Selection of Roxette Star Marie Fredriksson’s Garments to be Auctioned off to Raise Money for Swedish Non-Profit Organisation

A handpicked selection of clothing that world-renowned artist Marie Fredriksson wore in her day-to-day life and on special occasions are to be auctioned off.

All profits will go directly to the Swedish non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission’s work with improving the lives of people in social and financial exclusion. The auctions, which will take place on the circular platform Tradera between October 28th – November 27th, were initiated by Fredriksson’s family to honour her memory and support causes close to her heart.

Marie Fredriksson (1958–2019) is one of Sweden’s most celebrated and beloved artists,
famous as lead vocalist in the pop rock duo Roxette consisting of her and Per Gessle. In addition to the international success of Roxette, Fredriksson achieved noteworthy accomplishments through her solo career as a singer-songwriter. Fredriksson sadly passed away in 2019, following a longer period of illness.

Marie Fredriksson’s iconic style, with short blonde hair and close-fitting rock attire has inspired several generations. A selection of her off-duty garments and clothes worn on special occasions are now to be auctioned off. The auctions are initiated by Fredriksson’s family, to support the work carried out by non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission in Sweden. The family elaborate on their decision in an official statement:

”Throughout her life, Marie was committed to improving the conditions of people living in vulnerable circumstances. In her biography Listen to My Heart, she shares her own experiences of growing up in a family with modest means. Marie’s strong social commitment is the reason we as a family have decided upon letting part of her possessions benefit others through this collaboration with Stockholm City Mission. We are certain that this is something Marie would have wanted, and our hope is that the auctions will be a helpful contribution to Stockholm’s City Mission’s important work aiding those in need.”
Mikael Bolyos with family

Selected Pieces to be Displayed in Central Stockholm

Approximately fifty garments from Fredriksson’s private collection of clothes will be auctioned off via the circular market Tradera between October 28th and November 27th. The garments consist of a range of items she wore in her day-to-day life and a few festive gems that she wore on special occasions, including the dress worn during her performance at Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s wedding in 2013. Selected pieces will be displayed at the department store Nordiska Kompaniet in central Stockholm from the beginning of the auction up until October 5th. All raised funds will be donated to the non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission’s efforts to create a more humane society through social care, work training and education. 

“We are honoured to be entrusted with this task by Marie Fredriksson’s family, and with managing and celebrating her fashion legacy. It is a beautiful initiative, where all funds raised will be an important contribution to helping us improve the lives of people living in social and financial exclusion.”
Åsa Paborn, CEO at Stockholm’s City Mission

Read more about the auctions and see pictures on Stockholms City Mission’s website:

About the auctions

·       Approximately 50 garments from Fredrikssons’s private collection, that she wore in her day-to-day life and on special occasions will be auctioned off via the web based circular market Tradera. The auctions will be open for international bidding. The auctions will launch on October 28th via and close on November 27th.

·       The funds raised will be donated to Swedish non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission’s efforts to create a more humane society through social care, work training and education, as per Marie Fredriksson’s family’s wishes. Stockholm City Mission is a non-profit organisation, independent from State, Church and Municipality working to eradicate social exclusion in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm City Mission’s social activities are aimed at children, youth and adults living in social or financial exclusion. The organisation offers open meeting places, housing, social rights support, and individual guidance, with the ambition to empower people in need and strengthen their sense of belonging and stature in society.

Garments in the auction include:

Ball gown

Extravagant, creme-coloured dress with pearl embroidery, golden roses, and a voluminous skirt with a tulle train. The dress was tailor-made for Marie Fredriksson to wear at the celebration of Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s wedding with Chris O’Neill, which took place on June 8, 2013, in Stockholm. During the ceremony, Marie Fredriksson performed her ballad “Ännu doftar kärlek”.

Evening gown

Champagne-coloured gown lined with pearl embroidery and gems – a creation on par with Marie Fredriksson’s star quality. The dress is designed by British designer Tomasz Starzewski, a favourite among many celebrities in the 1990’s, Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher included. This dress was worn by Marie Fredriksson during the celebration of her 40th birthday.

Bodycon dress

A slim fitted dress worn by Marie Fredriksson during the Polar Music Prize-ceremony in ‘92/’93. For all its glamour, the dress might best be advised to wear with a ‘no pain, no gain’-mindset, as it allegedly required more than one tiny step on the red carpet due to its tight fit.  

Black evening gown – silk with pearl embroidery 

An elegant, yet savvy dress worn by Marie Fredriksson during Roxette co-star Per Gessle’s 40th birthday celebration.

Cashmere coat

Double-breasted coat in the softest of cashmere wool. This particular coat is described in Marie Fredriksson’s biography Listen to My Heart (2015), written together with Swedish journalist Helena von Zweigbergk. In her biography, Marie elaborates on how growing up with modest means affected her, and that the ability to buy whatever she wanted as an adult filled her with a wonderful sense of revenge. “My fantasies turned into reality; I could actually afford things.” The story about the Armani coat is mentioned in the book:

”It has been so unreal. I remember when my husband and I visited an Armani store in Milan. I tried on two coats, both with a price well over 20 000 SEK, with one being slightly more expensive. I couldn’t make up my mind about which one to choose. I consulted the saleswoman who recommended that I’d buy the more expensive coat. ’Heck, I’ll buy them both’, I said. You should have seen the faces on the people in the store!“

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