Win a copy signed by Pelle Alsing of Down Harrison’s debut album!

Finally they did it: Pelle Alsing’s band Down Harrison finally released their debut album on CD. Here’s your chance to win a signed copy for your collection and ears.

Down HarrisonDown Harrison

Here is our new album… says Pelle

Pelle Alsing, Roxette’s drummer, has good news for you. After many years of having been in the studio, his band “Down Harrison” has finally released their first album and he really wants you to know about it. So we caught up for a small chat today.

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As a fellow follower of good music, you certainly remember that Pelle Alsing (the drummer of Roxette) along with his friends Tommy Cassemar, Jesper Willaume, Micke Wedberg and Ola Gustafsson have formed the band Down Harrison and released their self-named debut album online this year. Well, and now you can buy these songs along with a nice booklet as a physical CD. Yes, all real and ready to touch! Release date was in September already and because you may have missed this, we herewith kindly remind you.

Pelle describes the music as “Americana, with a touch of pop and country”. So if you are into really good handmade music (the kind that still has melodies and rythms) you should check out the songs one by one. You find them easily on Spotify and if you want to support the band and buy the CD you can do this on CDON and Bengans. Find out more about the band at their website www.downharrison.com!

You can win 1 of 5 signed copies of Down Harrison now thanks to Pelle himself. All you need to do is to fill in the following form properly and keep your fingers crossed. Doors close November 3. Good luck!



The lucky winners are: Remco Verhaaf,  Michael Schwenk,  Denis Dardymov,  Lukasz Suda, Petra Hudečková. Congratulations! 


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October 28th, 2016

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