Roxette in Krasnodar

KRASNODAR – The hall was packed to the limit. We were about 5000 people I believe. The scene was very high and not prepared for the press since between the orchestra pit and the stage there was a column and which could have been removed easily.

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The concert started very aggressively, as always. But the VIP area was just “dead”, I tried to get up, but the guards and people sitting behind at once seated me again. For the first time on this tour there were large video screens, so that everyone could see everything.
Because of the concert being seated, one had the feeling that the concert was just for us (hard-core) fans. It was great! Per, Marie and all the musicians were excellent. Per and Christoffer jumped around so much on the stage that I didn’t have time to watch them. After a while the middle of the hall began to revive, and all together they sang “It Must Have Been Love!” By “Listen to Your Heart” the hall was already full. “The Look” was ferocious! But the most touching song of the concert was “Watercolours in the Rain,” during it  people cried, so sincere was the performance of Marie and Dea. This time, the set list was full with a “Perfect Day” and “Queen of Rain” reinstated.
After the concert, fans gathered around the backstage entrance and started very amicably to the sing Roxette songs. It was fun!

Thank you again very much, Marie, Per, all the musicians, especially Christopher and Dea, for an unforgettable atmosphere of the concert!




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November 17th, 2014

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