Young Swedish remixers have their way with “She’s Got Nothing On”

STOCKHOLM – Two Swedish house music DJ/remixers, Adam Rickfors and Adrian Lux – both of them based in Stockholm – were commissioned to create remix versions of "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" for Roxette and EMI Sweden.  Despite the fact that both of them are relatively young, their individual careers are well-established. They each have contracts with major electronic dance music record labels.

Sources tell The Daily Roxette that the remix EP, which will be released very soon, will have five tracks with Lux contributing two (the "original" at just over 5½ minutes and an edited "radio" version that's under three) and Rickfors' three tracks (the full "dub" version running 7¼ minutes and both a "power edit" and a "radio" edit that are each about  3½ minutes long).  

Rickfors and Lux were both given access to the master vocal and instrumental tracks, as is almost always the case with an "official" remix. The main reason the remixes were commissioned, as most of our readers already understand, is that a good remix – and our inside source assures us that these are indeed good – extends the viability of a single and serve as a form of promotion for both the single and the album and – in this case – a tour as well.

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February 14th, 2011

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