🙂

  • Dan J Kroll

    Happy birthday to the entire Daily Roxette team!!!

  • Bellenger1981 .

    Happy 20th anniversary, TDR! I discovered this website back in 2000 after becoming interested in the band again. This new interest stemmed from hearing “Wish I Could Fly” on a local radio station here in southwestern Michigan, U.S.A. I became a huge fan at that point and have been visiting this website since then.

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