Roxette in Tallinn: a night we will never forget

TALLINN – On Monday 18th of July a long-waited dream became true for all the Estonian fans – Roxette playing in Tallinn. The concert was actually supposed to take place in March, but was postponed due to Marie’s laryngitis. But it was all worth the wait as the band gave a performance which probably no fan (or anyone) among the crowd could ever forget!

The exciting adventures actually started already on Sunday evening when Roxette arrived in Tallinn. Estonian fans, including this reporter, were there to greet them, as well as several Russian fans and lots of TV reporters. So we were standing there with our roses and presents for Per and Marie and waiting for them to arrive. When they did, everything went very fast. We all managed to give them the flowers and presents, but the TV reporters were probably expecting some kind of longer interviews and looked disappointed when they only got a couple of words. This reporter felt it was a bit rude of the TV reporters to be so pushy. Fortunately they couldn’t disturb the band for longer than a few seconds.

On Monday fans arrived to Saku Suurhall two hours before the opening of doors, to make sure that they definitely get a good place at the front row. There were quite many fans waiting already – from Estonia, from Russia, from Finland and even from Sweden. It was like a little camp in there! When the doors opened, everyone rushed in and took places in the front row.

The support act was Koit Toome who is quite a well known young singer in Estonia. He did his best, but unfortunately didn’t impress people very much. Everyone was just so eagerly waiting for Roxette to come! And when they finally did, the audience livened up in a second! Everyone was cheering and applauding and waving hands in the air. It was no wonder, as the whole band was in its very best shape. Marie looked stunning as always, her voice was enormously great and full of power and she seemed to be really enjoying being on stage – you could tell by the happy and content look on her face. All the others also seemed to be enjoying themselves. Christoffer and Helena danced around the stage and Per threw several items, like a harmonica and a towel, to the audience, where fans happily caught them. During the band presentation Christoffer played “Kaera-Jaan,” which is a very well known folk dance in Estonia. Everyone recognized it right away and cheered like crazy!
And when the band asked the audience to join in singing, people did it loud and clear and sang with all their hearts. It was very impressive and the band seemed to be very happy with it!

The set list was the usual one, but this time they skipped “Way Out”. Later they explained in a Facebook video clip that they wanted to do it, but ran out of oxygen and simply couldn’t. It is totally understandable, as it was very hot, both outside and also inside the concert hall.

When the band left the stage, people immediately started cheering them back. Eventually they did and played more songs – first “Watercolours in the Rain,” “Spending My Time” and “The Look,” and after the second pause “Listen To Your Heart” and “Church of Your Heart”. And then they left, which was very sad as time had passed so incredibly fast. We could have listened and sung and danced there for hours and hours!

After the show many fans went to the hotel, hoping to for a little meet & greet. There were some Italian and Russian fans, but not very many people – maybe around 15 or so. At first most of the band arrived and everyone (except Per, he went to the hotel) signed and chatted with the fans, especially Christoffer! He is such a funny and friendly guy. When Marie arrived, everyone started clapping and she seemed to be very happy seeing all those fans waiting for her. She was very warm and friendly, smiled a lot, signed for everyone and let people take pictures with her. Then she waved goodbye and left to hotel. The evening was over, but the fans were left with wonderful memories of magical moments with the best band in the world.

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July 19th, 2011

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