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HALMSTAD - Between the organization of the fans at the gate and the tight security, no one needed to or was allowed to run to the front row. For the most part, everything was very calm and orderly. Big relief.
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This being my first concert since 2012, I deliberately refused to memorize the setlist ahead of time because I wanted to be surprised. I knew which songs were no longer being played, and I thought I would miss some of my crucial favorites, but the new songs on the list were surprisingly refreshing to hear. I loved the new version of “Watercolours,” seeing Dea support Marie and hearing her voice showcased more. This was the first time I could truly appreciate why Dea’s voice is a perfect fit for this band. The few lines from “Paint” tucked in the middle were like the center of a Tootsie pop, a sweet surprise that was over too quickly.

I’m sort of a kindergartner when it comes to Roxette live. The only shows I’ve seen were in 2011-2012. So hearing “How Do You Do!” in its entirety was a special treat. And “Crush On You” completely knocked my socks off! I had no idea what a party song it could be live. I can’t really judge how the audience responded overall, but the front row was smokin’!

I wasn’t planning to mention the state of Marie’s health because it’s talked about far too much, but I will just say that the change since 2012 is significant, more than I expected. It reminded me how important it is to enjoy and appreciate every moment she is still able to perform for us.

After the show, a handful of fans from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland and the U.S. waited at the gate in hopes of saying hello and goodbye to the band. I’m from (near) Chicago, Illinois, U.S., and I thought I was the only American fan at the concert, but at the gate I met two others from New York. If there were more, I wasn’t aware. But we were rewarded when Per and Bojo took a moment to come over and greet everyone. The New Yorkers asked if we might see Roxette in the U.S., and his answer was the standard “I don’t know.” Another reason to savor the moment while it lasts!

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July 23rd, 2015

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