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Roxette officially retire from touring

Roxette management have officially confirmed that the band will not only cancel their live 2016 Summer shows, but as a result of doctor’s orders, Marie Fredriksson has been advised to stop touring. But, in her trademark positive spirit, Marie had the following to say in response to the major news “It’s been an amazing 30 years! I feel nothing but joy and happiness when I look back on the Roxette world tours. All our shows and memories over the years will forever be a big part of my life. I’m particularly proud and grateful for coming back in 2009 after my severe illness and to have been able to take Roxette around the globe a couple of more times. Sadly, now my touring days are over and I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful fans that has followed us on our long and winding journey…”

Whilst this confirmation will be hard for many to come to terms with, rather than lament and feel sad, this is perhaps the best time of all to truly learn the valuable lessons that Marie has imparted to her many fans all over the world and that lesson is to celebrate life now and to be truly grateful for what we have.

Firstly, let’s be very clear – Marie is alive – she ain’t going anywhere. Secondly – in case the deluge of butterflies all over this site and social media wasn’t enough of a clue – Roxette have a brand new album coming out in June, aptly titled Good Karma. Thirdly – if the vocal performance of Marie on the lead single “It Just Happens” is anything to go by – then we have quite a few more “Marie memories” waiting for us in the wings! So let’s not dwell too much on what we’re missing out, but more on what we’re about to gain.

Some singers stop singing live because they don’t have the vocal chops anymore. Some singers disappear off stage because of health issues brought on by a life of drug abuse. Some bands stop playing because they hate each other. And most commonly, some bands fade from the live scene because people just stop buying the tickets. With regards to Marie Fredriksson and Roxette, none of the aforementioned issues apply – together we can all take great comfort from that. As cruel as this journey has been for Marie, there is some bizarre positivity in the way that this chapter has come to an end – none of this was her doing, which means that she persisted through what life gave her – can we all honestly say we would be as strong as her? If not, then maybe now is the time to re-think how we go about our day to day lives.

The Press Release mentions that Roxette have performed 557 shows throughout their 30 year career – an impressive feat but what really matters are the memories we have from these shows. So why not use this time to celebrate some of our highlights from Roxette on the road.

Stevo – For me, my favourite shows are not only the ones where Marie is belting out the big notes and owning the stage like a rock diva, but those that encompass the true magical spirit of being on the road following this fantastic rock band from show to show. Sydney 2015 at the Qantas Credit Union Arena was something a little bit crazy. International fans were in attendance and all marveled at the intensity of the gig and the whole crowd reaction, there was something wild about that gig! The Sydney Opera House gig springs to mind due to the iconic nature of the show but some of Marie’s vocal performances during the second Melbourne 2012 show was vintage 1991-style stuff.

Paul – It’s of course sad to close this chapter on Roxette’s incredible live career but also, there is also a sense of relief to know that Marie doesn’t have to struggle anymore. Logistically, the travel schedule must be hard on anyone of any age regardless of health, so for Marie to have persisted on as she did simply shines a light on her true warrior spirit. For me, the shows in Gothenburg in 2011 and then the O2 London show in 2015 were a real highlight – ironically, turns out it was their final ever UK show.

Thomas – So many shows, such little time. Although we knew this day was coming, it takes some time to get used to and to accept but this idea of celebrating over 500 incredible shows certainly helps with this breaking news. I’ve had the good fortune to not only attend many shows as a fan but also as a photographer and even snuck backstage to annoy the guys on a few occassions and the stand outs for me would have to be the 1993 MTV Unplugged Session, their 1992 Stockholm show and their 2012 New York City gig at the Beacon Theatre.

Visa – The first show that springs to mind for me is in actual fact my very first Roxette show ever – Helsinki 1994 as part of their rocking “Crash! Boom! Bang” Tour. What’s that old saying… you never forget your first time! I certainly didn’t, along with the 10,000 other fans there that night!

Kai The first time I saw Roxette live was in Berlin, 2001. Great memories, great stage. Goosebumps when I look back. Couldn’t imagine at those times that I’d ever have the chance to get a bit closer to this circus. Having taken all these photos of Roxette live shows is certainly something that will stand out forever as well. Even though it sounds like an era has ended here, I’m sure there is much more to come to entertain us over the next years. Best show? Surprisingly their last show in Berlin, June 2015. Amazing vibes of energy floating from the stage to the audience and back. Ending on a high note? Oh yes!

Naturally, Team TDR all felt the need to share their thoughts but when it comes to seeing Roxette live, very few fans around the world can compare with the sheer volume of live shows consumed by one passionate and dedicated fan – Sandra Knospe from Germany. This guitar pic collecting die-hard is in a league of her own when it comes to supporting the band live and it just felt like this article would not be complete without a few words from this front-row jumping joyrider.

Sandra – “…When the news showed up on my mobile today I somehow wasn’t too surprised but, of course, emotions were on overload. The touring was a big part of my life and all those concerts always gave me so much. No matter when or where. Every gig was special in its own way. The feeling of travelling around the world, seeing them play everywhere and making people happy all over the globe is something you can easily get addicted to. And I am thankful, that I could be part of this as long as it lasted. And as sad as it might be at the moment, the memories can’t be taken away. So thank you, Roxette, for being there for us, for making our lives more colourful and giving us so many great gigs and experiences. All the best to each and everyone, Marie, Per, the band, the crew, the management, simply everyone who made it happen. It will be hard not to see all of you guys again. Maybe more, than the loss of the concerts itself, since it felt like being part of a big loving family which now suddenly is no more. But it’s over when it’s over. And there is nothing we can do about it. But there is one thing that gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile even now, and that’s the fact that all of you and all of the memories, I will carry in my heart forever…”

And with that, just one, albeit a very important factor, of Roxette’s career comes to an end. But did anyone truly expect the band to return after the life-changing drama of 2002? Even Per had given up on the prospect of a Roxette comeback! Little did he know that the subsequent tours would, in some territories, out sell the records they set in their early 90s heyday. As always, the band’s expectations were little when Marie returned in 2009 and just like we’ve seen many times from this “small town” band – the results blew away all exceptions, you might say, it just happens.

Roxette had reached their full stop in 2002 – the fact that Marie, the mother of two and wife of Micke Boylos, survived cancer and came through the other side is a true miracle. That in itself is the happy ending. But what we selfishly got after that? Well that was an insane bonus that we collectively, as the Roxette community, can never truly express how grateful we are for what we experienced together as one strong Roxette-loving unit post 2009. Seeing Marie in her sparking blue suit at the 2009 Night of the Proms was enough to bring a tear to the eye to the true believers, the miracle had come full circle, what we got was unimaginable – so folks, don’t shed a tear, don’t feel anything other than blessed – instead, have a drink and celebrate this crazy story, you wouldn’t believe it if someone told you. Few people in life get the second chance that Marie got and as a result of her “amazonian” spirit, we all got to go along for the joyride of our lives to say goodbye to this amazing live band from the 2011/12 Tour to the recent XXX shows.  The priceless memories we’ve all accumulated throughout the years on the road, the magic friends made – that’s the true joyride of being a Roxette fan and for that, all we can collectively say is thank you!

Closing time, closing time, ladies and gentlemen – thank you very much for coming, make your way out through the exits.


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April 18th, 2016

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  • Jebus

    Tears don’t come easy to me. But when I read Pers words that it has come to an end, this old fellow here (me), 39 years old had to cry a little. Love them and loved their concerts. Been a fan since 1989 and the first concert for me, was in 1991 in Kiel – Join the joyride tour. Thanks for everything 🙂 <3

    • Stevo Petkovic

      Don’t cry Jebus! New music coming in June! Lots to look forward to 🙂

      • Jebus

        I do look forward to that 🙂

    • Rox

      We are around the same age, and fell in love with Roxette around the same time. I can totally understand how you feel.
      Nothing lasts forever..but Roxette did last 30 long years. Im just so proud of them!

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  • Erik

    I’ve always caught myself thinking how she handled all this pressure and dynamics after all. She suffered from something very very serious 15 years ago. She could have died, actually. And in recent videos, with Per and Christopher, she was clearly not well – she seemed too tired and ovewhelmed at times. Well, that’s the way it is. Artist’s sacrifices come to a point of limit, the limit of the human body. What they’ve done, what they’ve delivered, thogh…it’s recorded.

  • Ettexor

    I am very sorry to read this news, but when I read the title of the news, I thought that Marie could again have health problems, or that something serious had happened ……. the important thing is that marie and all the group are well, now it’s time to remember the past and to thank everyone for the great joy they have given us over the years! and then …. we celebrate the new album, hoping others will follow, but one thing is certain: there will always roxette! thank you

  • Krischan76

    So much to mention, but you can’t find the words.

  • Kathie Winn

    Marie & Per are a big part of our lives so I’m feeling incredibly grateful at the moment for all we have enjoyed and experienced..WOW!!! and of course feeling some sadness at the same time.
    Thank you all at The Daily Roxette for always keeping us in the loop with the tours over the years. We are lucky to have you.

    • Paul Belben

      Thanks Kathie!

  • Skyrider

    Hard to believe. But who would have thought Roxette would tour the world several times again?
    My dream came true when I finally saw Roxette live after their comeback and even more! The last 7 years I was lucky to see Roxette perform 7 times.
    Thank you Marie and Roxette!

    • Paul Belben

      We’ve been given so many good memories!

  • Ally

    The joyride may have ended, but oh such fabulous, amazing memories I will always have from my travelling days. From my initial Roxette concert in 1992, through to seeing Marie walk back on stage in Amsterdam 2009, sharing NOTP experiences, summer’s in Sweden, queuing up, meeting new people and that accidental meet & greet in 2010 as I was walking past the hotel in Sundsvall! Marie is truly an inspiration to everyone. I began with a UK tour date and I am ending on a high from the 02 concert last summer! God Bless Marie! (and love to Mr G as well!) x

    • Paul Belben

      So many great memories from over the years.

  • Daniela

    I am shocked. I already had my tickets for three shows this summer. Of course one had to consider that something like this could happen, but I guess everybody prefers looking positively into the future. Now we’re all back to earth. A very sad end. A lot of sad Roxette songs are coming into my mind now, but they will all feel differently every time I listen to them from now on as I know that there won’t be another opportunity to go to one of their concerts. That the joy of singing along is over. That I won’t never ever see them again – at least not Marie…

    • Paul Belben

      Yep, just got to look forward to the new album now.

  • Bonta-kun

    At a time when Brian Johnson has had to retire from touring with AC⚡DC because it’s making him go deaf (unfortunately being replaced by Axl bloody Rose, making fans wish THEY were), this is another sign that time catches up with us all,

    I saw Roxette for the 4th time last year in Dublin. Even that was twice more than I thought I would with Marie’s illness. But I remember thinking at the time that it would be the last time I’d see them live. Marie having to be helped on and off stage, not moving from her chair… it was a very bittersweet gig, that one. With the Greenwich Music Time and Tatton Park Concert By The Lake announcements I hoped against hope I’d get to see Per & Marie one last time – even if the latter did clash with AmeCon! – but alas, it was not to be.

    This bunch of Swedes has peppered my life with memories I’ll never forget. From discovering them in 1988, my first ever gig at Wembkey Arena in ’91, Sheffield ’94, through the Import Years under EMI UK, to watching Marie’s incredible strength and courage from this side of the North Sea, Per staying musically active, Islington’09, Wembley’11 and Dublin’15. I’m beyond thankful for that – and I’m grateful for however much else they can give to the world.

    Roxette, you ARE the soundtrack of my life. For that, you have my never-ending love.

    Thank you for an amazing joyride.

    ~~Bonta-kun, pouring one on the kerb, and realising that yes – it is ALWAYS necessary to whistle.

    • Paul Belben

      Well written – thanks for sharing. I was also planning just this weekend to book tickets for Tatton Park. I’m happy with the shows I’ve been to over the years though.

  • Ettexor

    remember: roxette tours are finish, but not roxette!!! new album in june, and why not other album in the future? roxette are here!!!!!!!!!

  • Tridy

    I must say I feel happy for Marie. To me it felt like they were several times times over-exhausting the human potential that she could take cautiously. And I hope there was nothing too serious that caused this sudden stop. We are looking for more studio work nevertheless. And, as always, we will be looking for the Co projects that might be coming back, like SOAP, PG, GT. And no one told “Live” days are over, just the “Tour” days. Doing live performances might still happen, right? Right!?

    • Ettexor

      maybe now sing in small teathre, and only some date here and there in nord of europe, and have more time to studio work and production new album!! not so sad at the end! roxette are still here , and new album is done!

  • Fabio Deluca

    No surprise for me. Marie sitting all the way through the concert since 2015 and the cancellation of the never-confirmed South American leg were clear hints: she couldn’t cope with this anymore. Not only with the 1 hour and a half concert itself, but the all the stress around it: rehearsals, flight schedules, the endless hours spent on board and at airports, jet lag, change of climate, etc. It could be tiring for anyone, no matter how old/young or healthy you are. Sometimes I though the concert shcedule was too tight, with too many gigs in a short time, with almost no break between them. Maybe it should have been managed differently, but well… I prefer it this way, it’s more sensible to retire in time and live a good impression that will last forever in the eyes of the audience. Unlike some other artists, that go on touring forever even if they are only a shadow of what they used to be…

  • RobS

    I think any fan that’s been following Roxette and Marie after the incident, always knew the day would come when we would see a headline like this. Given everything that has happened, it was amazing to see Marie back, still singing and enjoying every moment she had on stage. I only ever got to see 6 Roxette concerts, but the last few were some of the best shows and will no doubt remember how fun they were for a long while.

    I hope Marie enjoys her life after touring the world so many times, knowing that she put huge smiles on many, many fans faces countless times over.

    In the meantime we still have Good Karma to look forward to and who knows what else possibly in the future.

  • Dan J Kroll

    I’ve been spending my time thinking about this news… and have, like so many others, been pretty bummed by the news. It was enough to make my head go pop. To never see Roxette perform live here in the US again? Never is a long time… Then I had the moment of crash, boom, bang where I realized that as much as I want it to be, this isn’t just about my world, my love, my life. I would imagine without a shadow of a doubt that this is also a pretty emotional moment for everyone in the Roxette team. I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to see Roxette in concert here in the U.S. on two occasions. Once in March 1992 and then again 2012 after they decided to keep me waiting for 20 years. It was like 1992 all over again — but better. If I had one wish, it would be that Per, Marie, and the entire Roxette family know that we are all still crazy about you. And if I get a second wish, it would be to Marie to remember that there are millions of fans around the world who are standing behind her, even if we are so far away. So while we may be saying goodbye to Roxette on the tour scene, it’s not like we’re left staring at the ground. There is new music to come and incredible memories to savor. And those are all beautiful things.

    • Coolbluez

      What a wonderful writing with so many references to Rox songs

  • Je-Do

    Touring requires a lot of energy and especially good conditions I guess, even for those who are younger and not suffered such an illness as Marie, so the decision is totally understandable. I really hope that she is doing fine at home! And I also hope, that this means touring only, and we will be surprised again with new songs in the future. Looking forward to Good Karma!! I was lucky to see Roxette live a few times, all concerts were great memories that I will never forget. I listen to their music frequently, since 1989, it is basically the soundtrack of my life, as of many other fans’. So, God bless Marie, Per and the band and thank you for the music!!!

  • s1974x

    At no point in my life would I have wanted to live out of suitcases traveling from city to city in a blur, so for Marie to do that a lot on the 90s and then again a decade after having a serious brain tumor proves she is cut from some serious tough cloth! I bet her doctor’s orders are tough for her to accept, but that hardly means she has to abandon music. I’m sure we’ll see another handful of albums before this band called it quits and I bet she’ll even do some small solo performances near home. Music is in their blood, and I’m glad she is moderating it for the sake of her health.

  • Copaman

    After the death of Prince yesterday, it just shows how precious and short life is. I am blessed to have gotten to see Roxette in tour 25 years ago, and although I wish I could see them again, I will always have those memories. I hope the best for Per and Marie and the rest of the band in the future, and we still have the new album to look forward to!

  • Darrick

    I saw Roxette in 1991 at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, MA on the Joyride tour and again at the House of Blues (formerly AVALON) on Lansdowne Street (where I was living in Florida at the time, I drove to see their 2012 stop in Boston and gathered 12 of my friends to go to the concert) and Madonna was playing the same night at the then TD North Center (Boston Garden) and was concerned their performance would be out shadowed by her but it wasn’t and though the venue was a more intimate setting (where Roxette never had the stadium draw here in the states. I regret not hopping on a plane to Canada to see and be part of that type of concert and energy for them) I was in total bliss as the crowd got bigger at lights down.

    All I could say to everyone around me was how awesome this one moment in my life (Knowing USA chances of seeing them again were slim) was and how simply AWESOME the entire band was, how awesome Marie was and Per too. I have every single, every album and it’s all second nature to know lyrics from them. Through the rough patches with EDEL and EMI and Capitol Records and how S&&(^^, rhymes with city, they handled everything past the joyride album here USA, they had a decent following through import albums were coming in but then the CBB! McDonald’s CD, ok won’t touch that one, after Tourism had zero promotion, Roxette has indeed endured with me and my life in ways I cant even put into words. (ok there may be a lot of words here but it’s late late late here and my eyes are dropping).

    My friend in Norway, Kine, would probably be mad I mentioned her, but, when I visited Oslo and Sandefjord, I was on the hunt in 1993 for Pearls of Passion, the non USA album that was so scarce it wasn’t funny (the year I graduated, my gift from my parents was a trip to see Kine after her being in the USA for exchange student, I had the fortunate luck that her boyfriend worked at a radio station and was able to “tape” me a copy of the album. That’s not the funny thing, she said that Roxette was considered like or similar to how the USA felt about New Kids on the Block (as far as teeny bopper music). This shocked me. Roxette is anything but bubble gum music. It’s different and I don’t believe it should be put in the category of NKOTB tragedy. So to make her mad, I drug her out to every record store to buy every CD5 I could find of Roxette. HA HA, I came back with two i didn’t already have, How Do You Do and Fingertips 93. Once Marie fell back in 02, I didn’t think for a minute there would be any Roxette albums, yet we have three.

    Anyway, the news about Roxette is sad, but glad to know that in this case her doctors are REALLY looking out for her. Per will continue, Marie I would hope, would consider down the line returning to the less stressful studio for an occasional cd or ep. I thank god every day that I was alive when I was to hear the best there was to offer music in the time I was alive, My list……(and I am sure everyone has their own list….counting back from 3) Annie Lennox, Nadia Ali and Marie Fredriksson. Thank you Marie, I even bought Efter Stormen and not even knowing Swedish, it was powerful. I am so glad to have known you even by voice alone, I wish you the best in retirement and may God bless you with many happy years ahead. As you can see, we all love you. Peace out.

  • Vinícius Arêas

    Well i guess ill never get a chance to see then live. I tryed when they came to Brazil the last time but it was sold out. Ive been a fan for over 15 years and this new song just brought me back to those nostalgics years when i was a teenage. Can’t help feeling sad.

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