Rogue Rox reporter from Melbourne sings hallelujah

MELBOURNE – Some quick words from Melbourne to honor Roxette’s return, back since 1995.

The sold out concert at the great Rod Laver Arena (home of the Australian Open Grand Slam) was well worth attending. Having attended so many other Roxette concerts, I don’t think full house in big stadiums was ever a prospect, ever again. Not here… not a single seat was empty!

This reporter though new to the Melbourne scene, was bracing himself to the “unknown Roxette experience”. Melbournians are known for their engagement in any type of Sport and Cultural event. Not one year goes by without having big international acts visiting. And the support is there. Coming from Spain, where we go crazy just by recognizing 3 chords on radio or someone else’s stereo, I was excited to see the band again after an 11 year wait.

Setting the scene, just imagine over 10,000 fans walking toward the stadium from the main strip… we are all there for the same reason. Some though, haven’t seen them since 1992… in fact, my bet was that MOST hadn’t.

As our friend Stevo Petkovic from Sydney pointed out, the concert only took a nice Roxy vibe when the tune was recognized… and so, apart from losing “Opportunity Nox” from the set list, all went well as the build up to the second half of the concert was coming. As a Roxette fan, no flaws… great to see Marie back on stage, and Per and Christoffer running around. However, the audience was quite laid back probably nervous early on that most of the songs would be “new” and so “The Big L.” helped everyone get into the mood with “It Must Have Been Love” getting full crowd engagement. Per’s golden nugget obviously paid off, even 25 years after.

The power ballads were the ones that took over and created the scene Per and Marie were looking for. “Fading Like a Flower,” “Spending My Time” and “Listen To Your Heart” were definitely my favorites as I saw the crowd live them and enjoy them. “Joyride” and “The Look” brought everyone to their feet and certainly got everyone including the back rows clapping and singing along. From seat 342K, I had the side view, a great view of the stage and the audience.

Hats off to the few true fans (probably reading now) who didn’t sit down at all, hands in the air and obviously cheering and singing along to EVERY song.
All in all, completely satisfied with tonight’s show. I can go to bed with a smile on. The audience left with more than they bargained for, as they enjoyed the tunes they went to see, and took home a couple of new ones including an image of the rocking guitar performance provided by Christoffer throughout. Fans took home a fantastic Program and shows our favorite duo weren’t just a mere project from the ’80s, but a success story that started in the late ’70s and that is still being written…

Photo courtesy of Lens of Rock.

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February 18th, 2012

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